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Jax No Name Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
288Rough Ridas200413
387Deerwood Daggers200610
485Dave's Desperados200711
582Deerwood Daggers200413
6 (tie)81Da Rattlers20047
 81Dave's Desperados20073
 81Raleigh's Golden Mountaineers200313
9 (tie)80Deerwood Daggers200015
 80Deerwood Daggers200611
 80Deerwood Daggers200614
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
12Jax Beach Rip Tide19995
25Da Rattlers20074
36Rod's Dawgs200611
4 (tie)7Deerwood Daggers200110
 7Evil Geniuses200413
7 (tie)8Deerwood Daggers20059
 8Da Rattlers20029
 8Da Rattlers200514
 8Rough Ridas20012
 8Raleigh's Golden Mountaineers20052
 8Gridiron Gangstas200010
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
113Dave's Desperados20038Da Rattlers (13-10)
215Alfas20031Da Rattlers (15-13)
316Alfas200114Evil Geniuses (16-12)
4 (tie)18Springboks20016Alfas (18-11)
 18Dave's Desperados200611Springboks (18-10)
6 (tie)19Da Rattlers19996St John's Stingers (19-18)
 19Da Rattlers20001Gridiron Gangstas (19-13)
8 (tie)20Raleigh's Golden Mountaineers200011Rough Ridas (20-10)
 20Borderland Blackjacks200413Evil Geniuses (20-7)
 20West Side Rednecks19993Da Rattlers (20-14)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
182Deerwood Daggers200413Rough Ridas (82-88)
2 (tie)64Springboks200514Dave's Desperados (64-69)
 64Dave's Desperados200714Raleigh's Golden Mountaineers (64-69)
4 (tie)61Deerwood Daggers200714Igles (61-65)
 61Evil Geniuses200714Rod's Dawgs (61-62)
6 (tie)56Igles200410Deerwood Daggers (56-61)
 56Alfas200015Deerwood Daggers (56-80)
855Deerwood Daggers20021Rod's Dawgs (55-62)
9 (tie)54Raleigh's Golden Mountaineers20038Deerwood Daggers (54-68)
 54Raleigh's Golden Mountaineers200612Springboks (54-63)
 54Borderland Blackjacks200315Dave's Desperados (54-61)
Most Combined Points
1170Rough Ridas vs Deerwood Daggers (88-82)200413
2136Deerwood Daggers vs Alfas (80-56)200015
3 (tie)133Dave's Desperados vs Springboks (69-64)200514
 133Raleigh's Golden Mountaineers vs Dave's Desperados (69-64)200714
5129Dave's Desperados vs Igles (81-48)20073
6128Evil Geniuses vs Rod's Dawgs (78-50)200310
7126Igles vs Deerwood Daggers (65-61)200714
8124St John's Stingers vs Dave's Desperados (77-47)20076
9 (tie)123Deerwood Daggers vs Borderland Blackjacks (87-36)200610
 123Deerwood Daggers vs Raleigh's Golden Mountaineers (76-47)20027
 123Rod's Dawgs vs Evil Geniuses (62-61)200714
 123Deerwood Daggers vs Da Rattlers (72-51)200013
Fewest Combined Points
123Dave's Desperados vs Da Rattlers (13-10)20038
224Borderland Blackjacks vs Jax Beach Rip Tide (22-2)19995
327Borderland Blackjacks vs Evil Geniuses (20-7)200413
4 (tie)28Alfas vs Da Rattlers (15-13)20031
 28Alfas vs Evil Geniuses (16-12)200114
 28Dave's Desperados vs Springboks (18-10)200611
729Springboks vs Alfas (18-11)20016
830Raleigh's Golden Mountaineers vs Rough Ridas (20-10)200011
9 (tie)32St John's Stingers vs Rough Ridas (24-8)20012
 32Da Rattlers vs Gridiron Gangstas (19-13)20001
Victory Margin
1 (tie)65Igles20034Deerwood Daggers (93-28)
 65St John's Stingers20067Borderland Blackjacks (79-14)
361Dave's Desperados200711Rod's Dawgs (85-24)
456St John's Stingers20003Springboks (74-18)
5 (tie)53Rough Ridas20048Evil Geniuses (67-14)
 53Igles200316Dave's Desperados (70-17)
752Deerwood Daggers200611Igles (80-28)
851Deerwood Daggers200610Borderland Blackjacks (87-36)
9 (tie)50Igles20024Deerwood Daggers (72-22)
 50Igles20054Rough Ridas (73-23)

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