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Ray Finkle Fantasy Football Federation Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1251.87Decatur Staleys20212
2251.25The Second Coming201816
3237.93Decatur Staleys202016
4227.29Wasteland Warriors20184
5226.04Decatur Staleys20215
6224.01Decatur Staleys202211
8221.19Straight Cash Homie201811
9219.96Decatur Staleys20202
10218.72Coup d'état202016
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
174.46Trump 202020198
275.25Army Of Stavros20222
375.53Palermo Reds201912
481.25Trump 202020197
582.46The Mooninites20225
683.31Trump 202020196
785.39Trump 202020199
885.97Unholy Alliance202212
988.37Christian Mingles202111
1089.78Palermo Reds20197
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1100.2The Mooninites20229Straight Cash Homie (100.2-95.91)
2103.46Army Of Stavros20226Christian Mingles (103.46-102.77)
3104.51Unholy Alliance201912Palermo Reds (104.51-75.53)
4104.62Unholy Alliance202214Army Of Stavros (104.62-93.32)
5104.88Coup d'état20229Army Of Stavros (104.88-104.31)
6113.68Unholy Alliance20221Army Of Stavros (113.68-106.69)
7113.72Trump 202420204Straight Cash Homie (113.72-99.28)
8114.54Unholy Alliance20226The Mooninites (114.54-105.9)
9116.48Christian Mingles201913Trump 2020 (116.48-110.55)
10117.13Straight Cash Homie20206The Mooninites (117.13-110.29)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1202.6The Mooninites202016Coup d'état (202.6-218.72)
2193.25Straight Cash Homie20184PackerBacker (193.25-199.34)
3189.81Decatur Staleys202013The Mooninites (189.81-192.57)
4182.79Midnight Boozers20186PackerBacker (182.79-223.4)
5181.47Straight Cash Homie20186Unholy Alliance (181.47-189.9)
6180.35Christian Mingles202014Decatur Staleys (180.35-184.16)
7180.14Decatur Staleys20203Raw Dawgs (180.14-196.67)
8175.47Raw Dawgs 20202The Mooninites (175.47-180.17)
9175.15Army Of Stavros20183Palermo Reds (175.15-181.26)
10173.89Wasteland Warriors202012Decatur Staleys (173.89-184.02)
Most Combined Points
1421.32Coup d'état vs The Mooninites (218.72-202.6)202016
2406.19PackerBacker vs Midnight Boozers (223.4-182.79)20186
3404.55The Second Coming vs Unholy Alliance (251.25-153.3)201816
4392.59PackerBacker vs Straight Cash Homie (199.34-193.25)20184
5390.85Decatur Staleys vs Raw Dawgs (237.93-152.92)202016
6388.63Wasteland Warriors vs Decatur Staleys (227.29-161.34)20184
7387.72Decatur Staleys vs The Mooninites (215.39-172.33)202015
8382.4Decatur Staleys vs Trump 2024 (251.87-130.53)20212
9382.38The Mooninites vs Decatur Staleys (192.57-189.81)202013
10376.81Raw Dawgs vs Decatur Staleys (196.67-180.14)20203
Fewest Combined Points
1180.04Unholy Alliance vs Palermo Reds (104.51-75.53)201912
2196.11The Mooninites vs Straight Cash Homie (100.2-95.91)20229
3197.94Unholy Alliance vs Army Of Stavros (104.62-93.32)202214
4206.23Army Of Stavros vs Christian Mingles (103.46-102.77)20226
5209.19Coup d'état vs Army Of Stavros (104.88-104.31)20229
6209.4Unholy Alliance vs Trump 2020 (126.09-83.31)20196
7213Trump 2024 vs Straight Cash Homie (113.72-99.28)20204
8216.49Christian Mingles vs Trump 2020 (135.24-81.25)20197
9217.34Raw Dawgs vs Palermo Reds (126.71-90.63)201913
10220.14Straight Cash Homie vs Trump 2024 (128.08-92.06)202012
Victory Margin
1121.34Decatur Staleys20212Trump 2024 (251.87-130.53)
2117.38Raw Dawgs 20225The Mooninites (199.84-82.46)
3113.84Coup d'état202113Christian Mingles (214.23-100.39)
4110.41Decatur Staleys20215Unholy Alliance (226.04-115.63)
5101.05Decatur Staleys20202Unholy Alliance (219.96-118.91)
697.95The Second Coming201816Unholy Alliance (251.25-153.3)
797.28Wasteland Warriors20198Trump 2020 (171.74-74.46)
896.38Raw Dawgs 20195The Mooninites (191.93-95.55)
994.1Straight Cash Homie201811Midnight Boozers (221.19-127.09)
1092.97Coup d'état202212Unholy Alliance (178.94-85.97)
Least Victory Margin
10.09Palermo Reds20185PackerBacker (156.28-156.19)
20.19Army Of Stavros20215Midnight Boozers (152.73-152.54)
30.57Coup d'état20229Army Of Stavros (104.88-104.31)
40.63Raw Dawgs 202217Trump 2024 (143.2-142.57)
50.69Army Of Stavros20226Christian Mingles (103.46-102.77)
61.58Trump 2024202016Straight Cash Homie (131.48-129.9)
71.68Raw Dawgs 20212The Mooninites (170.95-169.27)
81.70Army Of Stavros20199Palermo Reds (161.91-160.21)
91.79Trump 2024202111Unholy Alliance (118.6-116.81)
101.97The Second Coming20186Raw Dawgs (151.49-149.52)

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