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Ultimate Contract Fantasy League - UCFL Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1362Gainesville Gram Crackers201813
2352Gainesville Gram Crackers20177
3344Gainesville Gram Crackers20196
4343Edinburg Nightmare201914
5341Gainesville Gram Crackers20153
6338New Orleans Crawfish20184
7336Baltimore Fun Bags20176
8335Gainesville Gram Crackers20151
9333Gainesville Gram Crackers20193
10331Pittsburgh River Rats20133
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
141NWA Rads20156
2100Western Sydney Warthogs20158
3108Western Sydney Warthogs201911
4120New Albany Mudcats20167
5121Western Sydney Warthogs20179
6 (tie)130New Albany Mudcats20148
 130Motor City Hitmen201613
8 (tie)131Ole Miss Mannings20179
 131Western Sydney Warthogs20157
10 (tie)132Independence Challengers201710
 132Virginia Beach Playaction20157
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1155Independence Challengers201911Western Sydney Warthogs (155-108)
2164Ole Miss Mannings201512New Albany Mudcats (164-149)
3 (tie)166NWA Rads201510Western Sydney Warthogs (166-150)
 166Montreal Demons201813Indian River Fighting Clams (166-145)
 166Western Sydney Warthogs201511Independence Challengers (166-159)
6167New Albany Mudcats20158Baltimore Fun Bags (167-163)
7 (tie)168Ole Miss Mannings201510Baltimore Fun Bags (168-140)
 168NWA Rads201410Disney Warthogs (168-161)
9170Smoky Mountain Mustangs201611Motor City Hitmen (170-151)
10171Motor City Hitmen20165Montreal Demons (171-152)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1321Virginia Beach Playaction20184New Orleans Crawfish (321-338)
2295NWA Rads20134Edinburg Nightmare (295-299)
3288Edinburg Nightmare201516Gainesville Gram Crackers (288-312)
4287Gainesville Gram Crackers201510Phoenix Sharks (287-290)
5284New Orleans Crawfish201612Pinhoti Prowlers (284-289)
6 (tie)283Gainesville Gram Crackers20134Indep MO Prekals (283-321)
 283NWA Rads20122Gainesville Gram Crackers (283-291)
8279Pinhoti Prowlers201211Ole Miss Mannings (279-281)
9 (tie)277Gainesville Gram Crackers20181Indian River Fighting Clams (277-315)
 277Virginia Beach Playaction20162Independence Challengers (277-309)
Most Combined Points
1659New Orleans Crawfish vs Virginia Beach Playaction (338-321)20184
2604Indep MO Prekals vs Gainesville Gram Crackers (321-283)20134
3601Gainesville Gram Crackers vs Montreal Demons (333-268)20193
4 (tie)600Gainesville Gram Crackers vs Pinhoti Prowlers (333-267)20193
 600Gainesville Gram Crackers vs Edinburg Nightmare (312-288)201516
6595Gainesville Gram Crackers vs Phoenix Sharks (324-271)201810
7594Edinburg Nightmare vs NWA Rads (299-295)20134
8 (tie)592Indian River Fighting Clams vs Gainesville Gram Crackers (315-277)20181
 592Edinburg Nightmare vs New Orleans Crawfish (343-249)201914
10591Edinburg Nightmare vs Gainesville Gram Crackers (321-270)201414
Fewest Combined Points
1249Motor City Hitmen vs NWA Rads (208-41)20156
2263Independence Challengers vs Western Sydney Warthogs (155-108)201911
3308Ole Miss Mannings vs Baltimore Fun Bags (168-140)201510
4310Motor City Hitmen vs Independence Challengers (178-132)201710
5311Montreal Demons vs Indian River Fighting Clams (166-145)201813
6313Ole Miss Mannings vs New Albany Mudcats (164-149)201512
7316NWA Rads vs Western Sydney Warthogs (166-150)201510
8321Smoky Mountain Mustangs vs Motor City Hitmen (170-151)201611
9323Motor City Hitmen vs Montreal Demons (171-152)20165
10325Western Sydney Warthogs vs Independence Challengers (166-159)201511
Victory Margin
1167Motor City Hitmen20156NWA Rads (208-41)
2164Gainesville Gram Crackers20143Disney Warthogs (315-151)
3162New Orleans Crawfish20165Western Sydney Warthogs (330-168)
4161Baltimore Fun Bags20176Indian River Fighting Clams (336-175)
5156Indian River Fighting Clams20158Western Sydney Warthogs (256-100)
6153Virginia Beach Playaction201712Western Sydney Warthogs (328-175)
7 (tie)151Baltimore Fun Bags201612Motor City Hitmen (309-158)
 151Gainesville Gram Crackers201813NWA Rads (362-211)
9146Baltimore Fun Bags20184Montreal Demons (280-134)
10143Phoenix Sharks20156New Albany Mudcats (307-164)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Independence Challengers201613Virginia Beach Playaction (247-246)
 1Pittsburgh River Rats201212Disney Warthogs (252-251)
 1Phoenix Sharks20149Indian River Fighting Clams (195-194)
 1Phoenix Sharks201414Indian River Fighting Clams (269-268)
 1Ole Miss Mannings20163Montreal Demons (238-237)
 1B-More Bombers20134Disney Warthogs (212-211)
 1Edinburg Nightmare20189Ole Miss Mannings (232-231)
 1Smoky Mountain Mustangs20199Independence Challengers (277-276)
 1Gainesville Gram Crackers20171Indian River Fighting Clams (185-184)
 1Indian River Fighting Clams20145Edinburg Nightmare (214-213)
 1New Albany Mudcats201412Ole Miss Mannings (207-206)

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