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Rounders XV Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1119The Sucker201410
2117Scoring Drive200911
3115The Sucker20159
4114The Sucker201011
5108Los Angeles Follies201515
7102The Sucker201215
8101Fran and Drew20134
9 (tie)100Fran and Drew20131
 100High Society201214
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1-21Los Angeles Follies20084
2-17Giant Canes20149
3-15Giant Canes201116
4-12Stinky Face201310
5-11Stinky Face20138
6-8Giant Canes20118
7 (tie)-7Stinky Face20108
 -7Sounders FC20129
9 (tie)-6Fran and Drew201010
 -6Sounders FC201113
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
19Stinky Face201114Giant Canes (9-2)
211Stinky Face201415Scoring Drive (11-4)
314Stinky Face201313High Society (14-11)
416Fran and Drew200811Scoring Drive (16-8)
517Consumer Reports20093High Society (17-10)
6 (tie)19Übermensch20086Los Angeles Follies (19-14)
 19Los Angeles Follies201314Sounders FC (19-16)
 19Sounders FC201510Giant Canes (19-12)
9 (tie)20Giant Canes20115Sounders FC (20-2)
 20Los Angeles Follies200910Übermensch (20-1)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
189Fran and Drew201410The Sucker (89-119)
276Consumer Reports20138High Society (76-88)
372Consumer Reports20153High Society (72-89)
471Consumer Reports20086Fran and Drew (71-76)
5 (tie)68Stinky Face20145High Society (68-70)
 68The Sucker20119Giant Canes (68-76)
767Stinky Face200911OB Snails (67-68)
8 (tie)66High Society200916Scoring Drive (66-76)
 66The Sucker20102Fran and Drew (66-79)
1065Consumer Reports20158The Sucker (65-79)
Most Combined Points
1208The Sucker vs Fran and Drew (119-89)201410
2164High Society vs Consumer Reports (88-76)20138
3161High Society vs Consumer Reports (89-72)20153
4160Fran and Drew vs Consumer Reports (101-59)20134
5 (tie)156Fran and Drew vs The Sucker (100-56)20131
 156Übermensch vs Scoring Drive (107-49)201513
7150The Sucker vs High Society (90-60)201013
8149Los Angeles Follies vs Sounders FC (92-57)20157
9 (tie)147The Sucker vs Übermensch (96-51)201113
 147Fran and Drew vs Consumer Reports (76-71)20086
Fewest Combined Points
111Stinky Face vs Giant Canes (9-2)201114
215Stinky Face vs Scoring Drive (11-4)201415
316Übermensch vs Giant Canes (33--17)20149
421Los Angeles Follies vs Übermensch (20-1)200910
522Giant Canes vs Sounders FC (20-2)20115
6 (tie)23High Society vs Los Angeles Follies (44--21)20084
 23Consumer Reports vs Fran and Drew (22-1)20157
824Fran and Drew vs Scoring Drive (16-8)200811
925Stinky Face vs High Society (14-11)201313
1026Los Angeles Follies vs Giant Canes (34--8)20118
Victory Margin
1109Scoring Drive200911Fran and Drew (117-8)
2101Assman, You got that right20084Fran and Drew (99--2)
397The Sucker20159Stinky Face (115-18)
495Scoring Drive20138Stinky Face (84--11)
593The Sucker201215Fran and Drew (102-9)
691Consumer Reports201010The Sucker (94-3)
789The Sucker20115Übermensch (92-3)
8 (tie)86The Sucker201115Stinky Face (84--2)
 86The Sucker201011Stinky Face (114-28)
1085Übermensch201511Stinky Face (83--2)

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