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The British League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1206.15New Scotland Patriots201414
2203.6Wils' Wolves201413
3203.3Eivissa Blue Stars20131
4201.9Eivissa Blue Stars201216
5198.9Glasgow Bluebears20135
6198.75The Unstoppable Force20153
7195.4New Scotland Patriots20148
8195.2New Scotland Patriots201214
9192.95New Scotland Patriots201412
10189Glasgow Bluebears20148
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1-3.3Golden Tate Warriors201514
29.55Ochocinco My Battleship201714
313.2Eivissa Blue Stars20153
417.75Ochocinco My Battleship201713
522.5The Thunderballs201811
627.6Golden Tate Warriors20155
732.25Golden Tate Warriors20135
833.6Basin City Barbarians20177
935.9Wils' Wolves20168
1037.6Breesy Like Sunday Morning201713
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
154.9Highland Wildfire20135Golden Tate Warriors (54.9-32.25)
260.4Wils' Wolves201115The Thunderballs (60.4-58.77)
362.85Golden Tate Warriors201414Ochocinco My Battleship (62.85-56.25)
466.1Wils' Wolves201713Ochocinco My Battleship (66.1-17.75)
568.67New Scotland Patriots20111More Cushing for the Pushing (68.67-48.37)
669.15Golden Tate Warriors20184The Thunderballs (69.15-68.2)
769.35Golden Tate Warriors20154Basin City Barbarians (69.35-59.3)
869.45Breesy Like Sunday Morning201712Basin City Barbarians (69.45-66.5)
970.6The Beaners201814Glasgow Bluebears (70.6-57.95)
1071.03The Thunderballs20117The Beaners (71.03-56.07)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1153.1Glasgow Bluebears20128The Beaners (153.1-156.85)
2152.55The Fear Boners201612Breesy Like Sunday Morning (152.55-159.4)
3147.6Eivissa Blue Stars201414The Thunderballs (147.6-151.05)
4147.25Newcastle 'Aints201515The Thunderballs (147.25-150.15)
5147.15The Fear Boners20186Golden Tate Warriors (147.15-177.05)
6143.1Wils' Wolves20139Basin City Barbarians (143.1-167.7)
7141.25The Beaners201210Eivissa Blue Stars (141.25-151.8)
8140.7The Fear Boners20146The Beaners (140.7-148.45)
9139.45Wils' Wolves201811The Beaners (139.45-140.05)
10139.35More Cushing for the Pushing201212Wils' Wolves (139.35-148.55)
Most Combined Points
1337.2New Scotland Patriots vs The Unstoppable Force (206.15-131.05)201414
2336.55Wils' Wolves vs More Cushing for the Pushing (203.6-132.95)201413
3324.2Golden Tate Warriors vs The Fear Boners (177.05-147.15)20186
4317.45Breesy Like Sunday Morning vs Wils' Wolves (179.85-137.6)20134
5317.34The Fear Boners vs Highland Wildfire (186.37-130.97)20111
6315.85The Beaners vs Newcastle 'Aints (178.1-137.75)20124
7315.1Eivissa Blue Stars vs Wils' Wolves (187.9-127.2)20184
8311.95Breesy Like Sunday Morning vs The Fear Boners (159.4-152.55)201612
9310.8Basin City Barbarians vs Wils' Wolves (167.7-143.1)20139
10309.95The Beaners vs Glasgow Bluebears (156.85-153.1)20128
Fewest Combined Points
183.85Wils' Wolves vs Ochocinco My Battleship (66.1-17.75)201713
287.15Highland Wildfire vs Golden Tate Warriors (54.9-32.25)20135
390.8Golden Tate Warriors vs Ochocinco My Battleship (81.25-9.55)201714
494.7More Cushing for the Pushing vs The Thunderballs (72.2-22.5)201811
597.8Newcastle 'Aints vs Eivissa Blue Stars (84.6-13.2)20153
6109.3More Cushing for the Pushing vs Golden Tate Warriors (112.6--3.3)201514
7116.5The Thunderballs vs Basin City Barbarians (72.05-44.45)201314
8117.04New Scotland Patriots vs More Cushing for the Pushing (68.67-48.37)20111
9117.44Wils' Wolves vs Golden Tate Warriors (74.27-43.17)20115
10117.5The Fear Boners vs The Thunderballs (73.4-44.1)201814
Victory Margin
1127.15Newcastle 'Aints201514Glasgow Bluebears (170.9-43.75)
2119.1Glasgow Bluebears20168Wils' Wolves (155-35.9)
3115.9More Cushing for the Pushing201514Golden Tate Warriors (112.6--3.3)
4109.65Eivissa Blue Stars20139The Beaners (166.9-57.25)
5109.4Newcastle 'Aints201711Breesy Like Sunday Morning (148.25-38.85)
6107.8Eivissa Blue Stars201610The Beaners (187.4-79.6)
7104.85New Scotland Patriots20139More Cushing for the Pushing (166.6-61.75)
8102.25Glasgow Bluebears20135The Thunderballs (198.9-96.65)
9101.3Eivissa Blue Stars20131The Thunderballs (203.3-102)
10100Eivissa Blue Stars201216Highland Wildfire (201.9-101.9)
Least Victory Margin
10.05The Beaners20123The Unstoppable Force (107.5-107.45)
2 (tie)0.15Newcastle 'Aints20164The Fear Boners (93.8-93.65)
 0.15The Fear Boners201512Highland Wildfire (86.4-86.25)
 0.15Highland Wildfire20167The Thunderballs (88.7-88.55)
 0.15Basin City Barbarians201615Golden Tate Warriors (87.9-87.75)
 0.15Ochocinco My Battleship20143Breesy Like Sunday Morning (83.55-83.4)
70.24More Cushing for the Pushing20117The Fear Boners (114.97-114.73)
8 (tie)0.30Highland Wildfire201816Eivissa Blue Stars (115.35-115.05)
 0.30More Cushing for the Pushing201113The Thunderballs (77.03-76.73)
100.50More Cushing for the Pushing201414Breesy Like Sunday Morning (111.75-111.25)

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