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The Money Shot League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1282.23Drunken Leprechauns20153
2266.33Drunken Leprechauns20195
4247.89Quiet Storms20184
5246.64 WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR20073
6237.11Drunken Leprechauns201811
7234.78Quiet Storms20181
8233.39Texas Chainsaw Mascara20165
9232.79Drunken Leprechauns20202
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
338.4Big Wheels20094
445.69 WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR201310
546Franks & Beans20076
648.52Drunken Leprechauns20086
852.3Whoof Arted20117
954.1Lowered Expectations20098
1054.54More Cowbell20226
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
175.81BULLS BOOTY SMACKERS20087Gexp (75.81-73.42)
276.9HOES20079Franks & Beans (76.9-68.61)
380.79Whoof Arted20095Lowered Expectations (80.79-69.91)
483.82 WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR20085Drunken Leprechauns (83.82-69.39)
585.67Trust The Process 20197Big Tuna (85.67-68.81)
686.79The Power Bottoms20178More Cowbell (86.79-81.71)
787.14Armchair Quarterbacks20151Texas Chainsaw Mascara (87.14-76.55)
887.45Gexp20058Texas Chainsaw Mascara (87.45-65.93)
987.73More Cowbell201511Gexp (87.73-64.52)
1087.89Big Wheels20097Franks & Beans (87.89-69.07)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1222.08Beast Ryders201812Armchair Quarterbacks (222.08-226.89)
2211.35Loaded Backfield20096Gexp (211.35-232.37)
3206.2Texas Chainsaw Mascara201810Armchair Quarterbacks (206.2-206.49)
4203.7More Cowbell201117Loaded Backfield (203.7-209.36)
5202.83Beast Ryders20215Texas Chainsaw Mascara (202.83-210.3)
6197.61Drunken Leprechauns201810Armchair Quarterbacks (197.61-206.49)
7194.63Hodor!201414Drunken Leprechauns (194.63-223.93)
8193.01Drunken Leprechauns201513Loaded Backfield (193.01-193.33)
9192.75Beast Ryders201810Drunken Leprechauns (192.75-197.61)
10188.79Drunken Leprechauns201916Coxswain Rob and His Merry Seaman (188.79-191.07)
Most Combined Points
1448.97Armchair Quarterbacks vs Beast Ryders (226.89-222.08)201812
2447.7Drunken Leprechauns vs Franks & Beans (282.23-165.47)20153
3443.72Gexp vs Loaded Backfield (232.37-211.35)20096
4418.56Drunken Leprechauns vs Hodor! (223.93-194.63)201414
5417.28Quiet Storms vs «Son1cDea+hM0nkey­» (234.78-182.5)20181
6415.53«Son1cDea+hM0nkey­» vs Quiet Storms (230.64-184.89)20188
7414.62Drunken Leprechauns vs Texas Chainsaw Mascara (266.33-148.29)20195
8413.13Texas Chainsaw Mascara vs Beast Ryders (210.3-202.83)20215
9413.06Loaded Backfield vs More Cowbell (209.36-203.7)201117
10412.69Armchair Quarterbacks vs Texas Chainsaw Mascara (206.49-206.2)201810
Fewest Combined Points
1139.55Undisputed Pocket Pool Champions vs BULLS BOOTY SMACKERS (139.55-0)200613
2145.51HOES vs Franks & Beans (76.9-68.61)20079
3146.89Franks & Beans vs Gexp (110.19-36.7)200712
4148.6The Skid Marks vs Whore-ific (88.11-60.49)200513
5149.23BULLS BOOTY SMACKERS vs Gexp (75.81-73.42)20087
6150.64Drunken Leprechauns vs Lowered Expectations (88.55-62.09)20082
7150.7Whoof Arted vs Lowered Expectations (80.79-69.91)20095
8152.25More Cowbell vs Gexp (87.73-64.52)201511
9153.21 WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR vs Drunken Leprechauns (83.82-69.39)20085
10153.38Gexp vs Texas Chainsaw Mascara (87.45-65.93)20058
Victory Margin
1185.07Drunken Leprechauns20153Armchair Quarterbacks (282.23-97.16)
2170.32MöøÑìñítê§200613BULLS BOOTY SMACKERS (170.32-0)
3163.57Loaded Backfield20109Whoof Arted (229.64-66.07)
4155.8«Son1cDea+hM0nkey­»200711Franks & Beans (225.9-70.1)
5151.99Drunken Leprechauns20195Trust The Process (266.33-114.34)
6143.48Armchair Quarterbacks201813Saint Paul Scumbagz (210.16-66.68)
7142.34More Cowbell20072Whoof Arted (221.19-78.85)
8141.36Hodor!201213Gexp (204.41-63.05)
9141.04Texas Chainsaw Mascara200713Franks & Beans (211.04-70)
10139.55Undisputed Pocket Pool Champions200613BULLS BOOTY SMACKERS (139.55-0)
Least Victory Margin
10.04Quiet Storms20163Beast Ryders (107.95-107.91)
20.06Trust The Process 20192Loaded Backfield (129.06-129)
30.11Franks & Beans20095More Cowbell (94.08-93.97)
40.13BULLS BOOTY SMACKERS200710MöøÑìñítê§ (117.97-117.84)
50.15Beast Ryders20159More Cowbell (159.79-159.64)
60.18More Cowbell20066Texas Chainsaw Mascara (146.78-146.6)
70.20Loaded Backfield201510Quiet Storms (99.75-99.55)
80.23«Son1cDea+hM0nkey­»20091Hodor! (146.93-146.7)
90.26Franks & Beans20131Beast Ryders (166.97-166.71)
10 (tie)0.28Texas Chainsaw Mascara20084Whoof Arted (171.2-170.92)
 0.28Trust The Process 20191Drunken Leprechauns (168.33-168.05)

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