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Ultimate Fantasy Football Challenge Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)258Edinburg Nightmare201413
 258Miami Magic City Goons20195
3256Oxford Landsharks20193
4248Gainesville Gramcrackers20189
5247Gainesville Gramcrackers20193
6243Miami Magic City Goons20189
7239Miami Magic City Goons20191
8238The Chicago Bean20073
9 (tie)237Mill Creek Outlaws20185
 237Indian River Reds201011
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Phoenix Thunder201210
 0Birmingham Bolts20162
36Phoenix Aliens20195
414Auburn Tsunami20135
550Clevegas Killer Clowns20086
654Jungle Town Piranhas201111
756Oneonta Wild Cats20099
860Deadpool's Stack of Pancakes 201912
961Deadpool's Stack of Pancakes 20194
1062Clevegas Killer Clowns20082
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
191Phoenix Aliens20155Jungle Town Piranhas (91-90)
293Southern Glory20104Smoky Mountain Mustangs (93-74)
3 (tie)94Birmingham Bolts201611Indian River Reds (94-93)
 94Oxford Landsharks201912Deadpool's Stack of Pancakes (94-60)
5 (tie)96Phoenix Thunder20088Clevegas Killer Clowns (96-90)
 96Austin Black and Tans 20089Kansas Comets (96-92)
 96Gainesville Renegades20178Seattle Strikers (96-93)
8 (tie)101British Lions201511Smoky Mountain Mustangs (101-89)
 101Virginia Beach Playaction20158Phoenix Aliens (101-73)
 101Oxford Landsharks201812Deadpool's Stack of Pancakes (101-100)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1205Florida DeathSquad201814Miami Magic City Goons (205-220)
2202Clifton Rockets20113Montreal Maniax (202-205)
3201Austin Black and Tans 20096Eastford Fun Bags (201-211)
4 (tie)199Mill Creek Outlaws201813Eastford Fun Bags (199-224)
 199Miami Magic City Goons201910Oxford Landsharks (199-207)
6198Brevard Beasts20111Montreal Maniax (198-217)
7 (tie)194Mill Creek Outlaws20198Miami Magic City Goons (194-213)
 194Eastford Fun Bags201114Independence Strikers (194-194) TB
 194Arlington(TX) Colts20153South Shore Predators (194-196)
10193Hoover Bucs201413Edinburg Nightmare (193-258)
Most Combined Points
1451Edinburg Nightmare vs Hoover Bucs (258-193)201413
2432Oxford Landsharks vs Mill Creek Outlaws (256-176)20193
3429Oxford Landsharks vs Varnell Smart Dawgs (256-173)20193
4428Miami Magic City Goons vs Deadpool's Stack of Pancakes (258-170)20195
5425Miami Magic City Goons vs Florida DeathSquad (220-205)201814
6424Mill Creek Outlaws vs Cahaba Heights Soldiers (237-187)20185
7423Eastford Fun Bags vs Mill Creek Outlaws (224-199)201813
8415Montreal Maniax vs Brevard Beasts (217-198)20111
9414Edinburg Nightmare vs Indian River Reds (223-191)20182
10413Gainesville Gramcrackers vs Indian River Reds (247-166)20193
Fewest Combined Points
1 (tie)131Smoky Mountain Mustangs vs Birmingham Bolts (131-0)20162
 131Jungle Town Piranhas vs Phoenix Aliens (125-6)20195
3154Oxford Landsharks vs Deadpool's Stack of Pancakes (94-60)201912
4164Vestavia Rebels vs Phoenix Thunder (164-0)201210
5165Phoenix Thunder vs Jungle Town Piranhas (111-54)201111
6167Southern Glory vs Smoky Mountain Mustangs (93-74)20104
7170Edinburg Nightmare vs Auburn Tsunami (156-14)20135
8 (tie)174Indian River Reds vs Phoenix Thunder (174-0)201210
 174Virginia Beach Playaction vs Phoenix Aliens (101-73)20158
10180Indian River Reds vs Phoenix Aliens (109-71)201510
Victory Margin
1174Indian River Reds201210Phoenix Thunder (174-0)
2165Miami Magic City Goons20159Cahaba Heights Soldiers (233-68)
3164Vestavia Rebels201210Phoenix Thunder (164-0)
4142Edinburg Nightmare20135Auburn Tsunami (156-14)
5139Gainesville Gramcrackers20189Phoenix Aliens (248-109)
6132Indian River Reds20099Oneonta Wild Cats (188-56)
7131Smoky Mountain Mustangs20162Birmingham Bolts (131-0)
8130Tampa Bay Renegades20149Summit SwampMonsters (215-85)
9 (tie)129Clifton Rockets20084Clevegas Killer Clowns (197-68)
 129Virginia Beach GangGreen20194Deadpool's Stack of Pancakes (190-61)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Smoky Mountain Mustangs20178New Albany Slugburgers (104-103)
 1Smoky Mountain Mustangs20128Vestavia Rebels (140-139)
 1United Local Eagles20077Motor City Madmen (156-155)
 1Gainesville Gramcrackers20148Auburn Tsunami (188-187)
 1Hartford Hustlas20098Edinburg Nightmare (116-115)
 1Eastford Fun Bags200813Boscawen Blazers (139-138)
 1Eastford Fun Bags200711Austin Black and Tans (150-149)
 1Independence Strikers20091Midwest Soldiers (109-108)
 1Independence Strikers20147Eastford Fun Bags (150-149)
 1Independence Strikers20136KC Warriors (151-150)
 1KC Warriors20122Eastford Fun Bags (141-140)
 1Jersey Cougars201012The Chicago Bean (111-110)
 1B-More Bombers201214South Shore Predators (149-148)
 1B-More Bombers20133Arlington(TX) Colts (169-168)
 1B-More Bombers20103Titusville Torrent (177-176)
 1British Lions20102Edinburg Nightmare (165-164)
 1Edinburg Nightmare200914Gainesville Gramcrackers (130-129)
 1Edinburg Nightmare20139Hoover Bucs (147-146)
 1Montreal Maniax201012Gainesville Gramcrackers (137-136)
 1Titusville Torrent20104The Chicago Bean (132-131)
 1Titusville Torrent201111B-More Bombers (162-161)
 1Brevard Beasts20113Indian River Reds (152-151)
 1Charlotte Hornets20112Vero Beach Blackbeards (154-153)
 1South Shore Predators20141Mill Creek Outlaws (129-128)
 1 The Indep MO Prekal's20121KC Warriors (122-121)
 1Birmingham Bolts201611Indian River Reds (94-93)
 1Birmingham Bolts20177Edinburg Nightmare (123-122)
 1Alabama Aliens 20144Auburn Tsunami (138-137)
 1Phoenix Aliens20155Jungle Town Piranhas (91-90)
 1East St. Louis Inconsiderate Name Droppers20169Jungle Town Piranhas (138-137)

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