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Fat, Drunk and Stupid FFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2220.42Rory's Fury201811
3219.68Playoff Donkeys20148
4217Duke Domination20113
6213Ashburn Fight Club Chapter President201216
7211.76Maryland Madness20184
8211.42Water Rats20153
10208.6The Motor City Kitties20141
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
140.58Tebow Love Child20139
344Banana's Bunch201113
446Tennessee Seat Slingers201014
549Chigger Mafia201010
649.26Cosmo's Crew201511
8 (tie)54Renegades20094
 54Red Comrades20119
1055Banana's Bunch20113
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
168Chigger Mafia20117Cosmo's Crew (68-66)
270Raptors20109SO-CAL Thunda (70-58)
3 (tie)77Poner201113Captain Nemo (77-74)
 77Captain Nemo20116KGB Agents (77-73)
579.04Buck Wild Roosters201310Tebow Love Child (79.04-65.3)
681Schmidts and Giggles201111Red Comrades (81-61)
781.46Ashburn Fight Club Chapter President201910Water Rats (81.46-78.72)
882Ashburn Fight Club Chapter President20106Buck Wild Roosters (82-67)
983.88Offensive Lyonmen201912Rory's Fury (83.88-58.24)
1083.92Maryland Madness20177Raptors (83.92-72.06)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1178.3Renegades20216Hail To The Chef (178.3-190.92)
2178.02Rusty Hammer201912Renegades (178.02-216.36)
3175.64M-Dogg20217Team Jackson (175.64-190.44)
4175Chigger Mafia201216Ashburn Fight Club Chapter President (175-213)
5172.68Raptors20202Baby Fumblers (172.68-183.82)
6172.58Playoff Donkeys20215Tua Girls, One Kupp (172.58-177.88)
7171.68Chopping Block20153Rusty Hammer (171.68-194.1)
8171.34Gridiron Guru201810The Motor City Kitties (171.34-171.44)
9171.16Schmidts and Giggles20159West 4th & Goal (171.16-172.78)
10170West 4th & Goal20148Renegades (170-176.56)
Most Combined Points
1409.14Gilmanators vs Poner (253.34-155.8)20148
2394.38Renegades vs Rusty Hammer (216.36-178.02)201912
3388Ashburn Fight Club Chapter President vs Chigger Mafia (213-175)201216
4369.22Hail To The Chef vs Renegades (190.92-178.3)20216
5366.08Team Jackson vs M-Dogg (190.44-175.64)20217
6365.9Schmidts and Giggles vs Ashburn Fight Club Chapter President (196.14-169.76)20212
7365.78Rusty Hammer vs Chopping Block (194.1-171.68)20153
8363.1250,000 Watts of Funkin' vs Buck Wild Roosters (204.22-158.9)201812
9361.68Rusty Hammer vs Hail To The Chef (205.36-156.32)201910
10360.74Maryland Madness vs Water Rats (211.76-148.98)20184
Fewest Combined Points
1128Raptors vs SO-CAL Thunda (70-58)20109
2 (tie)134Chigger Mafia vs Cosmo's Crew (68-66)20117
 134Red Comrades vs Banana's Bunch (90-44)201113
4142Schmidts and Giggles vs Red Comrades (81-61)201111
5142.12Offensive Lyonmen vs Rory's Fury (83.88-58.24)201912
6144.34Buck Wild Roosters vs Tebow Love Child (79.04-65.3)201310
7145KGB Agents vs Gladiator (88-57)20104
8146Gilmanators vs Gladiator (105-41)20102
9 (tie)149Biohazard vs Banana's Bunch (94-55)20113
 149Ashburn Fight Club Chapter President vs Buck Wild Roosters (82-67)20106
Victory Margin
1124.66Offensive Lyonmen20209M-Dogg (197.22-72.56)
2123.42Playoff Donkeys20148Ashburn Fight Club Chapter President (219.68-96.26)
3123.02Cosmo's Crew20198Buck Wild Roosters (197.76-74.74)
4122Banana's Bunch201010Chigger Mafia (171-49)
5121.9Playoff Donkeys201614Rusty Hammer (197.58-75.68)
6121.58I Touchdown There20139Tebow Love Child (162.16-40.58)
7111.56Water Rats20153Gladiator (211.42-99.86)
8107.58Renegades2020350,000 Watts of Funkin' (206.2-98.62)
9107.28Offensive Lyonmen20193Team Jackson (167.34-60.06)
10 (tie)107Cosmo's Crew20094Captain Nemo (184-77)
 107Ashburn Fight Club Chapter President20125Water Rats (189-82)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.06Poner20171Water Rats (109.94-109.88)
 0.06Rusty Hammer201916Offensive Lyonmen (146.22-146.16)
30.10The Motor City Kitties201810Gridiron Guru (171.44-171.34)
40.12Return of the Moosemen20216Raptors (119.92-119.8)
50.16Rusty Hammer20188Raptors (133.98-133.82)
6 (tie)0.20Ashburn Fight Club Chapter President201315Buck Wild Roosters (156.52-156.32)
 0.20I Touchdown There201410Duke Domination (128.78-128.58)
80.22Hail To The Chef201816Cosmo's Crew (140.94-140.72)
90.24Ashburn Fight Club Chapter President20154I Touchdown There (125.76-125.52)
100.26Buck Wild Roosters20136Water Rats (122.18-121.92)

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