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GLFFL - Don Meredith League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1180.6*Clan Campbell 08200810
2171.7*Cowboy Smurf200812
3168.95*GBDone 4200814
4166.7*Clan Campbell 08200811
5163.55*Clan Campbell 0820084
7161.75*Dirty Duffers20081
8160.6*Don's Double Trouble200815
9156*Shrek's Suicidal Squirrels20083
10154.65*Don's Double Trouble20087
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
160*Q's Legion of Doom200810
269.4*Clan Campbell 0820087
370*DANDY DON 200814
472.65*Griese FastFish20084
573.7*America's Navigators20081
674.65*Shrek's Suicidal Squirrels20082
8 (tie)75.9*Griese FastFish20088
1076*Shrek's Suicidal Squirrels20087
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
185.35*Griese FastFish20087*KardiacKidsROCK (85.35-75.9)
289.2*Q's Legion of Doom20085*DANDY DON (89.2-88.15)
390.95*KardiacKidsROCK20082*Shrek's Suicidal Squirrels (90.95-74.65)
495*Dirty Duffers20083*Don's Double Trouble (95-93.7)
596.8*Griese FastFish200811*Don's Double Trouble (96.8-94.2)
697.1*KardiacKidsROCK200812*Don's Double Trouble (97.1-80.25)
798.2*America's Navigators200810*Q's Legion of Doom (98.2-60)
898.6*GBDone 420083*Q's Legion of Doom (98.6-83.45)
999.9*GBDone 420081*Cowboy Smurf (99.9-90.8)
10101.3*Shrek's Suicidal Squirrels20089*KardiacKidsROCK (101.3-99.65)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1151.65*Dirty Duffers200810*Clan Campbell 08 (151.65-180.6)
2143.15*Cowboy Smurf20087*Don's Double Trouble (143.15-154.65)
3142.15*Clan Campbell 0820083*Shrek's Suicidal Squirrels (142.15-156)
4140.6*Dirty Duffers20082*GBDone 4 (140.6-144)
5135.75*Griese FastFish20085*GBDone 4 (135.75-142.2)
6135.65*Dirty Duffers20084*Clan Campbell 08 (135.65-163.55)
7135.05*Shrek's Suicidal Squirrels200810*Don's Double Trouble (135.05-135.7)
8134.3*Cowboy Smurf200815*Don's Double Trouble (134.3-160.6)
9131.3*Shrek's Suicidal Squirrels20085*America's Navigators (131.3-135.3)
10130.75*Cowboy Smurf20082*Clan Campbell 08 (130.75-149.4)
Most Combined Points
1332.25*Clan Campbell 08 vs *Dirty Duffers (180.6-151.65)200810
2299.2*Clan Campbell 08 vs *Dirty Duffers (163.55-135.65)20084
3298.15*Shrek's Suicidal Squirrels vs *Clan Campbell 08 (156-142.15)20083
4297.8*Don's Double Trouble vs *Cowboy Smurf (154.65-143.15)20087
5294.9*Don's Double Trouble vs *Cowboy Smurf (160.6-134.3)200815
6292.95*Cowboy Smurf vs *Dirty Duffers (171.7-121.25)200812
7284.6*GBDone 4 vs *Dirty Duffers (144-140.6)20082
8280.15*Clan Campbell 08 vs *Cowboy Smurf (149.4-130.75)20082
9279.25*Clan Campbell 08 vs *KardiacKidsROCK (166.7-112.55)200811
10277.95*GBDone 4 vs *Griese FastFish (142.2-135.75)20085
Fewest Combined Points
1158.2*America's Navigators vs *Q's Legion of Doom (98.2-60)200810
2161.25*Griese FastFish vs *KardiacKidsROCK (85.35-75.9)20087
3165.6*KardiacKidsROCK vs *Shrek's Suicidal Squirrels (90.95-74.65)20082
4 (tie)177.35*KardiacKidsROCK vs *Don's Double Trouble (97.1-80.25)200812
 177.35*Q's Legion of Doom vs *DANDY DON (89.2-88.15)20085
6179.1*Cowboy Smurf vs *Griese FastFish (106.45-72.65)20084
7180.45*Matthew's Best vs *Griese FastFish (102.9-77.55)20089
8182.05*GBDone 4 vs *Q's Legion of Doom (98.6-83.45)20083
9185.75*GBDone 4 vs *Shrek's Suicidal Squirrels (109.75-76)20087
10186.6*Don's Double Trouble vs *America's Navigators (112.9-73.7)20081
Victory Margin
198.95*GBDone 4200814*DANDY DON (168.95-70)
282.6*KardiacKidsROCK200810*DANDY DON (163.15-80.55)
367.25*Clan Campbell 0820088*Griese FastFish (143.15-75.9)
458.45*Dirty Duffers20081*Matthew's Best (161.75-103.3)
555.85*Don's Double Trouble20085*KardiacKidsROCK (131.2-75.35)
654.15*Clan Campbell 08200811*KardiacKidsROCK (166.7-112.55)
752.2*Cowboy Smurf200810*Griese FastFish (138.95-86.75)
851.8*Matthew's Best 200813*Cowboy Smurf (131.2-79.4)
950.45*Cowboy Smurf200812*Dirty Duffers (171.7-121.25)
1049.15*DANDY DON 20087*Clan Campbell 08 (118.55-69.4)
Least Victory Margin
10.40*Q's Legion of Doom20087*Matthew's Best (114.55-114.15)
20.65*Don's Double Trouble200810*Shrek's Suicidal Squirrels (135.7-135.05)
3 (tie)0.95*Cowboy Smurf20083*KardiacKidsROCK (113.1-112.15)
 0.95*Cowboy Smurf200811*America's Navigators (127.45-126.5)
51.05*Q's Legion of Doom20085*DANDY DON (89.2-88.15)
61.30*Dirty Duffers20083*Don's Double Trouble (95-93.7)
71.65*Shrek's Suicidal Squirrels20089*KardiacKidsROCK (101.3-99.65)
82.60*Griese FastFish200811*Don's Double Trouble (96.8-94.2)
92.70*Q's Legion of Doom20084*America's Navigators (133-130.3)
103.40*GBDone 420082*Dirty Duffers (144-140.6)

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