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VHF Dynasty League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1215.02The Transformers20186
2206.08Married... With Children20191
3197.66The Devlin Connection201712
4195.6Growing Pains202114
5190.92The Golden Girls20213
6190.6The Devlin Connection20215
7190.12Married... With Children202112
8189.84Growing Pains20196
9188.36Married... With Children20216
10187.72Growing Pains201915
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
249.56The Devlin Connection201912
357.52Headbanger's Ball201611
457.58Magnum P.I.201810
558.8Perfect Strangers201712
659.06Perfect Strangers20195
759.88Perfect Strangers20204
859.98Magnum P.I.201811
960.58Perfect Strangers201910
1061.74Who's The Boss?20166
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
185.26Headbanger's Ball20173Growing Pains (85.26-83.74)
289.76The Dukes of Hazzard201612Miami Vice (89.76-88.14)
392.64The Dukes of Hazzard201611Headbanger's Ball (92.64-57.52)
495.08Growing Pains20179Miami Vice (95.08-84.4)
595.34Who's The Boss?20214The Dukes of Hazzard (95.34-95.32)
696.22The Golden Girls20172The Dukes of Hazzard (96.22-87.08)
796.64Magnum P.I.20178Married... With Children (96.64-91.32)
896.76Cheers20175Perfect Strangers (96.76-79.18)
997.58Who's The Boss?202112Growing Pains (97.58-87.04)
1097.7The Dukes of Hazzard20187The Devlin Connection (97.7-94.58)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1181.16Growing Pains202113Cheers (181.16-182.26)
2159.3Miami Vice201811The Devlin Connection (159.3-172.86)
3158.78Miami Vice20215The Devlin Connection (158.78-190.6)
4158.64The Golden Girls202015Miami Vice (158.64-178.5)
5157.2Perfect Strangers20214The Devlin Connection (157.2-157.78)
6154.92The Golden Girls202013Headbanger's Ball (154.92-157.64)
7154.68Growing Pains20195The Golden Girls (154.68-174.48)
8153.5Perfect Strangers20193The Golden Girls (153.5-165.92)
9153.14Who's The Boss?20192Married... With Children (153.14-156.24)
10152.7Headbanger's Ball20182Miami Vice (152.7-153.04)
Most Combined Points
1363.42Cheers vs Growing Pains (182.26-181.16)202113
2353.14Married... With Children vs Growing Pains (206.08-147.06)20191
3349.38The Devlin Connection vs Miami Vice (190.6-158.78)20215
4343.32Growing Pains vs Miami Vice (195.6-147.72)202114
5340.98The Golden Girls vs Growing Pains (190.92-150.06)20213
6337.14Miami Vice vs The Golden Girls (178.5-158.64)202015
7335.94Married... With Children vs Headbanger's Ball (188.36-147.58)20216
8332.16The Devlin Connection vs Miami Vice (172.86-159.3)201811
9332.08The Dukes of Hazzard vs Growing Pains (182.5-149.58)20198
10329.16The Golden Girls vs Growing Pains (174.48-154.68)20195
Fewest Combined Points
1150.16The Dukes of Hazzard vs Headbanger's Ball (92.64-57.52)201611
2153.26Perfect Strangers vs The Devlin Connection (103.7-49.56)201912
3163.64Headbanger's Ball vs Perfect Strangers (103.06-60.58)201910
4165.82Magnum P.I. vs Cheers (120.8-45.02)201712
5168.34Growing Pains vs Cheers (123.32-45.02)201712
6169Headbanger's Ball vs Growing Pains (85.26-83.74)20173
7169.6Cheers vs Growing Pains (103.22-66.38)201612
8175.7Cheers vs Perfect Strangers (116.64-59.06)20195
9175.84Perfect Strangers vs Magnum P.I. (115.86-59.98)201811
10175.94Cheers vs Perfect Strangers (96.76-79.18)20175
Victory Margin
1105.84The Transformers20186Growing Pains (215.02-109.18)
2104.76The Transformers202012Headbanger's Ball (181.06-76.3)
3102.94The Dukes of Hazzard201810Magnum P.I. (160.52-57.58)
499.6Miami Vice201814Headbanger's Ball (173.92-74.32)
596.76Cheers20186The Dukes of Hazzard (185.38-88.62)
696.18Magnum P.I.202013The Transformers (181.54-85.36)
795.36Growing Pains201912Married... With Children (180.76-85.4)
894.72The Devlin Connection201712The Dukes of Hazzard (197.66-102.94)
992.36The Devlin Connection201712The Golden Girls (197.66-105.3)
1087.52Married... With Children20174Cheers (163.48-75.96)
Least Victory Margin
10.02Who's The Boss?20214The Dukes of Hazzard (95.34-95.32)
20.06Headbanger's Ball201711The Dukes of Hazzard (122.38-122.32)
30.14The Dukes of Hazzard20178Growing Pains (134.14-134)
40.22The Golden Girls20202The Dukes of Hazzard (135.34-135.12)
50.34Miami Vice20182Headbanger's Ball (153.04-152.7)
60.48The Dukes of Hazzard201712Miami Vice (102.94-102.46)
7 (tie)0.58The Devlin Connection20214Perfect Strangers (157.78-157.2)
 0.58Who's The Boss?201813Perfect Strangers (121.82-121.24)
90.62Who's The Boss?20209The Devlin Connection (105.44-104.82)
100.68Growing Pains20193Headbanger's Ball (152.24-151.56)

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