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High Country Tavern Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1212.4AFC MadDog 20/2020186
2211.85NFC MadDog 20/20201712
3197.85AFC Endzoners 20198
4197.65AFC Endzoners 201813
5197.35AFC Endzoners 20152
6191.35AFC Moose Knuckles 20195
7189.2AFC MILE HEISMEN 20153
8184.6AFC Fieldmarshalls201513
9183.75AFC Deez Nutz20164
10182.35NFC Dansville Dawgs 201812
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
135.4NFC All I Do Is Win...201910
241.75AFC Dansville Dawgs20179
343.9NFC All I Do Is Win...20197
445AFC One Bourbon...One Scotch...One Beer201817
545.5AFC Moose Knuckles 20176
648.1NFC Moose Knuckles 20173
748.35NFC Enforcers 20172
850.85NFC Bad Hammy201912
951.75AFC Enforcers20179
1052.25NFC All I Do Is Win...201913
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1 (tie)0NFC Krazy Ass Mexicans 201916NFC Endzoners (0-0) TB
 0NFC Moose Knuckles 201916NFC Fieldmarshalls (0-0) TB
359.7AFC Bad Hammy20173AFC Moose Knuckles (59.7-54.2)
461.05NFC Dansville Dawgs 201815NFC Not Done Yet... (61.05-55.5)
562.4NFC One Bourbon...One Scotch...One Beer20173NFC Moose Knuckles (62.4-48.1)
672.3AFC Krazy ASS Mexicans 201910AFC Deez Nutz (72.3-61.65)
774.1NFC Enforcers 201710NFC MILE HEISMEN (74.1-74)
875.55NFC Dansville Dawgs 20183NFC Not Done Yet... (75.55-61.95)
975.7NFC Bad Hammy201910NFC All I Do Is Win... (75.7-35.4)
1075.8AFC Moose Knuckles 20185AFC Bad Hammy (75.8-69.45)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1164.7AFC All I Do Is Win...20195AFC Moose Knuckles (164.7-191.35)
2155.35NFC Deez Nutz 20195NFC Fieldmarshalls (155.35-175.5)
3154.35NFC MadDog 20/20201816NFC MILE HEISMEN (154.35-164.9)
4153.4AFC Krazy ASS Mexicans 20184AFC Bad Hammy (153.4-170.25)
5151.95NFC Deez Nutz 20181NFC Moose Knuckles (151.95-164.25)
6151.25NFC Fieldmarshalls 201915NFC MILE HEISMEN (151.25-161.75)
7149.35AFC Krazy ASS Mexicans 20186AFC Not Done Yet... (149.35-166.5)
8147.6AFC Endzoners 201610AFC Enforcers (147.6-150.5)
9147.5NFC Not Done Yet...201912NFC Fire Brigade (147.5-160.85)
10145.55AFC One Bourbon...One Scotch...One Beer201515AFC Deez Nutz (145.55-155.15)
Most Combined Points
1356.05AFC Moose Knuckles vs AFC All I Do Is Win... (191.35-164.7)20195
2337.95NFC MadDog 20/20 vs NFC Not Done Yet... (211.85-126.1)201712
3330.85NFC Fieldmarshalls vs NFC Deez Nutz (175.5-155.35)20195
4325.35AFC Endzoners vs AFC Fieldmarshalls (197.85-127.5)20198
5324.95AFC Deez Nutz vs AFC Moose Knuckles (183.75-141.2)20164
6323.7AFC MadDog 20/20 vs AFC Deez Nutz (212.4-111.3)20186
7323.65AFC Bad Hammy vs AFC Krazy ASS Mexicans (170.25-153.4)20184
8319.25NFC MILE HEISMEN vs NFC MadDog 20/20 (164.9-154.35)201816
9316.55AFC MadDog 20/20 vs AFC MILE HEISMEN (175.9-140.65)201811
10316.2NFC Moose Knuckles vs NFC Deez Nutz (164.25-151.95)20181
Fewest Combined Points
1110.5NFC One Bourbon...One Scotch...One Beer vs NFC Moose Knuckles (62.4-48.1)20173
2111.1NFC Bad Hammy vs NFC All I Do Is Win... (75.7-35.4)201910
3113.9AFC Bad Hammy vs AFC Moose Knuckles (59.7-54.2)20173
4116.55NFC Dansville Dawgs vs NFC Not Done Yet... (61.05-55.5)201815
5133.95AFC Krazy ASS Mexicans vs AFC Deez Nutz (72.3-61.65)201910
6137.5NFC Dansville Dawgs vs NFC Not Done Yet... (75.55-61.95)20183
7138.3AFC Fire Brigade vs AFC Dansville Dawgs (76.9-61.4)201511
8140.25NFC Krazy Ass Mexicans vs NFC Bad Hammy (89.4-50.85)201912
9142.3NFC All I Do Is Win... vs AFC Krazy ASS Mexicans (87.85-54.45)201916
10142.8NFC MILE HEISMEN vs NFC Deez Nutz (82.75-60.05)20194
Victory Margin
1114.85AFC Bad Hammy20199AFC One Bourbon...One Scotch...One Beer (173.1-58.25)
2110NFC Not Done Yet...201914NFC All I Do Is Win... (172.85-62.85)
3101.1AFC MadDog 20/2020186AFC Deez Nutz (212.4-111.3)
4101AFC Endzoners 201813AFC MILE HEISMEN (197.65-96.65)
596.3AFC Not Done Yet...201510AFC Dansville Dawgs (165.2-68.9)
696.1AFC Bad Hammy20155AFC Not Done Yet... (169.75-73.65)
792.7NFC Fieldmarshalls 20198NFC Bad Hammy (172.9-80.2)
891.65AFC Endzoners 201811AFC Krazy ASS Mexicans (169.75-78.1)
990.2NFC MILE HEISMEN 201916NFC Bad Hammy (161.6-71.4)
1089.75AFC MILE HEISMEN 20153AFC Fieldmarshalls (189.2-99.45)
Least Victory Margin
10.05AFC One Bourbon...One Scotch...One Beer201612AFC Bad Hammy (125.35-125.3)
2 (tie)0.10AFC Moose Knuckles 201713AFC Bad Hammy (86.35-86.25)
 0.10NFC Enforcers 201710NFC MILE HEISMEN (74.1-74)
40.15AFC MILE HEISMEN 20151AFC Bad Hammy (93-92.85)
50.20AFC Fieldmarshalls201610AFC Krazy ASS Mexicans (133.6-133.4)
60.35AFC Moose Knuckles 20167AFC Bad Hammy (98-97.65)
7 (tie)0.40AFC Endzoners 20167AFC Not Done Yet... (133.3-132.9)
 0.40NFC One Bourbon...One Scotch...One Beer20183NFC Krazy Ass Mexicans (118.35-117.95)
9 (tie)0.55AFC MILE HEISMEN 201611AFC Krazy ASS Mexicans (91.9-91.35)
 0.55AFC Deez Nutz20173AFC Enforcers (127.2-126.65)
 0.55NFC MILE HEISMEN 20199NFC Endzoners (116.2-115.65)

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