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Ultimate Fantasy Football Challenge Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1258Edinburg Nightmare201413
2248Gainesville Gramcrackers20189
3243Miami Magic City Goons20189
4238The Chicago Bean20073
5 (tie)237Mill Creek Outlaws20185
 237Indian River Reds201011
7236Southern Glory20074
8235Tampa Bay Renegades201413
9233Miami Magic City Goons20159
10232Edinburg Nightmare20152
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Phoenix Thunder201210
 0Birmingham Bolts20162
314Auburn Tsunami20135
450Clevegas Killer Clowns20086
554Jungle Town Piranhas201111
656Oneonta Wild Cats20099
762Clevegas Killer Clowns20082
8 (tie)68Clevegas Killer Clowns20084
 68Cahaba Heights Soldiers20159
10 (tie)71Birmingham Bolts20126
 71Phoenix Aliens201510
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
191Phoenix Aliens20155Jungle Town Piranhas (91-90)
293Southern Glory20104Smoky Mountain Mustangs (93-74)
394Birmingham Bolts201611Indian River Reds (94-93)
4 (tie)96Phoenix Thunder20088Clevegas Killer Clowns (96-90)
 96Austin Black and Tans 20089Kansas Comets (96-92)
 96Gainesville Renegades20178Seattle Strikers (96-93)
7 (tie)101British Lions201511Smoky Mountain Mustangs (101-89)
 101Virginia Beach Playaction20158Phoenix Aliens (101-73)
 101Oxford Landsharks201812Deadpool's Stack of Pancakes (101-100)
10103KC Warriors20107The Chicago Bean (103-95)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1205Florida DeathSquad201814Miami Magic City Goons (205-220)
2202Clifton Rockets20113Montreal Maniax (202-205)
3201Austin Black and Tans 20096Eastford Fun Bags (201-211)
4199Mill Creek Outlaws201813Eastford Fun Bags (199-224)
5198Brevard Beasts20111Montreal Maniax (198-217)
6 (tie)194Eastford Fun Bags201114Independence Strikers (194-194) TB
 194Arlington(TX) Colts20153South Shore Predators (194-196)
8193Hoover Bucs201413Edinburg Nightmare (193-258)
9191Indian River Reds20182Edinburg Nightmare (191-223)
10188Mill Creek Outlaws201610Virginia Beach GangGreen (188-217)
Most Combined Points
1451Edinburg Nightmare vs Hoover Bucs (258-193)201413
2425Miami Magic City Goons vs Florida DeathSquad (220-205)201814
3424Mill Creek Outlaws vs Cahaba Heights Soldiers (237-187)20185
4423Eastford Fun Bags vs Mill Creek Outlaws (224-199)201813
5415Montreal Maniax vs Brevard Beasts (217-198)20111
6414Edinburg Nightmare vs Indian River Reds (223-191)20182
7412Eastford Fun Bags vs Austin Black and Tans (211-201)20096
8411Indian River Reds vs Chicago Riot (230-181)20072
9410The Chicago Bean vs Austin Black and Tans (238-172)20073
10409Miami Magic City Goons vs Eastford Fun Bags (223-186)201811
Fewest Combined Points
1131Smoky Mountain Mustangs vs Birmingham Bolts (131-0)20162
2164Vestavia Rebels vs Phoenix Thunder (164-0)201210
3165Phoenix Thunder vs Jungle Town Piranhas (111-54)201111
4167Southern Glory vs Smoky Mountain Mustangs (93-74)20104
5170Edinburg Nightmare vs Auburn Tsunami (156-14)20135
6 (tie)174Indian River Reds vs Phoenix Thunder (174-0)201210
 174Virginia Beach Playaction vs Phoenix Aliens (101-73)20158
8180Indian River Reds vs Phoenix Aliens (109-71)201510
9181Phoenix Aliens vs Jungle Town Piranhas (91-90)20155
10186Phoenix Thunder vs Clevegas Killer Clowns (96-90)20088
Victory Margin
1174Indian River Reds201210Phoenix Thunder (174-0)
2165Miami Magic City Goons20159Cahaba Heights Soldiers (233-68)
3164Vestavia Rebels201210Phoenix Thunder (164-0)
4142Edinburg Nightmare20135Auburn Tsunami (156-14)
5139Gainesville Gramcrackers20189Phoenix Aliens (248-109)
6132Indian River Reds20099Oneonta Wild Cats (188-56)
7131Smoky Mountain Mustangs20162Birmingham Bolts (131-0)
8130Tampa Bay Renegades20149Summit SwampMonsters (215-85)
9129Clifton Rockets20084Clevegas Killer Clowns (197-68)
10123Indian River Reds20126Birmingham Bolts (194-71)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Smoky Mountain Mustangs20178New Albany Slugburgers (104-103)
 1Smoky Mountain Mustangs20128Vestavia Rebels (140-139)
 1United Local Eagles20077Motor City Madmen (156-155)
 1Gainesville Gramcrackers20148Auburn Tsunami (188-187)
 1Hartford Hustlas20098Edinburg Nightmare (116-115)
 1Eastford Fun Bags200813Boscawen Blazers (139-138)
 1Eastford Fun Bags200711Austin Black and Tans (150-149)
 1Independence Strikers20091Midwest Soldiers (109-108)
 1Independence Strikers20147Eastford Fun Bags (150-149)
 1Independence Strikers20136KC Warriors (151-150)
 1KC Warriors20122Eastford Fun Bags (141-140)
 1Jersey Cougars201012The Chicago Bean (111-110)
 1B-More Bombers201214South Shore Predators (149-148)
 1B-More Bombers20133Arlington(TX) Colts (169-168)
 1B-More Bombers20103Titusville Torrent (177-176)
 1British Lions20102Edinburg Nightmare (165-164)
 1Edinburg Nightmare200914Gainesville Gramcrackers (130-129)
 1Edinburg Nightmare20139Hoover Bucs (147-146)
 1Montreal Maniax201012Gainesville Gramcrackers (137-136)
 1Titusville Torrent20104The Chicago Bean (132-131)
 1Titusville Torrent201111B-More Bombers (162-161)
 1Brevard Beasts20113Indian River Reds (152-151)
 1Charlotte Hornets20112Vero Beach Blackbeards (154-153)
 1South Shore Predators20141Mill Creek Outlaws (129-128)
 1 The Indep MO Prekal's20121KC Warriors (122-121)
 1Birmingham Bolts201611Indian River Reds (94-93)
 1Birmingham Bolts20177Edinburg Nightmare (123-122)
 1Alabama Aliens 20144Auburn Tsunami (138-137)
 1Phoenix Aliens20155Jungle Town Piranhas (91-90)
 1East St. Louis Inconsiderate Name Droppers20169Jungle Town Piranhas (138-137)

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