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Chase Fantasy Football League 2016 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1206.99Gateway City Blues201414
2201.6Asian Sensation20138
4191Sweaty Salty Grundles201214
5188Asian Sensation200914
6187.3Big K Krunch20131
8185.85Steel City Knights20134
9185Gateway City Blues20008
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
2 (tie)23Starkeys Stars20016
 23Rocking K Renegades19996
4 (tie)24Malcontents20036
 24Cleveland Browns19991
6 (tie)26Malcontents200316
 26Giggling Marlins19994
10 (tie)29Hed-Bangers199913
 29Steel City Knights20033
 29Cleveland Browns19992
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
138Malcontents19992Bonecrushers (38-32)
239Rocking K Renegades19997Cleveland Browns (39-36)
340Slidell Seminoles199914Mikeys Mad Hornets (40-31)
443Slidell Seminoles19993Hed-Bangers (43-39)
544Malcontents19996Cleveland Browns (44-35)
646Mikeys Mad Hornets19997Hed-Bangers (46-35)
7 (tie)47Malcontents19993The Cincy Kid (47-47) TB
 47Malcontents19994Giggling Marlins (47-26)
948Dust Devils199913Hed-Bangers (48-29)
1049Cleveland Browns199911Bonecrushers (49-14)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1156Malcontents20097The Cincy Kid (156-169)
2153Fighting Sheboinkins200413Hed-Bangers (153-159)
3149.3Rock and Roll Tide201316Big K Krunch (149.3-158.5)
4147.9Steel City Knights201515Fed-Skins (147.9-157.38)
5147Big K Krunch20043The Cincy Kid (147-149)
6146.96Fed-Skins20158Sweaty Salty Grundles (146.96-159.8)
7146The Cincy Kid201013Shake-N-Bake (146-149)
8145.55Sweaty Salty Grundles20132Rock and Roll Tide (145.55-146.6)
9145.35Asian Sensation20133Steel City Knights (145.35-151.3)
10144.75Gateway City Blues201412Rock and Roll Tide (144.75-152.05)
Most Combined Points
1331.65Shake-N-Bake vs Scat Dad Stampede (197.9-133.75)20148
2325The Cincy Kid vs Malcontents (169-156)20097
3319Asian Sensation vs Malcontents (188-131)200914
4318Sweaty Salty Grundles vs Mountain Lions (180-138)20112
5315Hed-Bangers vs Sweaty Salty Grundles (172-143)201011
6312Hed-Bangers vs Fighting Sheboinkins (159-153)200413
7308Hed-Bangers vs Scat Dad Stampede (177-131)200210
8307.8Big K Krunch vs Rock and Roll Tide (158.5-149.3)201316
9306.76Sweaty Salty Grundles vs Fed-Skins (159.8-146.96)20158
10306.05Big K Krunch vs Rock and Roll Tide (162.4-143.65)201413
Fewest Combined Points
163Cleveland Browns vs Bonecrushers (49-14)199911
270Malcontents vs Bonecrushers (38-32)19992
371Slidell Seminoles vs Mikeys Mad Hornets (40-31)199914
473Malcontents vs Giggling Marlins (47-26)19994
575Rocking K Renegades vs Cleveland Browns (39-36)19997
676Cardiac Kids vs Malcontents (50-26)200316
777Dust Devils vs Hed-Bangers (48-29)199913
879Malcontents vs Cleveland Browns (44-35)19996
981Mikeys Mad Hornets vs Hed-Bangers (46-35)19997
10 (tie)82Slidell Seminoles vs Hed-Bangers (43-39)19993
 82Hed-Bangers vs Dust Devils (51-31)19996
Victory Margin
1131.41Gateway City Blues201414Big K Krunch (206.99-75.58)
2126The Cincy Kid200310SlapNuts (176-50)
3119Sweaty Salty Grundles201214Hed-Bangers (191-72)
4118.99The Cincy Kid201614Fed-Skins (170.95-51.96)
5116Gateway City Blues20008Rories Rednecks (185-69)
6109.9Asian Sensation20138Scat Dad Stampede (201.6-91.7)
7108Shockers9120053Scat Dad Stampede (183-75)
8 (tie)100Hed-Bangers201215Rock and Roll Tide (162-62)
 100Steel City Knights200510Scat Dad Stampede (153-53)
1098Shake-N-Bake201112Sweaty Salty Grundles (177-79)
Least Victory Margin
10.35Rock and Roll Tide20162Asian Sensation (120.4-120.05)
2 (tie)0.45Fed-Skins20147Asian Sensation (79.4-78.95)
 0.45The Cincy Kid20167Gateway City Blues (104.2-103.75)
40.63Hed-Bangers20166Big K Krunch (133.4-132.77)
50.75Hed-Bangers20136Steel City Knights (101.7-100.95)
60.78Sweaty Salty Grundles201410Rock and Roll Tide (124.28-123.5)
70.85Fed-Skins201311Sweaty Salty Grundles (118.3-117.45)
8 (tie)0.90Scat Dad Stampede201510Big K Krunch (110.2-109.3)
 0.90Shake-N-Bake201312Asian Sensation (131.75-130.85)
10 (tie)1Hed-Bangers20041Malcontents (98-97)
 1Hed-Bangers200812Shockers91 (106-105)
 1Hed-Bangers200110Mikeys Mad Hornets (117-116)
 1Gateway City Blues200615Steel City Knights (56-55)
 1Gateway City Blues20005Starkeys Stars (93-92)
 1Big K Krunch20028Hed-Bangers (75-74)
 1Big K Krunch20038Hed-Bangers (101-100)
 1Big K Krunch20101Gateway City Blues (103-102)
 1Fed-Skins20038Fighting Sheboinkins (107-106)
 1Steel City Knights200611Scat Dad Stampede (56-55)
 1Mountain Lions200910Sweaty Salty Grundles (110-109)
 1Sweaty Salty Grundles20103Gateway City Blues (99-98)
 1Slidell Seminoles200314Big K Krunch (92-91)
 1Slidell Seminoles20047Steel City Knights (102-101)
 1Slidell Seminoles200011Gateway City Blues (104-103)
 1RailDogs200510Fighting Sheboinkins (90-89)
 1Fighting Sheboinkins20021Fed-Skins (119-118)
 1Mikeys Mad Hornets200011Starkeys Stars (93-92)
 1Starkeys Stars20009The Cincy Kid (82-81)
 1Dust Devils19994Slidell Seminoles (77-76)

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