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Turf Warriors Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1184.75Captain Wild Bill20114
3175Ghost of Macho Man201115
4170.55Jack City Jacks 20119
5168.9Jack City Jacks 201111
7166.8Detroit Destroyers 20112
8165.9Kardiac Kids20112
9165Jack City Jacks 201110
10162.1Kardiac Kids201112
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
158.65Kardiac Kids20117
268.45Detroit Destroyers 20117
471.9Greased Lightning20113
880.2Kardiac Kids20113
981.1Greased Lightning201112
1082.4Detroit Destroyers 201112
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
182.4Detroit Destroyers 201112Greased Lightning (82.4-81.1)
286.95Warriors20117Kardiac Kids (86.95-58.65)
388.75Detroit Destroyers 20115Hooligans (88.75-75)
493.2Kardiac Kids201110Greased Lightning (93.2-88.2)
593.3Jack City Jacks 201112GLADIATORS (93.3-88.45)
699.55Kardiac Kids20119Detroit Destroyers (99.55-90.4)
7103.05Detroit Destroyers 201111Captain Wild Bill (103.05-97.7)
8103.65Jack City Jacks 20113GLADIATORS (103.65-86.05)
9104.3Detroit Destroyers 20113Greased Lightning (104.3-71.9)
10105.55Kardiac Kids20116Hooligans (105.55-76.3)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1148.75bASS Slayers 20112Kardiac Kids (148.75-165.9)
2145.35bASS Slayers 20114Jack City Jacks (145.35-158.05)
3144.15Chimichangas201114Ghost of Macho Man (144.15-151.85)
4142.8HitNRun20114Captain Wild Bill (142.8-184.75)
5140.05HitNRun201113Ghost of Macho Man (140.05-159.1)
6138.65HitNRun201112Kardiac Kids (138.65-162.1)
7133.2bASS Slayers 201114Captain Wild Bill (133.2-159.1)
8131.2Captain Wild Bill20113Chimichangas (131.2-138.25)
9130.35Captain Wild Bill20112Detroit Destroyers (130.35-166.8)
10128Ghost of Macho Man20112Hooligans (128-143.3)
Most Combined Points
1327.55Captain Wild Bill vs HitNRun (184.75-142.8)20114
2314.65Kardiac Kids vs bASS Slayers (165.9-148.75)20112
3305.2HitNRun vs bASS Slayers (181.15-124.05)20111
4303.4Jack City Jacks vs bASS Slayers (158.05-145.35)20114
5300.75Kardiac Kids vs HitNRun (162.1-138.65)201112
6299.15Ghost of Macho Man vs HitNRun (159.1-140.05)201113
7297.15Detroit Destroyers vs Captain Wild Bill (166.8-130.35)20112
8 (tie)296Ghost of Macho Man vs Chimichangas (151.85-144.15)201114
 296GLADIATORS vs Hooligans (168.1-127.9)20114
10292.3Captain Wild Bill vs bASS Slayers (159.1-133.2)201114
Fewest Combined Points
1145.6Warriors vs Kardiac Kids (86.95-58.65)20117
2163.5Detroit Destroyers vs Greased Lightning (82.4-81.1)201112
3163.75Detroit Destroyers vs Hooligans (88.75-75)20115
4176.2Detroit Destroyers vs Greased Lightning (104.3-71.9)20113
5181.4Kardiac Kids vs Greased Lightning (93.2-88.2)201110
6181.75Jack City Jacks vs GLADIATORS (93.3-88.45)201112
7181.85Kardiac Kids vs Hooligans (105.55-76.3)20116
8188.3bASS Slayers vs Warriors (119.05-69.25)201113
9189.7Jack City Jacks vs GLADIATORS (103.65-86.05)20113
10189.95Kardiac Kids vs Detroit Destroyers (99.55-90.4)20119
Victory Margin
174.8Jack City Jacks 20119Warriors (170.55-95.75)
269.55Jack City Jacks 201110Hooligans (165-95.45)
368Ghost of Macho Man201115HitNRun (175-107)
467.35HitNRun20113Kardiac Kids (147.55-80.2)
566.8Jack City Jacks 201111Chimichangas (168.9-102.1)
663.75Ghost of Macho Man201112Warriors (150.85-87.1)
763.55Jack City Jacks 201114Warriors (154.35-90.8)
857.1HitNRun20111bASS Slayers (181.15-124.05)
954.5Greased Lightning20112GLADIATORS (161.6-107.1)
1054.45bASS Slayers 20118HitNRun (141.25-86.8)
Least Victory Margin
10.60Chimichangas20111Greased Lightning (111.6-111)
21.30Detroit Destroyers 201112Greased Lightning (82.4-81.1)
33.35Greased Lightning20118Chimichangas (126.7-123.35)
43.80GLADIATORS20116Chimichangas (124.9-121.1)
54.75bASS Slayers 201110GLADIATORS (111.85-107.1)
64.85Jack City Jacks 201112GLADIATORS (93.3-88.45)
75Kardiac Kids201110Greased Lightning (93.2-88.2)
85.35Detroit Destroyers 201111Captain Wild Bill (103.05-97.7)
96.75Chimichangas20112Jack City Jacks (133.7-126.95)
107.05Chimichangas20113Captain Wild Bill (138.25-131.2)

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