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OTM Mafia Blitz League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
3193.38St. Louis Packers200412
5192.2TO's Family200510
6191.28Jones VS Jones20041
8185.12St. Louis Packers200413
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
144.24The Thirsty Bunch200413
248.48The Thirsty Bunch200513
362.72The Salsa Sharks20044
466.94Detroit Wyverns20045
570.96The Thirsty Bunch20042
671.64The Cereal Killers200512
772.94The Thirsty Bunch20051
974.66The Thirsty Bunch20044
Victory Margin
1112.1Jones VS Jones200513The Thirsty Bunch (160.58-48.48)
289.42Mugwumps200415Legion of Doom (180.86-91.44)
386.76The Cereal Killers20047The Salsa Sharks (165.46-78.7)
484.98GoodFellas200511The Cereal Killers (179.2-94.22)
580.36Mugwumps20059Jones VS Jones (177.6-97.24)
680.14Smoky20055Detroit Wyverns (163.84-83.7)
778.68TO's Family200510The Salsa Sharks (192.2-113.52)
878.58Legion of Doom20054The Cereal Killers (156.54-77.96)
977.32Mugwumps200413Detroit Wyverns (192.76-115.44)
1076.36Jones VS Jones20041The Salsa Sharks (191.28-114.92)
Most Combined Points
1367.3GoodFellas vs Legion of Doom (200.96-166.34)200515
2335.78St. Louis Packers vs Greenroom Brawlers (185.12-150.66)200413
3328.84Mugwumps vs St. Louis Packers (178.42-150.42)20042
4326.48Legion of Doom vs Smoky (171.5-154.98)200413
5326.42Mugwumps vs GoodFellas (189.74-136.68)20045
6325.06Mugwumps vs Greenroom Brawlers (193.72-131.34)20043
7321.28St. Louis Packers vs Mugwumps (193.38-127.9)200412
8320Mugwumps vs Greenroom Brawlers (166.42-153.58)200411
9315.8TO's Family vs Greenroom Brawlers (164.4-151.4)20053
10310.44Mugwumps vs GoodFellas (159.2-151.24)200416
Fewest Combined Points
1148.38The Cereal Killers vs Detroit Wyverns (81.44-66.94)20045
2152.74The Salsa Sharks vs The Thirsty Bunch (108.5-44.24)200413
3167.5The Cereal Killers vs Smoky (93.44-74.06)200510
4171.74The Salsa Sharks vs Smoky (92.72-79.02)20059
5172.1Detroit Wyverns vs The Thirsty Bunch (97.44-74.66)20044
6174.8The Thirsty Bunch vs St. Louis Packers (90.84-83.96)20045
7175.12Smoky vs The Thirsty Bunch (97.96-77.16)20048
8175.98Greenroom Brawlers vs Smoky (93.48-82.5)20057
9176.7Detroit Wyverns vs Greenroom Brawlers (97.04-79.66)200510
10177.06The Thirsty Bunch vs Detroit Wyverns (90.26-86.8)20059
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1166.34Legion of Doom200515GoodFellas (166.34-200.96)
2154.98Smoky200413Legion of Doom (154.98-171.5)
3153.58Greenroom Brawlers200411Mugwumps (153.58-166.42)
4151.4Greenroom Brawlers20053TO's Family (151.4-164.4)
5151.24GoodFellas200416Mugwumps (151.24-159.2)
6150.66Greenroom Brawlers200413St. Louis Packers (150.66-185.12)
7150.42St. Louis Packers20042Mugwumps (150.42-178.42)
8144.82Mugwumps200512Legion of Doom (144.82-146.44)
9139.34Jones VS Jones200412Legion of Doom (139.34-149.1)
10139.16Detroit Wyverns20058Mugwumps (139.16-141.24)
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
181.44The Cereal Killers20045Detroit Wyverns (81.44-66.94)
290.26The Thirsty Bunch20059Detroit Wyverns (90.26-86.8)
390.84The Thirsty Bunch20045St. Louis Packers (90.84-83.96)
492.72The Salsa Sharks20059Smoky (92.72-79.02)
593.44The Cereal Killers200510Smoky (93.44-74.06)
693.48Greenroom Brawlers20057Smoky (93.48-82.5)
795.4The Salsa Sharks200515St. Louis Packers (95.4-90.18)
896.24The Thirsty Bunch200512Greenroom Brawlers (96.24-82.02)
997.04Detroit Wyverns200510Greenroom Brawlers (97.04-79.66)
1097.44Detroit Wyverns20044The Thirsty Bunch (97.44-74.66)
Least Victory Margin
10.70Legion of Doom20044St. Louis Packers (117.02-116.32)
20.92Detroit Wyverns20047GoodFellas (98.14-97.22)
31.54TO's Family20044The Cereal Killers (99.22-97.68)
41.62Legion of Doom200512Mugwumps (146.44-144.82)
51.66The Thirsty Bunch20046The Salsa Sharks (105.32-103.66)
61.78TO's Family20048Mugwumps (116.22-114.44)
7 (tie)2.08Mugwumps20058Detroit Wyverns (141.24-139.16)
 2.08The Cereal Killers20042Smoky (108.36-106.28)
92.30The Thirsty Bunch200511TO's Family (100.98-98.68)
102.60TO's Family200412The Salsa Sharks (112.92-110.32)

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