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Twelve Guys One Cup Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1210.58Battlecreek Blitz20186
2199.14Corn On The Cobb20187
3191.48Rock 'N' Sproles201816
5187.12Snowflake's Revenge201812
6186.42Corn On The Cobb201916
7185.8Chicago Bay Vikings201313
9184.24Corn On The Cobb20195
10 (tie)183.7Eivissa Blue Stars20156
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10Chicago Bay Vikings201712
241.18Glasgow Charros20164
343.92New Scotland Patriots201411
452.84New Scotland Patriots201413
553.82EK Dolphins201511
654.54EK Dolphins201813
755.68EK Dolphins201812
859.64New Scotland Patriots20136
960.74The Barr Tender201811
1061.4Snowflake's Revenge20147
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
175.3Fumblerooskies201712Chicago Bay Vikings (75.3-0)
279.8Snowflake's Revenge20194Glasgow Charros (79.8-61.8)
379.96Fumblerooskies20155EK Dolphins (79.96-65.9)
481.32The Barr Tender201713Ram!Bam!ThankyouMa'am! (81.32-75.24)
582.66Battlecreek Blitz20162Fumblerooskies (82.66-71.22)
682.82Ram!Bam!ThankyouMa'am!20154New Scotland Patriots (82.82-74.46)
783.86Battlecreek Blitz20133New Scotland Patriots (83.86-83.1)
885.64Snowflake's Revenge20175Ram!Bam!ThankyouMa'am! (85.64-77.96)
986.46Chicago Bay Vikings201511EK Dolphins (86.46-53.82)
1087.26EK Dolphins20147Snowflake's Revenge (87.26-61.4)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1161.26Snowflake's Revenge20155Ram!Bam!ThankyouMa'am! (161.26-170.94)
2157.14Chicago Bay Vikings20187Battlecreek Blitz (157.14-175.72)
3152.92The Barr Tender201915Corn On The Cobb (152.92-175.98)
4152.86Fumblerooskies20166Rock 'N' Sproles (152.86-154.58)
5150.5Eivissa Blue Stars20161Ram!Bam!ThankyouMa'am! (150.5-183.7)
6150.32Paisley Giant Ravens20151Corn On The Cobb (150.32-155.74)
7149.66Snowflake's Revenge201310New Scotland Patriots (149.66-164.38)
8147.98Rock 'N' Sproles201613Eivissa Blue Stars (147.98-158.72)
9146.56Rock 'N' Sproles20131Corn On The Cobb (146.56-159.1)
10146.2Eivissa Blue Stars20193Fumblerooskies (146.2-190.84)
Most Combined Points
1337.04Fumblerooskies vs Eivissa Blue Stars (190.84-146.2)20193
2334.2Ram!Bam!ThankyouMa'am! vs Eivissa Blue Stars (183.7-150.5)20161
3332.86Battlecreek Blitz vs Chicago Bay Vikings (175.72-157.14)20187
4332.2Ram!Bam!ThankyouMa'am! vs Snowflake's Revenge (170.94-161.26)20155
5328.9Corn On The Cobb vs The Barr Tender (175.98-152.92)201915
6328.68Corn On The Cobb vs New Scotland Patriots (184.24-144.44)20195
7327.88Eivissa Blue Stars vs Glasgow Charros (183.7-144.18)20156
8324.36Corn On The Cobb vs Rock 'N' Sproles (199.14-125.22)20187
9316.46Fumblerooskies vs New Scotland Patriots (185.74-130.72)201314
10315.2Battlecreek Blitz vs Corn On The Cobb (173.54-141.66)201516
Fewest Combined Points
175.3Fumblerooskies vs Chicago Bay Vikings (75.3-0)201712
2140.28Chicago Bay Vikings vs EK Dolphins (86.46-53.82)201511
3141.6Snowflake's Revenge vs Glasgow Charros (79.8-61.8)20194
4145.86Fumblerooskies vs EK Dolphins (79.96-65.9)20155
5146.86Snowflake's Revenge vs Glasgow Charros (105.68-41.18)20164
6148.66EK Dolphins vs Snowflake's Revenge (87.26-61.4)20147
7153.88Battlecreek Blitz vs Fumblerooskies (82.66-71.22)20162
8156.56The Barr Tender vs Ram!Bam!ThankyouMa'am! (81.32-75.24)201713
9157.28Ram!Bam!ThankyouMa'am! vs New Scotland Patriots (82.82-74.46)20154
10159.48Corn On The Cobb vs Fumblerooskies (97.62-61.86)20164
Victory Margin
1126.58Battlecreek Blitz20186Ram!Bam!ThankyouMa'am! (210.58-84)
2106.9Glasgow Charros201711Fumblerooskies (183.36-76.46)
3103.16Corn On The Cobb201916Fumblerooskies (186.42-83.26)
490.38Snowflake's Revenge201812The Barr Tender (187.12-96.74)
589.88Corn On The Cobb20198Glasgow Charros (180.86-90.98)
688.26Corn On The Cobb20185New Scotland Patriots (180.6-92.34)
788.12Chicago Bay Vikings201411New Scotland Patriots (132.04-43.92)
886.8Battlecreek Blitz201915Glasgow Charros (158.6-71.8)
986.5Battlecreek Blitz201811New Scotland Patriots (174.52-88.02)
1084.74Corn On The Cobb201811The Barr Tender (145.48-60.74)
Least Victory Margin
10.02Eivissa Blue Stars20164Chicago Bay Vikings (125.26-125.24)
20.24Fumblerooskies20192Battlecreek Blitz (127.76-127.52)
30.38Corn On The Cobb20165New Scotland Patriots (96.4-96.02)
40.48Chicago Bay Vikings20167Battlecreek Blitz (106.7-106.22)
50.50Eivissa Blue Stars20154Chicago Bay Vikings (137.42-136.92)
60.54Ram!Bam!ThankyouMa'am!20162Glasgow Charros (108.6-108.06)
70.56Ram!Bam!ThankyouMa'am!20143Rock 'N' Sproles (128.06-127.5)
80.68Paisley Giant Ravens20131Chicago Bay Vikings (142.26-141.58)
90.76Battlecreek Blitz20133New Scotland Patriots (83.86-83.1)
100.94Snowflake's Revenge20189Eivissa Blue Stars (118.02-117.08)

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