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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1190.75The MIZFITS201810
2182.5Blue 32200714
3180.5The Green Hell200813
4180Blue 32200711
5 (tie)178C-City Boston201211
 178C-City Boston201515
7177.25Badger Pride201910
8176.65The MIZFITS20197
9 (tie)176CRPIZE20148
 176Bobby FC20114
 176C-City Boston20096
 176C-City Boston20148
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
125The Green Hell201511
227.4The NWO20178
333.2Birds of Prey20178
436The Green Hell201211
537MIA Boys201510
638Squash Nickers201212
738.5The Brotherz Mendez20138
8 (tie)39Freelancers20076
 39Birds of Prey20128
1040.4The NWO20177
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
157The Green Hell20078The MIZFITS (57-49)
257.5Freelancers201411Birds of Prey (57.5-41.5)
358Ultimate Warriors20159Birds of Prey (58-47)
462.5Squash Nickers201613The NWO (62.5-58.5)
564The Brotherz Mendez201611Freelancers (64-59)
666.5The Green Hell201412Jew Tang Clan (66.5-50)
767Jew Tang Clan201413The MIZFITS (67-62)
8 (tie)68.5Blue 3220149Ultimate Warriors (68.5-58.5)
 68.5The MIZFITS20148Ultimate Warriors (68.5-65)
1069.5The Brotherz Mendez20147The MIZFITS (69.5-69)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1160.5Bobby FC20079The NWO (160.5-165.5)
2152.5The Brotherz Mendez20193Ultimate Warriors (152.5-161.8)
3 (tie)146PrimeTime20076Blue 32 (146-168.5)
 146C-City Boston20124Squash Nickers (146-153.5)
5145.8Bobby FC201915The Brotherz Mendez (145.8-159.45)
6141The MIZFITS20072Birds of Prey (141-153.5)
7 (tie)140.5PrimeTime201212CRPIZE (140.5-154.5)
 140.5C-City Boston20139The MIZFITS (140.5-146)
9 (tie)140Birds of Prey200612PrimeTime (140-155)
 140The NWO201414PrimeTime (140-169.5)
Most Combined Points
1326The NWO vs Bobby FC (165.5-160.5)20079
2324.05The MIZFITS vs Freelancers (190.75-133.3)201810
3314.5Blue 32 vs PrimeTime (168.5-146)20076
4314.3Ultimate Warriors vs The Brotherz Mendez (161.8-152.5)20193
5309.5PrimeTime vs The NWO (169.5-140)201414
6305.25The Brotherz Mendez vs Bobby FC (159.45-145.8)201915
7302C-City Boston vs Squash Nickers (176-126)20148
8301C-City Boston vs The Brotherz Mendez (178-123)201515
9299.5Squash Nickers vs C-City Boston (153.5-146)20124
10298.5Blue 32 vs The Brotherz Mendez (162-136.5)20153
Fewest Combined Points
199Freelancers vs Birds of Prey (57.5-41.5)201411
2105Ultimate Warriors vs Birds of Prey (58-47)20159
3106The Green Hell vs The MIZFITS (57-49)20078
4116.5The Green Hell vs Jew Tang Clan (66.5-50)201412
5119.5Jew Tang Clan vs The NWO (70-49.5)20169
6121Squash Nickers vs The NWO (62.5-58.5)201613
7122C-City Boston vs Jew Tang Clan (73.5-48.5)201612
8 (tie)123Ultimate Warriors vs MIA Boys (61.5-61.5)20147
 123Badger Pride vs The MIZFITS (70-53)20149
 123The Brotherz Mendez vs Freelancers (64-59)201611
Victory Margin
1104The NWO20076Badger Pride (151-47)
2102.5C-City Boston20151The Green Hell (175-72.5)
3 (tie)95Badger Pride20105PrimeTime (167.5-72.5)
 95PrimeTime20144Freelancers (147.5-52.5)
591PrimeTime201413Ultimate Warriors (133.5-42.5)
690.5The Brotherz Mendez201512Birds of Prey (148-57.5)
790Bobby FC20158PrimeTime (141.5-51.5)
889.5The MIZFITS20076Freelancers (128.5-39)
989.4The Brotherz Mendez20178Birds of Prey (122.6-33.2)
1089The MIZFITS201511The Green Hell (114-25)
Least Victory Margin
10.25Ultimate Warriors201813Blue 32 (128-127.75)
20.35C-City Boston201910PrimeTime (98.45-98.1)
30.40The Green Hell20199CRPIZE (130.95-130.55)
4 (tie)0.50Badger Pride20155Squash Nickers (90.5-90)
 0.50Badger Pride20128MIA Boys (93-92.5)
 0.50PrimeTime20111The Green Hell (100.5-100)
 0.50PrimeTime200615CRPIZE (108.5-108)
 0.50The Brotherz Mendez20147The MIZFITS (69.5-69)
 0.50The Brotherz Mendez20176The MIZFITS (100.3-99.8)
 0.50Birds of Prey20132Bobby FC (91.5-91)
 0.50Birds of Prey20156PrimeTime (109.5-109)
 0.50CRPIZE20152Badger Pride (109.5-109)
 0.50MIA Boys201110Ultimate Warriors (121.5-121)
 0.50Bobby FC20146Jew Tang Clan (96.5-96)
 0.50Bobby FC20128The Green Hell (100-99.5)
 0.50Jew Tang Clan20123Freelancers (102-101.5)
 0.50The MIZFITS201014C-City Boston (106.5-106)
 0.50The MIZFITS20124Bobby FC (111.5-111)
 0.50The NWO201213Freelancers (110-109.5)

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