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B's Gridiron Gurus Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1395.365QB Club 101200612
2382.995Vandelay Industries20067
3356.78The Gear Grinders20061
4353.13Spokane Shock20064
5343.395QB Club 10120064
6342.59The Territorial Army20062
7337.885QB Club 101200610
8334.585Vandelay Industries20069
9333.145Concord Spiders20063
10333.045QB Club 10120067
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10Concord Spiders200713
2102.9Kangs Gang20078
3116.8Kangs Gang20077
4117.1Kangs Gang200710
5120.2Boise Big Red20075
6126.69Boise Big Red200713
7127.883The Territorial Army20071
9142.3Kangs Gang20074
10142.667LA Stallions20076
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1147.1The Gear Grinders20078Kangs Gang (147.1-102.9)
2152.9QB Club 10120078Poochenpfeffer (152.9-140.1)
3155.05Spokane Shock20074Poochenpfeffer (155.05-147.15)
4156Boise Big Red20077Kangs Gang (156-116.8)
5159.767The Territorial Army20074Kangs Gang (159.767-142.3)
6170.429Mullet Hunters20076Kangs Gang (170.429-166.25)
7173.45Spokane Shock200715LA Stallions (173.45-144.1)
8 (tie)176.378Poochenpfeffer20075Concord Spiders (176.378-161.55)
 176.378Poochenpfeffer20075Boise Big Red (176.378-120.2)
10176.81Poochenpfeffer20077The Territorial Army (176.81-168.744)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1324.005Vandelay Industries20062The Territorial Army (324.005-342.59)
2320.865The Gear Grinders20067Vandelay Industries (320.865-382.995)
3298.9Spokane Shock20062QB Club 101 (298.9-313.89)
4296.69Mullet Hunters200614Vandelay Industries (296.69-311.015)
5291.405Spokane Shock200613QB Club 101 (291.405-320.02)
6288.53Vandelay Industries20066Poochenpfeffer (288.53-303.2)
7282.065Boise Big Red20069The Gear Grinders (282.065-284.16)
8281.8LA Stallions20067QB Club 101 (281.8-333.045)
9281.16Poochenpfeffer20068QB Club 101 (281.16-324.1)
10280.825Poochenpfeffer20063LA Stallions (280.825-305.59)
Most Combined Points
1703.86Vandelay Industries vs The Gear Grinders (382.995-320.865)20067
2666.6The Territorial Army vs Vandelay Industries (342.59-324.005)20062
3656.19QB Club 101 vs LA Stallions (395.365-260.825)200612
4651.5Vandelay Industries vs The Territorial Army (382.995-268.505)20067
5614.85QB Club 101 vs LA Stallions (333.045-281.8)20067
6612.79QB Club 101 vs Spokane Shock (313.89-298.9)20062
7611.68QB Club 101 vs Spokane Shock (333.045-278.63)20067
8611.43QB Club 101 vs Spokane Shock (320.02-291.405)200613
9611.02Spokane Shock vs Poochenpfeffer (353.13-257.89)20064
10607.71Vandelay Industries vs Mullet Hunters (311.015-296.69)200614
Fewest Combined Points
1226.32Kangs Gang vs Concord Spiders (226.317-0)200713
2250The Gear Grinders vs Kangs Gang (147.1-102.9)20078
3272.8Boise Big Red vs Kangs Gang (156-116.8)20077
4293QB Club 101 vs Poochenpfeffer (152.9-140.1)20078
5296.58Poochenpfeffer vs Boise Big Red (176.378-120.2)20075
6302.07The Territorial Army vs Kangs Gang (159.767-142.3)20074
7302.2Spokane Shock vs Poochenpfeffer (155.05-147.15)20074
8317.55Spokane Shock vs LA Stallions (173.45-144.1)200715
9325.64Spokane Shock vs LA Stallions (182.97-142.667)20076
10332.25Vandelay Industries vs Boise Big Red (212.05-120.2)20075
Victory Margin
1226.32Kangs Gang200713Concord Spiders (226.317-0)
2181.43The Gear Grinders20061The Territorial Army (356.78-175.355)
3157.55QB Club 10120064Vandelay Industries (343.395-185.845)
4155.15QB Club 101200611Boise Big Red (320.26-165.11)
5135.69Mullet Hunters20063Iroquois Bay Snapping Turtles (301.955-166.265)
6134.54QB Club 101200612LA Stallions (395.365-260.825)
7131.25Spokane Shock20062Iroquois Bay Snapping Turtles (298.9-167.65)
8128.46Mullet Hunters200713Boise Big Red (255.15-126.69)
9127.73Kangs Gang200612Boise Big Red (318.905-191.175)
10117.36The Territorial Army20062Poochenpfeffer (342.59-225.23)
Least Victory Margin
10.03Concord Spiders20065Poochenpfeffer (227.29-227.26)
20.92The Territorial Army200715Concord Spiders (219.87-218.95)
30.95The Gear Grinders20075Spokane Shock (234.3-233.35)
40.97Concord Spiders20072Kangs Gang (242.05-241.08)
51.23The Gear Grinders20066The Territorial Army (226.425-225.2)
62.10The Gear Grinders20069Boise Big Red (284.16-282.065)
72.75The Gear Grinders200615Boise Big Red (251.315-248.565)
82.85Spokane Shock20071LA Stallions (186.9-184.05)
93.23The Territorial Army200712Poochenpfeffer (203.15-199.92)
103.57QB Club 101200716Vandelay Industries (223.8-220.23)

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