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GLFFL Champions League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1168.45*Capital City Cowboys200711
3163.6*Two Time Wolf Champion20082
4162.95*Sin City Tattoos20072
5161.2*James Gang200810
6160.55*Ultimate Annihilator20073
7158.3*Young Guns200310
8156.85*Sin City Tattoos20073
9155.85*Young Guns20038
10155.8*Fat guy in a little coat (Paul Brown)20067
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
233.8*THE CHAMPION CATS x 220068
340.5*Prey for Mercy200810
441.7ALL FAULKED' UP200810
542.5*THE CHAMPION CATS x 220058
646.7*Hold The Relish20086
746.85*Mutt Cutts20032
847.1THE PATRIOT20046
947.5Hail to the Redskins (SPACE AVAILABLE)20049
1048.1*Joshua Few200611
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
159.3Pocket Aces20045*THE CHAMPION CATS x 2 (59.3-54.8)
262.25Pocket Aces20046The Brown Dog (62.25-54.6)
363.6*Sidney Dragons20057*BrownsROCK (63.6-52.2)
464.9*Capital City Cowboys20086*Prey for Mercy (64.9-64.6)
569.1ALL FAULKED' UP20078*Secret Squirrel (69.1-64.05)
669.45*Young Guns20051*IRISH (69.45-67.75)
771.4*James Gang20083*Pismo Penetrator's (71.4-63.85)
871.7*Hoosier Daddy20044*Young Guns (71.7-59.65)
972.55*The Rat Pack20065*Champion Annihilator (Sup 5, Classic 6, Mich 9, Huron 1) (72.55-64.85)
1073.35*IRISH200510*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads (73.35-65)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1149.8*Untouchables (Superior 4 Champs)20072*Sin City Tattoos (149.8-162.95)
2147.35*Mutt Cutts200310*Young Guns (147.35-158.3)
3142.7*Spider Roll20073Superior 3 KATs R SUPERIOR (SPACE AVAILABLE) (142.7-145)
4133.35*Ultimate Annihilator200710*Ed Powers Is My Hero (133.35-135.95)
5131.5Upstate SacTech200813*James Gang (131.5-139.65)
6129.8*Smackdown20072*THE CHAMPION CATS x 2 (129.8-153.7)
7128.3*Mutt Cutts20053*The Rat Pack (128.3-135.1)
8 (tie)127.6*Fat guy in a little coat (Paul Brown)200616*The Rat Pack (127.6-135.05)
 127.6*Fat guy in a little coat (Paul Brown)200617*The Rat Pack (127.6-135.05)
10126.55ALL FAULKED' UP200413Hail to the Redskins (SPACE AVAILABLE) (126.55-135.85)
Most Combined Points
1312.75*Sin City Tattoos vs *Untouchables (Superior 4 Champs) (162.95-149.8)20072
2305.65*Young Guns vs *Mutt Cutts (158.3-147.35)200310
3289.6*Capital City Cowboys vs *Secret Squirrel (168.45-121.15)200711
4287.7Superior 3 KATs R SUPERIOR (SPACE AVAILABLE) vs *Spider Roll (145-142.7)20073
5283.5*THE CHAMPION CATS x 2 vs *Smackdown (153.7-129.8)20072
6276.1*Sin City Tattoos vs *Dirty Richards (156.85-119.25)20073
7274.75JMP vs team 4 sale:contact Commish (168.2-106.55)200314
8274.4*Young Guns vs *Beach Bums (155.4-119)200315
9271.2*Ultimate Annihilator vs *Smackdown (160.55-110.65)20073
10271.15*James Gang vs Upstate SacTech (139.65-131.5)200813
Fewest Combined Points
1107.15*Spider Roll vs *Playaction (81.45-25.7)20079
2109.9*Untouchables (Superior 4 Champs) vs *THE CHAMPION CATS x 2 (76.1-33.8)20068
3114.1Pocket Aces vs *THE CHAMPION CATS x 2 (59.3-54.8)20045
4115.8*Sidney Dragons vs *BrownsROCK (63.6-52.2)20057
5116.85Pocket Aces vs The Brown Dog (62.25-54.6)20046
6124.7*THE CHAMPION CATS x 2 vs *Joshua Few (76.6-48.1)200611
7125.45*THE CHAMPION CATS x 2 vs *Champion Annihilator (Sup 5, Classic 6, Mich 9, Huron 1) (75-50.45)20061
8126.6*Mutt Cutts vs *THE CHAMPION CATS x 2 (84.1-42.5)20058
9128.1*Beach Bums vs Enforcer (74.9-53.2)200310
10129.5*Capital City Cowboys vs *Prey for Mercy (64.9-64.6)20086
Victory Margin
196.6*James Gang200810Upstate SacTech (161.2-64.6)
295.3*Young Guns20038JMP (155.85-60.55)
387.55THE PATRIOT200413The Brown Dog (145.35-57.8)
486.3*Two Time Wolf Champion20082*BrownsROCK (163.6-77.3)
586.2ALL FAULKED' UP200310JD's Juggernaut (140.45-54.25)
6 (tie)83.7*Fat guy in a little coat (Paul Brown)20067*Champion Annihilator (Sup 5, Classic 6, Mich 9, Huron 1) (155.8-72.1)
 83.7*Everyone's Whipping Boy200810*Prey for Mercy (124.2-40.5)
882*Untouchables (Superior 4 Champs)20073*The Rat Pack (152.25-70.25)
979.15*DoCoMo20085*Dirty Richards (142.4-63.25)
1076.5*WCOFF Champ20066*FastFish Pat and Ron (128.2-51.7)
Least Victory Margin
10.05The Brown Dog20042*Young Guns (94.2-94.15)
20.15Hail to the Redskins (SPACE AVAILABLE)20048*Hoosier Daddy (97.05-96.9)
30.25*Young Guns20088*DoCoMo (98.5-98.25)
4 (tie)0.30*SteamRollers20067The Brown Dog (102.05-101.75)
 0.30*Capital City Cowboys20086*Prey for Mercy (64.9-64.6)
60.40*DoCoMo200511*The Rat Pack (93-92.6)
70.45*THE CHAMPION CATS x 2200412*Hoosier Daddy (121.45-121)
8 (tie)0.55*Mutt Cutts20039team 4 sale:contact Commish (94.2-93.65)
 0.55Long Shots20056*The Rat Pack (97.6-97.05)
 0.55TANTRUM20041*THE CHAMPION CATS x 2 (90.5-89.95)

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