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Great Lakes Power League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1199*UNCLE RICO20076
2196.95*MO MONEY200914
3196.9*Profio's Pros20079
4184.65*Green Bay Rules20069
5183.6*Young Guns20077
6179.65*Green Bay Rules20066
8176.7*Torsion Connect20073
9176.45*Sweet Peaches20088
10174.8*Torsion Connect200910
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10*MO MONEY20081
3 (tie)32*Untouchable Raiders199911
 32EZ Boys199612
634*Young Guns19996
835.5*Red Zone20105
1036.55*Green Bay Rules200012
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
139*Green Bay Rules19986Erie Dearies (39-37)
244Rambunctious199615Charging Rhinos (44-41)
3 (tie)48*Young Guns19977Erie Dearies (48-40)
 48*The Willies19996Charging Rhinos (48-39)
 48*Green Bay Rules19983*Profio's Pros (48-44)
 48*Untouchable Raiders199714*ASSASSINS (48-37)
7 (tie)49*Profio's Pros19977*BUSHWACKERS (49-42)
 49*BUSHWACKERS19996*Young Guns (49-34)
10 (tie)53*Profio's Pros19972Dominators (53-41)
 53*BUSHWACKERS199612EZ Boys (53-32)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1158.9I Know200812*DON'T KNOW (158.9-160.5)
2154.6*Big Dawgs20066*The Willies (154.6-160.2)
3153.35*Young Guns20088*Sweet Peaches (153.35-176.45)
4152.65*KingPin200912*The Willies (152.65-166.55)
5151.65*Private Fries20079*UNCLE RICO (151.65-173.95)
6148.65*Torsion Connect200712*Young Guns (148.65-149.85)
7146.8THE ANGRY BULLS20095*ManBearPig (146.8-148.2)
8146.6*SEVENS20105*Big Dawgs (146.6-147.75)
9145.35*SEVENS200912*Untouchable Raiders (145.35-145.55)
10143.85*SEVENS20079No Names (143.85-159.8)
Most Combined Points
1340.05*UNCLE RICO vs *Torsion Connect (199-141.05)20076
2329.8*Sweet Peaches vs *Young Guns (176.45-153.35)20088
3325.6*UNCLE RICO vs *Private Fries (173.95-151.65)20079
4319.4*DON'T KNOW vs I Know (160.5-158.9)200812
5319.2*The Willies vs *KingPin (166.55-152.65)200912
6314.8*The Willies vs *Big Dawgs (160.2-154.6)20066
7313.25*Torsion Connect vs *PHATHOGS V (176.7-136.55)20073
8312.15THE ANGRY BULLS vs Keep on Truckin' (169.55-142.6)200916
9306.6*SKULLS vs *MO MONEY (163.05-143.55)20063
10303.65No Names vs *SEVENS (159.8-143.85)20079
Fewest Combined Points
176*Green Bay Rules vs Erie Dearies (39-37)19986
283*BUSHWACKERS vs *Young Guns (49-34)19996
383.35*Torsion Connect vs *MO MONEY (83.35-0)20081
4 (tie)85*BUSHWACKERS vs EZ Boys (53-32)199612
 85Rambunctious vs Charging Rhinos (44-41)199615
 85*Untouchable Raiders vs *ASSASSINS (48-37)199714
787*The Willies vs Charging Rhinos (48-39)19996
888*Young Guns vs Erie Dearies (48-40)19977
991*Profio's Pros vs *BUSHWACKERS (49-42)19977
1092*Green Bay Rules vs *Profio's Pros (48-44)19983
Victory Margin
1110.8*Profio's Pros20079*SKULLS (196.9-86.1)
2100.95*MO MONEY200914*Private Fries (196.95-96)
398.15*Young Guns20077*ManBearPig (183.6-85.45)
495.2*Torsion Connect20099THE KARDIAC KIDS (166.35-71.15)
592*Profio's Pros199712THE ANGRY BULLS (132-40)
689.2Keep on Truckin'20099*KingPin (167.65-78.45)
788.75*SKULLS20104*Big Dawgs (152.85-64.1)
887.2*KingPin201011WTF (178.1-90.9)
986.2*Torsion Connect20037*Profio's Pros (147.45-61.25)
1085*Untouchable Raiders20086*Profio's Pros (146.9-61.9)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.10*Green Bay Rules20095*DON'T KNOW (121.45-121.35)
 0.10*Private Fries20092*Profio's Pros (107.85-107.75)
 0.10*ManBearPig20072*The Willies (128.7-128.6)
40.15THE REAL WILLIE20106*SEVENS (105.15-105)
5 (tie)0.20*Untouchable Raiders200014*Young Guns (90.75-90.55)
 0.20*Untouchable Raiders200912*SEVENS (145.55-145.35)
 0.20Personal Foul20023*BUSHWACKERS (85.35-85.15)
80.25*Torsion Connect20016*PHATHOGS V (65.3-65.05)
90.27*Red Zone20013Cheesy Poofs (77.9-77.63)
10 (tie)0.30*SKULLS20031THE ANGRY BULLS (74.25-73.95)
 0.30*Untouchable Raiders20089*The Willies (127.5-127.2)

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