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FantasySharks Pacific Tiger Shark League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1196Krazy Kraut20056
2176Porn Stars for Peace20059
3163Porn Stars for Peace200512
4161Porn Stars for Peace20054
5159mc126's SPOILERS20051
6158Ta2ween Terror20068
7155Riot Acting20066
8 (tie)153mc126's SPOILERS200610
 153Ta2ween Terror200612
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
255Suren Vachir20059
356Suren Vachir20058
460Suren Vachir200513
5 (tie)61Suren Vachir20054
 61Suren Vachir20055
8 (tie)66Suren Vachir20067
 66Apple Sauce20063
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
173BigA420200611Grizzlies (73-69)
2 (tie)83Apple Sauce200613Suren Vachir (83-68)
 83Illegal Use of Hands20055Suren Vachir (83-61)
484BigA42020063The Retreating Horde (84-76)
5 (tie)87Rabblerouser20053The Warriors (87-71)
 87Rabblerouser20054Illegal Use of Hands (87-83)
788Krazy Kraut20058Suren Vachir (88-56)
889The Warriors200611Riot Acting (89-82)
9 (tie)90Suren Vachir200510BigA420 (90-81)
 90The Warriors20059Suren Vachir (90-55)
 90The Warriors200512mc126's SPOILERS (90-80)
 90Illegal Use of Hands200513Ta2ween Terror (90-72)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1145mc126's SPOILERS20066Riot Acting (145-155)
2135The Warriors200612Grizzlies (135-143)
3134Krazy Kraut200613mc126's SPOILERS (134-136)
4129Krazy Kraut20053BigA420 (129-137)
5 (tie)125Apple Sauce200611mc126's SPOILERS (125-132)
 125Illegal Use of Hands20053Ta2ween Terror (125-145)
 125Porn Stars for Peace20056DuneTime (125-150)
 125DuneTime20054Porn Stars for Peace (125-161)
9123Rabblerouser200512Porn Stars for Peace (123-163)
10122blokbustabrandon20055Porn Stars for Peace (122-139)
Most Combined Points
1300Riot Acting vs mc126's SPOILERS (155-145)20066
2291Porn Stars for Peace vs BigA420 (176-115)20059
3 (tie)286Porn Stars for Peace vs Rabblerouser (163-123)200512
 286Porn Stars for Peace vs DuneTime (161-125)20054
5278Grizzlies vs The Warriors (143-135)200612
6276Krazy Kraut vs blokbustabrandon (196-80)20056
7275DuneTime vs Porn Stars for Peace (150-125)20056
8273Krazy Kraut vs mc126's SPOILERS (152-121)20067
9271mc126's SPOILERS vs The Retreating Horde (159-112)20051
10 (tie)270Ta2ween Terror vs Illegal Use of Hands (145-125)20053
 270mc126's SPOILERS vs Krazy Kraut (136-134)200613
Fewest Combined Points
1142BigA420 vs Grizzlies (73-69)200611
2 (tie)144Krazy Kraut vs Suren Vachir (88-56)20058
 144Illegal Use of Hands vs Suren Vachir (83-61)20055
4145The Warriors vs Suren Vachir (90-55)20059
5151Apple Sauce vs Suren Vachir (83-68)200613
6152Krazy Kraut vs StevieQ (106-46)20069
7153The Retreating Horde vs Suren Vachir (92-61)20054
8 (tie)158Porn Stars for Peace vs Suren Vachir (98-60)200513
 158Rabblerouser vs The Warriors (87-71)20053
10 (tie)160mc126's SPOILERS vs BigA420 (93-67)20054
 160BigA420 vs The Retreating Horde (84-76)20063
Victory Margin
1116Krazy Kraut20056blokbustabrandon (196-80)
275The Warriors20066StevieQ (137-62)
374Rabblerouser200511Ta2ween Terror (153-79)
468The Warriors20061Ta2ween Terror (151-83)
566Ta2ween Terror20068Riot Acting (158-92)
6 (tie)62Ta2ween Terror20054The Warriors (151-89)
 62blokbustabrandon20052The Warriors (133-71)
861Porn Stars for Peace20059BigA420 (176-115)
960Krazy Kraut20069StevieQ (106-46)
1059Krazy Kraut200610Illegal Use of Hands (127-68)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Krazy Kraut20059Rabblerouser (106-105)
 1Ta2ween Terror200610The Retreating Horde (109-108)
3 (tie)2The Retreating Horde20066Krazy Kraut (98-96)
 2The Retreating Horde20064Apple Sauce (104-102)
 2Krazy Kraut20065Riot Acting (93-91)
 2mc126's SPOILERS200613Krazy Kraut (136-134)
 2The Warriors20069Ta2ween Terror (121-119)
 2Grizzlies200613Ta2ween Terror (122-120)
 2blokbustabrandon20054Krazy Kraut (119-117)
103Riot Acting200610Grizzlies (96-93)

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