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VHF Dynasty League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1215.02The Transformers20186
2206.08Married... With Children20191
3197.66The Devlin Connection201712
4189.84Growing Pains20196
5187.72Growing Pains201915
7184.9Growing Pains201715
9182.5The Dukes of Hazzard20198
10181.72Married... With Children20197
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
249.56The Devlin Connection201912
357.52Headbanger's Ball201611
457.58Magnum P.I.201810
558.8Perfect Strangers201712
659.06Perfect Strangers20195
759.98Magnum P.I.201811
860.58Perfect Strangers201910
961.74Who's The Boss?20166
1066.1Perfect Strangers20199
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
185.26Headbanger's Ball20173Growing Pains (85.26-83.74)
289.76The Dukes of Hazzard201612Miami Vice (89.76-88.14)
392.64The Dukes of Hazzard201611Headbanger's Ball (92.64-57.52)
495.08Growing Pains20179Miami Vice (95.08-84.4)
596.22The Golden Girls20172The Dukes of Hazzard (96.22-87.08)
696.64Magnum P.I.20178Married... With Children (96.64-91.32)
796.76Cheers20175Perfect Strangers (96.76-79.18)
897.7The Dukes of Hazzard20187The Devlin Connection (97.7-94.58)
999.92Miami Vice201710Who's The Boss? (99.92-85.94)
10102.28Magnum P.I.20195The Devlin Connection (102.28-89.2)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1159.3Miami Vice201811The Devlin Connection (159.3-172.86)
2154.68Growing Pains20195The Golden Girls (154.68-174.48)
3153.5Perfect Strangers20193The Golden Girls (153.5-165.92)
4153.14Who's The Boss?20192Married... With Children (153.14-156.24)
5152.7Headbanger's Ball20182Miami Vice (152.7-153.04)
6152.22Married... With Children201915The Transformers (152.22-164.4)
7151.56Headbanger's Ball20193Growing Pains (151.56-152.24)
8150.36The Transformers201712Headbanger's Ball (150.36-175.06)
9149.58Growing Pains20198The Dukes of Hazzard (149.58-182.5)
10149.46The Transformers20175Miami Vice (149.46-156.26)
Most Combined Points
1353.14Married... With Children vs Growing Pains (206.08-147.06)20191
2332.16The Devlin Connection vs Miami Vice (172.86-159.3)201811
3332.08The Dukes of Hazzard vs Growing Pains (182.5-149.58)20198
4329.16The Golden Girls vs Growing Pains (174.48-154.68)20195
5325.42Headbanger's Ball vs The Transformers (175.06-150.36)201712
6325.32Cheers vs Married... With Children (184.52-140.8)20184
7324.2The Transformers vs Growing Pains (215.02-109.18)20186
8319.42The Golden Girls vs Perfect Strangers (165.92-153.5)20193
9316.62The Transformers vs Married... With Children (164.4-152.22)201915
10314.84Headbanger's Ball vs The Transformers (176.48-138.36)20187
Fewest Combined Points
1150.16The Dukes of Hazzard vs Headbanger's Ball (92.64-57.52)201611
2153.26Perfect Strangers vs The Devlin Connection (103.7-49.56)201912
3163.64Headbanger's Ball vs Perfect Strangers (103.06-60.58)201910
4165.82Magnum P.I. vs Cheers (120.8-45.02)201712
5168.34Growing Pains vs Cheers (123.32-45.02)201712
6169Headbanger's Ball vs Growing Pains (85.26-83.74)20173
7169.6Cheers vs Growing Pains (103.22-66.38)201612
8175.7Cheers vs Perfect Strangers (116.64-59.06)20195
9175.84Perfect Strangers vs Magnum P.I. (115.86-59.98)201811
10175.94Cheers vs Perfect Strangers (96.76-79.18)20175
Victory Margin
1105.84The Transformers20186Growing Pains (215.02-109.18)
2102.94The Dukes of Hazzard201810Magnum P.I. (160.52-57.58)
399.6Miami Vice201814Headbanger's Ball (173.92-74.32)
496.76Cheers20186The Dukes of Hazzard (185.38-88.62)
595.36Growing Pains201912Married... With Children (180.76-85.4)
694.72The Devlin Connection201712The Dukes of Hazzard (197.66-102.94)
792.36The Devlin Connection201712The Golden Girls (197.66-105.3)
887.52Married... With Children20174Cheers (163.48-75.96)
983.78Married... With Children20198Magnum P.I. (171.66-87.88)
1081.9Married... With Children20197Miami Vice (181.72-99.82)
Least Victory Margin
10.06Headbanger's Ball201711The Dukes of Hazzard (122.38-122.32)
20.14The Dukes of Hazzard20178Growing Pains (134.14-134)
30.34Miami Vice20182Headbanger's Ball (153.04-152.7)
40.48The Dukes of Hazzard201712Miami Vice (102.94-102.46)
50.58Who's The Boss?201813Perfect Strangers (121.82-121.24)
60.68Growing Pains20193Headbanger's Ball (152.24-151.56)
70.90The Transformers20179The Golden Girls (103.78-102.88)
80.96The Transformers20166Growing Pains (127.22-126.26)
90.98The Devlin Connection20182Cheers (129.78-128.8)
101.10The Transformers201610Married... With Children (132.4-131.3)

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