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Ray Finkle Fantasy Football Federation Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1251.25The Second Coming201816
2227.29Hold My Ditka20184
4221.19Straight Cash Homie201811
5211.39Unholy Alliance20187
6208.81Army Of Stavros20189
7201.9Unholy Alliance20185
8201.1Straight Cash Homie201814
10196.66Palermo Reds201811
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
196.79Straight Cash Homie20189
2101.77Midnight Boozers20188
3108.25Coup d'état20184
4109.48Palermo Reds201812
5110.22Hold My Ditka20189
6112.02Straight Cash Homie201815
7112.74Coup d'état201811
8116.31Coup d'état20188
9116.37Hold My Ditka20185
10116.93Palermo Reds20189
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1122.52PackerBacker201815Straight Cash Homie (122.52-112.02)
2124.18Straight Cash Homie20188Coup d'état (124.18-116.31)
3130.14The Mooninites20187Coup d'état (130.14-119.05)
4130.94Decatur Staleys20186Coup d'état (130.94-119.11)
5133.34Decatur Staleys201812Palermo Reds (133.34-109.48)
6137.54Decatur Staleys201815Army Of Stavros (137.54-125.39)
7138.55The Mooninites20189Midnight Boozers (138.55-128.85)
8139.36Raw Dawgs 20184Army Of Stavros (139.36-118.73)
9139.71Decatur Staleys20181Midnight Boozers (139.71-123.59)
10140.13Decatur Staleys201814The Second Coming (140.13-136.79)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1193.25Straight Cash Homie20184PackerBacker (193.25-199.34)
2182.79Midnight Boozers20186PackerBacker (182.79-223.4)
3181.47Straight Cash Homie20186Unholy Alliance (181.47-189.9)
4175.15Army Of Stavros20183Palermo Reds (175.15-181.26)
5173.8PackerBacker20188The Second Coming (173.8-181.93)
6169.54Straight Cash Homie20185Decatur Staleys (169.54-187.87)
7167.36Unholy Alliance20182Midnight Boozers (167.36-172.51)
8165.62Hold My Ditka201811Raw Dawgs (165.62-168.52)
9165.25Raw Dawgs 20181Unholy Alliance (165.25-195.7)
10163.32Hold My Ditka201810The Second Coming (163.32-186.68)
Most Combined Points
1406.19PackerBacker vs Midnight Boozers (223.4-182.79)20186
2404.55The Second Coming vs Unholy Alliance (251.25-153.3)201816
3392.59PackerBacker vs Straight Cash Homie (199.34-193.25)20184
4388.63Hold My Ditka vs Decatur Staleys (227.29-161.34)20184
5371.37Unholy Alliance vs Straight Cash Homie (189.9-181.47)20186
6360.95Unholy Alliance vs Raw Dawgs (195.7-165.25)20181
7357.41Decatur Staleys vs Straight Cash Homie (187.87-169.54)20185
8356.41Palermo Reds vs Army Of Stavros (181.26-175.15)20183
9355.73The Second Coming vs PackerBacker (181.93-173.8)20188
10351.54Army Of Stavros vs Raw Dawgs (208.81-142.73)20189
Fewest Combined Points
1234.54PackerBacker vs Straight Cash Homie (122.52-112.02)201815
2240.49Straight Cash Homie vs Coup d'état (124.18-116.31)20188
3242.82Decatur Staleys vs Palermo Reds (133.34-109.48)201812
4246.83PackerBacker vs Straight Cash Homie (150.04-96.79)20189
5249.19The Mooninites vs Coup d'état (130.14-119.05)20187
6250.05Decatur Staleys vs Coup d'état (130.94-119.11)20186
7254.36The Second Coming vs Coup d'état (146.11-108.25)20184
8258.09Raw Dawgs vs Army Of Stavros (139.36-118.73)20184
9262.93Decatur Staleys vs Army Of Stavros (137.54-125.39)201815
10263.21Hold My Ditka vs Midnight Boozers (161.44-101.77)20188
Victory Margin
197.95The Second Coming201816Unholy Alliance (251.25-153.3)
294.1Straight Cash Homie201811Midnight Boozers (221.19-127.09)
385.53Unholy Alliance20185Hold My Ditka (201.9-116.37)
483.92Palermo Reds201811Coup d'état (196.66-112.74)
572.45Unholy Alliance20187Decatur Staleys (211.39-138.94)
666.08Army Of Stavros20189Raw Dawgs (208.81-142.73)
765.95Hold My Ditka20184Decatur Staleys (227.29-161.34)
864.13Straight Cash Homie201814Unholy Alliance (201.1-136.97)
959.67Hold My Ditka20188Midnight Boozers (161.44-101.77)
1056.93Army Of Stavros201810Decatur Staleys (187.57-130.64)
Least Victory Margin
10.09Palermo Reds20185PackerBacker (156.28-156.19)
21.97The Second Coming20186Raw Dawgs (151.49-149.52)
32.26Decatur Staleys20183Midnight Boozers (153.86-151.6)
42.35The Mooninites20184Midnight Boozers (161.48-159.13)
52.90Raw Dawgs 201811Hold My Ditka (168.52-165.62)
63.34Decatur Staleys201814The Second Coming (140.13-136.79)
74.32Midnight Boozers20185The Second Coming (161.88-157.56)
85.15Midnight Boozers20182Unholy Alliance (172.51-167.36)
96.09PackerBacker20184Straight Cash Homie (199.34-193.25)
106.11Palermo Reds20183Army Of Stavros (181.26-175.15)

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