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Ultimate Contract Fantasy League - UCFL Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1362Gainesville Gram Crackers201813
2352Gainesville Gram Crackers20177
3341Gainesville Gram Crackers20153
4338New Orleans Crawfish20184
5336Baltimore Fun Bags20176
6335Gainesville Gram Crackers20151
7331Pittsburgh River Rats20133
8 (tie)330Independence Challengers20124
 330New Orleans Crawfish20165
10329Smoky Mountain Mustangs20148
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
141NWA Rads20156
2100Western Sydney Warthogs20158
3120New Albany Mudcats20167
4121Western Sydney Warthogs20179
5 (tie)130New Albany Mudcats20148
 130Motor City Hitmen201613
7 (tie)131Ole Miss Mannings20179
 131Western Sydney Warthogs20157
9 (tie)132Independence Challengers201710
 132Virginia Beach Playaction20157
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1164Ole Miss Mannings201512New Albany Mudcats (164-149)
2 (tie)166NWA Rads201510Western Sydney Warthogs (166-150)
 166Montreal Demons201813Indian River Fighting Clams (166-145)
 166Western Sydney Warthogs201511Independence Challengers (166-159)
5167New Albany Mudcats20158Baltimore Fun Bags (167-163)
6 (tie)168Ole Miss Mannings201510Baltimore Fun Bags (168-140)
 168NWA Rads201410Disney Warthogs (168-161)
8170Smoky Mountain Mustangs201611Motor City Hitmen (170-151)
9171Motor City Hitmen20165Montreal Demons (171-152)
10178Motor City Hitmen201710Independence Challengers (178-132)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1321Virginia Beach Playaction20184New Orleans Crawfish (321-338)
2295NWA Rads20134Edinburg Nightmare (295-299)
3288Edinburg Nightmare201516Gainesville Gram Crackers (288-312)
4287Gainesville Gram Crackers201510Phoenix Sharks (287-290)
5284New Orleans Crawfish201612Pinhoti Prowlers (284-289)
6 (tie)283Gainesville Gram Crackers20134Indep MO Prekals (283-321)
 283NWA Rads20122Gainesville Gram Crackers (283-291)
8279Pinhoti Prowlers201211Ole Miss Mannings (279-281)
9 (tie)277Gainesville Gram Crackers20181Indian River Fighting Clams (277-315)
 277Virginia Beach Playaction20162Independence Challengers (277-309)
Most Combined Points
1659New Orleans Crawfish vs Virginia Beach Playaction (338-321)20184
2604Indep MO Prekals vs Gainesville Gram Crackers (321-283)20134
3600Gainesville Gram Crackers vs Edinburg Nightmare (312-288)201516
4595Gainesville Gram Crackers vs Phoenix Sharks (324-271)201810
5594Edinburg Nightmare vs NWA Rads (299-295)20134
6592Indian River Fighting Clams vs Gainesville Gram Crackers (315-277)20181
7591Edinburg Nightmare vs Gainesville Gram Crackers (321-270)201414
8590Independence Challengers vs Ole Miss Mannings (330-260)20124
9589Gainesville Gram Crackers vs Indian River Fighting Clams (318-271)20131
10586Independence Challengers vs Virginia Beach Playaction (309-277)20162
Fewest Combined Points
1249Motor City Hitmen vs NWA Rads (208-41)20156
2308Ole Miss Mannings vs Baltimore Fun Bags (168-140)201510
3310Motor City Hitmen vs Independence Challengers (178-132)201710
4311Montreal Demons vs Indian River Fighting Clams (166-145)201813
5313Ole Miss Mannings vs New Albany Mudcats (164-149)201512
6316NWA Rads vs Western Sydney Warthogs (166-150)201510
7321Smoky Mountain Mustangs vs Motor City Hitmen (170-151)201611
8323Motor City Hitmen vs Montreal Demons (171-152)20165
9325Western Sydney Warthogs vs Independence Challengers (166-159)201511
10 (tie)327Montreal Demons vs Indian River Fighting Clams (193-134)201613
 327Midwest Soldiers vs NWA Rads (185-142)20149
Victory Margin
1167Motor City Hitmen20156NWA Rads (208-41)
2164Gainesville Gram Crackers20143Disney Warthogs (315-151)
3162New Orleans Crawfish20165Western Sydney Warthogs (330-168)
4161Baltimore Fun Bags20176Indian River Fighting Clams (336-175)
5156Indian River Fighting Clams20158Western Sydney Warthogs (256-100)
6153Virginia Beach Playaction201712Western Sydney Warthogs (328-175)
7 (tie)151Baltimore Fun Bags201612Motor City Hitmen (309-158)
 151Gainesville Gram Crackers201813NWA Rads (362-211)
9146Baltimore Fun Bags20184Montreal Demons (280-134)
10143Phoenix Sharks20156New Albany Mudcats (307-164)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Independence Challengers201613Virginia Beach Playaction (247-246)
 1Pittsburgh River Rats201212Disney Warthogs (252-251)
 1Phoenix Sharks20149Indian River Fighting Clams (195-194)
 1Phoenix Sharks201414Indian River Fighting Clams (269-268)
 1Ole Miss Mannings20163Montreal Demons (238-237)
 1B-More Bombers20134Disney Warthogs (212-211)
 1Edinburg Nightmare20189Ole Miss Mannings (232-231)
 1Gainesville Gram Crackers20171Indian River Fighting Clams (185-184)
 1Indian River Fighting Clams20145Edinburg Nightmare (214-213)
 1New Albany Mudcats201412Ole Miss Mannings (207-206)

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