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DFFL2k12 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1230.1The Bullies200911
2218.98Steve from Cincinnati20097
3214.58Spurs on Water20112
4214.36Idaho Pigskin Predators20091
5213.12Yuma Maulers20113
6210.66Stanley Cup Or Bust20096
7210.19Idaho Pigskin Predators20083
8206.57Graham Crackers20124
9206.51Lavender Leviathans200713
10202.81Lavender Leviathans20123
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
151.9Knights of Jersey20117
270.45Team Name200810
370.72TD's N Beer20123
476.7fighting albinos20081
577.51Knights of Jersey20098
679.58Steve from Cincinnati20078
780.92Team Name201111
881.78The Bullies201112
983.74Pirates Tide20115
1083.8Team Name200813
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
191.54Yuma Maulers200710Steve from Cincinnati (91.54-90.57)
294.65TD's N Beer20117Pirates Tide (94.65-93.61)
3102.45Bonesaw200713Steve from Cincinnati (102.45-102.15)
4102.97Team Name20109Yuma Maulers (102.97-93.38)
5105.84McAuliffe BBB20077Bonesaw (105.84-100.67)
6106.62Berga Rodents20079Knights of Jersey (106.62-90.7)
7106.81Team Name200911Roadkill (106.81-95.12)
8108.58Big Dawgs20091Steve from Cincinnati (108.58-100.5)
9109.23Shock and Awe20093fighting albinos (109.23-103)
10109.59Knights of Jersey20106Berga Rodents (109.59-105.62)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1202.21Yuma Maulers20112Spurs on Water (202.21-214.58)
2182.58Shock and Awe20114Graham Crackers (182.58-188.56)
3182.44Stanley Cup Or Bust200713Flying PigWrens (182.44-199.34)
4177.26Yuma Maulers20106Idaho Pigskin Predators (177.26-181.59)
5176.34Shock and Awe20124Idaho Pigskin Predators (176.34-189.38)
6175.6Pirates Tide200815Stanley Cup Or Bust (175.6-187.58)
7172.92Knights of Jersey20113Graham Crackers (172.92-189.68)
8172.31Steve from Cincinnati200911Bonesaw (172.31-182.78)
9168.06Flying PigWrens20076Lavender Leviathans (168.06-169.25)
10167.66fighting albinos201011The Bullies (167.66-179.13)
Most Combined Points
1416.79Spurs on Water vs Yuma Maulers (214.58-202.21)20112
2381.78Flying PigWrens vs Stanley Cup Or Bust (199.34-182.44)200713
3371.14Graham Crackers vs Shock and Awe (188.56-182.58)20114
4365.72Idaho Pigskin Predators vs Shock and Awe (189.38-176.34)20124
5363.32Stanley Cup Or Bust vs Shock and Awe (210.66-152.66)20096
6363.18Stanley Cup Or Bust vs Pirates Tide (187.58-175.6)200815
7362.6Graham Crackers vs Knights of Jersey (189.68-172.92)20113
8362.55Lavender Leviathans vs The Bullies (206.51-156.04)200713
9360.28The Bullies vs Lavender Leviathans (230.1-130.18)200911
10359.67Idaho Pigskin Predators vs The Bullies (197.95-161.72)201015
Fewest Combined Points
1171.26Lavender Leviathans vs Knights of Jersey (119.36-51.9)20117
2182.11Yuma Maulers vs Steve from Cincinnati (91.54-90.57)200710
3188.26TD's N Beer vs Pirates Tide (94.65-93.61)20117
4191.66Team Name vs Steve from Cincinnati (112.08-79.58)20078
5196.35Team Name vs Yuma Maulers (102.97-93.38)20109
6197.32Berga Rodents vs Knights of Jersey (106.62-90.7)20079
7197.82The Bullies vs Yuma Maulers (113.46-84.36)20108
8198.84Berga Rodents vs fighting albinos (111.1-87.74)20095
9201.93Team Name vs Roadkill (106.81-95.12)200911
10204.6Bonesaw vs Steve from Cincinnati (102.45-102.15)200713
Victory Margin
1123.95Big Dawgs20123TD's N Beer (194.67-70.72)
2107.12Bonesaw200810Team Name (177.57-70.45)
399.92The Bullies200911Lavender Leviathans (230.1-130.18)
499.44Steve from Cincinnati20097Berga Rodents (218.98-119.54)
599.32Idaho Pigskin Predators20128Stanley Cup Or Bust (185.12-85.8)
698.81Idaho Pigskin Predators20081Team Name (192.29-93.48)
798.17Graham Crackers20124Lavender Leviathans (206.57-108.4)
896.07Lavender Leviathans20074Roadkill (184.71-88.64)
995.64Shock and Awe200713Suckmyvick (188.68-93.04)
1094.32Lavender Leviathans20125Yuma Maulers (199.1-104.78)
Least Victory Margin
10.01Stanley Cup Or Bust201113Big Dawgs (143-142.99)
20.06Pirates Tide20108fighting albinos (144.29-144.23)
30.16Stanley Cup Or Bust200813Bonesaw (132.96-132.8)
40.23Idaho Pigskin Predators201114Stanley Cup Or Bust (154.54-154.31)
50.30Bonesaw200713Steve from Cincinnati (102.45-102.15)
60.57Spurs on Water20118The Bullies (113.53-112.96)
70.62Knights of Jersey20077The Bullies (159.23-158.61)
80.63Lavender Leviathans201113fighting albinos (155.37-154.74)
90.68Lavender Leviathans20126Stanley Cup Or Bust (159.53-158.85)
100.77Berga Rodents20093Pirates Tide (125.39-124.62)

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