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Giants Fans League 1 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1158*LT's Crack Pipe20053
2156*TD Homer Jones20056
3 (tie)148*Coughlin's Comedy Crew20053
 148*Bavaro's Bandits20058
 148*TD Homer Jones20053
6 (tie)147*DoCoMo's GIANT Meggetts200512
 147*DoCoMo's GIANT Meggetts20068
8145*LT's Crack Pipe20054
9143*DoCoMo's GIANT Meggetts20069
10 (tie)140*LT's Crack Pipe200612
 140*Bavaro's Bandits200612
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
134*LT's Crack Pipe200510
241*Taylor Simms200510
343*Blue Ghost20067
446*Coughlin's Comedy Crew20059
5 (tie)47*Taylor Simms20065
 47*West Haven 55 Reasons200612
7 (tie)50*Taylor Simms20059
 50*Gifford`s Guru`s20056
9 (tie)52*Coughlin's Comedy Crew200612
 52*LT's Crack Pipe20063
 52*TD Homer Jones20069
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
166*Gifford`s Guru`s200612*West Haven 55 Reasons (66-47)
268*Taylor Simms20051*Blue Ghost (68-60)
369*Blue Ghost20061*DoCoMo's GIANT Meggetts (69-66)
4 (tie)71*Gifford`s Guru`s20057*Taylor Simms (71-60)
 71*TD Homer Jones20065*Not A Toomer (71-63)
6 (tie)75*Gifford`s Guru`s20059*Coughlin's Comedy Crew (75-46)
 75*Burt's 64 Bums20059*Not A Toomer (75-75) TB
 75*Not A Toomer200611*Gifford`s Guru`s (75-69)
9 (tie)78*Taylor Simms20053*West Haven 55 Reasons (78-72)
 78*Burt's 64 Bums20057*West Haven 55 Reasons (78-57)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1137*DoCoMo's GIANT Meggetts200612*Bavaro's Bandits (137-140)
2129*LT's Crack Pipe20066*Bavaro's Bandits (129-131)
3123*DoCoMo's GIANT Meggetts20064*Bavaro's Bandits (123-129)
4120*Gifford`s Guru`s20069*LT's Crack Pipe (120-123)
5 (tie)118*Taylor Simms200613*Gifford`s Guru`s (118-133)
 118*G-Men Gettin' it Done200515*Bavaro's Bandits (118-131)
7115*G-Men Gettin' it Done20053*Coughlin's Comedy Crew (115-148)
8114*TD Homer Jones200512*G-Men Gettin' it Done (114-116)
9112*Burt's 64 Bums200512*DoCoMo's GIANT Meggetts (112-147)
10111*TD Homer Jones200515*DoCoMo's GIANT Meggetts (111-118)
Most Combined Points
1277*Bavaro's Bandits vs *DoCoMo's GIANT Meggetts (140-137)200612
2263*Coughlin's Comedy Crew vs *G-Men Gettin' it Done (148-115)20053
3260*Bavaro's Bandits vs *LT's Crack Pipe (131-129)20066
4259*DoCoMo's GIANT Meggetts vs *Burt's 64 Bums (147-112)200512
5257*TD Homer Jones vs *Coughlin's Comedy Crew (156-101)20056
6252*Bavaro's Bandits vs *DoCoMo's GIANT Meggetts (129-123)20064
7251*Gifford`s Guru`s vs *Taylor Simms (133-118)200613
8250*LT's Crack Pipe vs *Bavaro's Bandits (145-105)20054
9249*Bavaro's Bandits vs *G-Men Gettin' it Done (131-118)200515
10243*LT's Crack Pipe vs *Gifford`s Guru`s (123-120)20069
Fewest Combined Points
1113*Gifford`s Guru`s vs *West Haven 55 Reasons (66-47)200612
2117*Gifford`s Guru`s vs *LT's Crack Pipe (83-34)200510
3121*Gifford`s Guru`s vs *Coughlin's Comedy Crew (75-46)20059
4128*Taylor Simms vs *Blue Ghost (68-60)20051
5131*Gifford`s Guru`s vs *Taylor Simms (71-60)20057
6 (tie)133*Blue Ghost vs *Taylor Simms (83-50)20059
 133*Not A Toomer vs *Gifford`s Guru`s (83-50)20056
8134*TD Homer Jones vs *Not A Toomer (71-63)20065
9 (tie)135*Blue Ghost vs *DoCoMo's GIANT Meggetts (69-66)20061
 135*Burt's 64 Bums vs *West Haven 55 Reasons (78-57)20057
Victory Margin
185*TD Homer Jones20053*DoCoMo's GIANT Meggetts (148-63)
283*DoCoMo's GIANT Meggetts200614*TD Homer Jones (139-56)
3 (tie)82*LT's Crack Pipe20053*Blue Ghost (158-76)
 82*DoCoMo's GIANT Meggetts20068*Gifford`s Guru`s (147-65)
578*G-Men Gettin' it Done200510*Taylor Simms (119-41)
674*Bavaro's Bandits20058*Burt's 64 Bums (148-74)
769*Burt's 64 Bums20062*LT's Crack Pipe (138-69)
865*Bavaro's Bandits20067*Blue Ghost (108-43)
964*DoCoMo's GIANT Meggetts200511*LT's Crack Pipe (129-65)
10 (tie)60*Coughlin's Comedy Crew20065*Taylor Simms (107-47)
 60*Blue Ghost200512*Gifford`s Guru`s (121-61)
 60*LT's Crack Pipe200615*DoCoMo's GIANT Meggetts (137-77)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)2*Coughlin's Comedy Crew20052*LT's Crack Pipe (86-84)
 2*Blue Ghost20064*TD Homer Jones (87-85)
 2*G-Men Gettin' it Done200613*Coughlin's Comedy Crew (105-103)
 2*G-Men Gettin' it Done200512*TD Homer Jones (116-114)
 2*Bavaro's Bandits200611*G-Men Gettin' it Done (81-79)
 2*Bavaro's Bandits20066*LT's Crack Pipe (131-129)
 2*TD Homer Jones200610*Gifford`s Guru`s (103-101)
8 (tie)3*Blue Ghost20061*DoCoMo's GIANT Meggetts (69-66)
 3*LT's Crack Pipe20069*Gifford`s Guru`s (123-120)
 3*G-Men Gettin' it Done20068*West Haven 55 Reasons (98-95)
 3*Bavaro's Bandits200612*DoCoMo's GIANT Meggetts (140-137)
 3*TD Homer Jones20062*Coughlin's Comedy Crew (89-86)

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