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Premier League of The BFFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1173Bronx Bombers201313
2164Fort Worth Whipping Boyz20071
3155DC Madmen20131
4153Fort Worth Whipping Boyz200213
5149Lexington Mad Roosters201314
6141Fort Worth Whipping Boyz20079
7 (tie)140West Bradford Bandits201112
 140Ashburn Royal Flush20129
 140Daigleville Destroyers20019
 140Daigleville Destroyers20027
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1-15San Antonio Renegades20097
2 (tie)0Great Lakes Storm200912
 0Mississippi Bullies20054
 0Sterling Heights Spare Tires20055
 0Lexington Mad Roosters201316
63Great Lakes Storm200913
716Oklahoma City 3rd Herd20066
817Mississippi Bullies200610
919Great Lakes Storm200811
1020Montreal Predators20017
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
133Houma Hustlers200811Great Lakes Storm (33-19)
235New York Legends20046Harrison Hackers (35-31)
338Detroit Stink Dogs200110Montreal Predators (38-34)
443Detroit Stink Dogs20061New York Legends (43-40)
5 (tie)44Dallas Time Travelers20063Great Lakes Storm (44-27)
 44Houma Hustlers200613San Antonio Marauders (44-41)
 44Halifax Mooseheads200113Patterson Plague (44-40)
8 (tie)45Green Mountain Cannibals20028Patterson Plague (45-40)
 45Mississippi Bullies20079Rochester Cowboys (45-41)
10 (tie)46Rochester Cowboys20135Texas Marshals (46-37)
 46Dallas Time Travelers20064Green Mountain Cannibals (46-34)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1121Houma Hustlers20096Houma Voodoo of Lafayette (121-126)
2119Dallas Time Travelers20079Fort Worth Whipping Boyz (119-141)
3115Louisiana Mudbugs200911Great Lakes Storm (115-125)
4 (tie)114San Antonio Marauders201114Alamo City Seminoles (114-134)
 114San Antonio Marauders201315Bronx Bombers (114-119)
 114Buffalo Stampede20112Fort Worth Whipping Boyz (114-118)
7113Boston Night Stalkers201214Twin Cities Frozen Twinkies (113-114)
8110Rochester Cowboys201014West Bradford Bandits (110-135)
9 (tie)108New York Legends200610Houma Voodoo of Lafayette (108-115)
 108Fort Worth Whipping Boyz200911Louisiana Mudbugs (108-115)
 108Boston Night Stalkers201113Green Mountain Cannibals (108-110)
 108Boston Night Stalkers201113Fort Worth Whipping Boyz (108-118)
Most Combined Points
1271Fort Worth Whipping Boyz vs Texas Tornadoes (164-107)20071
2267Bronx Bombers vs San Francisco Freaks (173-94)201313
3260Fort Worth Whipping Boyz vs Dallas Time Travelers (141-119)20079
4249Lexington Mad Roosters vs DC Madmen (149-100)201314
5248Alamo City Seminoles vs San Antonio Marauders (134-114)201114
6247Houma Voodoo of Lafayette vs Houma Hustlers (126-121)20096
7 (tie)245West Bradford Bandits vs Rochester Cowboys (135-110)201014
 245Bronx Bombers vs West Bradford Bandits (173-72)201313
9240Great Lakes Storm vs Louisiana Mudbugs (125-115)200911
10237DC Madmen vs Calgary Floods (155-82)20131
Fewest Combined Points
1 (tie)50Staten Island Misfits vs Great Lakes Storm (50-0)200912
 50Twin Cities Frozen Twinkies vs Lexington Mad Roosters (50-0)201316
3 (tie)52Houma Hustlers vs Great Lakes Storm (33-19)200811
 52Ashburn Royal Flush vs San Antonio Renegades (67--15)20097
566New York Legends vs Harrison Hackers (35-31)20046
667Houma Voodoo of Lafayette vs Mississippi Bullies (67-0)20054
771Dallas Time Travelers vs Great Lakes Storm (44-27)20063
872Detroit Stink Dogs vs Montreal Predators (38-34)200110
976Patterson Plague vs Mississippi Bullies (52-24)20024
1077Houma Voodoo of Lafayette vs Sterling Heights Spare Tires (77-0)20055
Victory Margin
1108Fort Worth Whipping Boyz200213Great Lakes Storm (153-45)
2 (tie)102Ohio Innocent Bystanders200912Great Lakes Storm (102-0)
 102Fort Worth Whipping Boyz200213Sacramento Capitol Gang (153-51)
4101Bronx Bombers201313West Bradford Bandits (173-72)
596Ashburn Royal Flush20129New York Legends (140-44)
695Houma Voodoo of Lafayette200613Fort Worth Whipping Boyz (134-39)
793Fort Worth Whipping Boyz201013Ashburn Royal Flush (139-46)
888Daigleville Destroyers20019Green Mountain Cannibals (140-52)
9 (tie)85West Bradford Bandits20103Great Lakes Storm (118-33)
 85Daigleville Destroyers20027Patterson Plague (140-55)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1New York Legends200515Detroit Stink Dogs (98-97)
 1Green Mountain Cannibals201111New York Legends (51-50)
 1Green Mountain Cannibals20024Ohio Innocent Bystanders (57-56)
 1Rochester Cowboys20086Ohio Innocent Bystanders (95-94)
 1Detroit Stink Dogs20065Great Lakes Storm (50-49)
 1Detroit Stink Dogs200211Green Mountain Cannibals (61-60)
 1Detroit Stink Dogs200316Daigleville Destroyers (69-68)
 1Detroit Stink Dogs200711San Antonio Marauders (85-84)
 1West Bradford Bandits200813Fort Worth Whipping Boyz (94-93)
 1Great Lakes Storm20098Ashburn Royal Flush (68-67)
 1Dallas Time Travelers200512Westchester Hackers (73-72)
 1San Antonio Marauders20061Houma Hustlers (72-71)
 1San Antonio Marauders200210Great Lakes Storm (85-84)
 1Houma Hustlers20085Texas Tornadoes (61-60)
 1Houma Hustlers20095Ashburn Royal Flush (62-61)
 1Ashburn Royal Flush20096San Antonio Marauders (59-58)
 1Texas Tornadoes200811Houma Voodoo of Lafayette (88-87)
 1Houma Voodoo of Lafayette200511Great Lakes Storm (78-77)
 1Houma Voodoo of Lafayette200210Detroit Stink Dogs (98-97)
 1Fort Worth Whipping Boyz20072Ashburn Royal Flush (97-96)
 1Richmond Roughnecks20079Detroit Stink Dogs (82-81)
 1Sacramento Dribs200413San Antonio Marauders (71-70)
 1Harrison Hackers200312Daigleville Destroyers (84-83)
 1Daigleville Destroyers200215Houma Voodoo of Lafayette (77-76)
 1Mississippi Bullies20078Detroit Stink Dogs (66-65)
 1Patterson Plague200410Rochester Cowboys (102-101)
 1Louisiana Mudbugs201011New York Legends (84-83)
 1Katy Who Dats20132San Francisco Freaks (90-89)
 1Alamo City Seminoles20125San Antonio Marauders (94-93)
 1Twin Cities Frozen Twinkies201214Boston Night Stalkers (114-113)

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