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Blue Ballers Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1196.8The ManBearPigs201715
2193.1MONEY TREE$20169
3192.6The Gimps20184
4186.1The ManBearPigs20161
5185.1Let’s Gooooo201712
6184.55Phil Dem TDs201816
7182.7Phil Dem TDs20184
8181.4Team Joan St. Judge20163
9180.3Phil Dem TDs20161
10176.7Phil Dem TDs201714
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
139The Gimps20165
242.3Team Joan St. Judge201812
351.2Team Bordelon20178
459.4Team Bordelon20179
561.75Team Joan St. Judge201814
662.5The ManBearPigs201512
763.5Team Bordelon20177
863.8Phil Dem TDs201615
965.7The ManBearPigs20173
1066.8The ManBearPigs20167
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
171The Gimps20167The ManBearPigs (71-66.8)
277.4Rusty Kunts201815Pimpin’ ain’t breezy (77.4-72.25)
382.8Team Bordelon201710Nexbudo (82.8-75.9)
484.6Team Joan St. Judge20164Brees Nutz (84.6-77)
590.6Phil Dem TDs201611The ManBearPigs (90.6-87.6)
691Let’s Gooooo201511Pimpin’ ain’t breezy (91-74.9)
792.7Team Joan St. Judge201511Phil Dem TDs (92.7-84.8)
8 (tie)92.9Brees Nutz20174The ManBearPigs (92.9-77.3)
 92.9Team Joan St. Judge20178Team Bordelon (92.9-51.2)
1095.6Team Firmin20154Team Joan St. Judge (95.6-93.3)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1159.5Pimpin’ ain’t breezy 201810Brees Nutz (159.5-166.55)
2159.4Alice Street Thugz201714Phil Dem TDs (159.4-176.7)
3157.1MONEY TREE$201516Brees Nutz (157.1-168.8)
4152.3Franchise 720188The ManBearPigs (152.3-156.65)
5151.4The ManBearPigs20164MONEY TREE$ (151.4-160.6)
6149.5Alice Street Thugz20186Phil Dem TDs (149.5-154.95)
7146.5Brees Nutz201513Phil Dem TDs (146.5-147.5)
8144.45Team Joan St. Judge20184Phil Dem TDs (144.45-182.7)
9141.8The ManBearPigs20169Team Joan St. Judge (141.8-153)
10140.7Alice Street Thugz20153Team Joan St. Judge (140.7-169.6)
Most Combined Points
1336.5The ManBearPigs vs Let’s Gooooo (196.8-139.7)201715
2336.1Phil Dem TDs vs Alice Street Thugz (176.7-159.4)201714
3327.15Phil Dem TDs vs Team Joan St. Judge (182.7-144.45)20184
4326.05Brees Nutz vs Pimpin’ ain’t breezy (166.55-159.5)201810
5325.9Brees Nutz vs MONEY TREE$ (168.8-157.1)201516
6315.3MONEY TREE$ vs Franchise 7 (193.1-122.2)20169
7312MONEY TREE$ vs The ManBearPigs (160.6-151.4)20164
8310.3Team Joan St. Judge vs Alice Street Thugz (169.6-140.7)20153
9308.95The ManBearPigs vs Franchise 7 (156.65-152.3)20188
10307The ManBearPigs vs Alice Street Thugz (186.1-120.9)20161
Fewest Combined Points
1137.8The Gimps vs The ManBearPigs (71-66.8)20167
2144.1Team Joan St. Judge vs Team Bordelon (92.9-51.2)20178
3149.65Rusty Kunts vs Pimpin’ ain’t breezy (77.4-72.25)201815
4158.7Team Bordelon vs Nexbudo (82.8-75.9)201710
5161.6Team Joan St. Judge vs Brees Nutz (84.6-77)20164
6163.1MONEY TREE$ vs Phil Dem TDs (99.3-63.8)201615
7165.9Let’s Gooooo vs Pimpin’ ain’t breezy (91-74.9)201511
8167.4Franchise 7 vs The Gimps (128.4-39)20165
9170.2Brees Nutz vs The ManBearPigs (92.9-77.3)20174
10170.3The ManBearPigs vs Brees Nutz (100.1-70.2)20163
Victory Margin
1108.55Rusty Kunts201812Team Joan St. Judge (150.85-42.3)
2104.25Let’s Gooooo201810Team Joan St. Judge (171.3-67.05)
3100.7Phil Dem TDs20161Brees Nutz (180.3-79.6)
499.7Let’s Gooooo201712Nexbudo (185.1-85.4)
598.1The Gimps20184Rusty Kunts (192.6-94.5)
695.2Let’s Gooooo201612The Gimps (167.1-71.9)
791.4Phil Dem TDs20185Rusty Kunts (172.85-81.45)
889.4Franchise 720165The Gimps (128.4-39)
984.35Phil Dem TDs201816Brees Nutz (184.55-100.2)
1083.2Team Davenport201513MONEY TREE$ (163.9-80.7)
Least Victory Margin
10.20The Gimps201712MONEY TREE$ (130.6-130.4)
20.40The Gimps20166Alice Street Thugz (96.4-96)
30.60Team Joan St. Judge20158Let’s Gooooo (129.2-128.6)
40.90Team Davenport201512Pimpin’ ain’t breezy (114-113.1)
5 (tie)1Brees Nutz20176Team Bordelon (101.8-100.8)
 1Phil Dem TDs201513Brees Nutz (147.5-146.5)
71.20MONEY TREE$201713Team Bordelon (95.8-94.6)
81.30Alice Street Thugz20184The ManBearPigs (135.6-134.3)
91.40The ManBearPigs201711Alice Street Thugz (129-127.6)
101.70Team Davenport20159Team Firmin (132.8-131.1)

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