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Parkstone's Die-Nasty League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1201.03Hingle McCringleberry20228
2185.81L. Riley Auto Parts 202212
3178.81Insane Asylum 20222
4176.92The Big Bearbowskis202212
5174.6L. Riley Auto Parts 202215
6166.43Chicagos Finest 20228
7164.41The Big Bearbowskis20225
8162.08The Big Bearbowskis20221
9158.32Hingle McCringleberry20227
10158.06Hingle McCringleberry202212
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
144.83Mean Machine20227
254.82Drunken SwampDonkeys20229
359.1Wilbo Swaggins20226
463.17Drunken SwampDonkeys20227
565.14Mean Machine202212
773.25Wilbo Swaggins202212
873.6Polk High20223
973.7Don’t get beat by a girl !20227
1074.85Drunken SwampDonkeys20226
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
174.85Drunken SwampDonkeys20226Wilbo Swaggins (74.85-59.1)
285.41Polk High20227Drunken SwampDonkeys (85.41-63.17)
388.65Don’t get beat by a girl !20229Polk High (88.65-77.29)
493.44Run-D.C.M.202210Mean Machine (93.44-92.3)
5102.01Mean Machine20223Polk High (102.01-73.6)
6104.3Polk High20221Wilbo Swaggins (104.3-93.36)
7104.4Hingle McCringleberry20229The Big Bearbowskis (104.4-90.1)
8104.95L. Riley Auto Parts 202211Run-D.C.M. (104.95-95.67)
9106.98Don’t get beat by a girl !202214The Big Bearbowskis (106.98-99.58)
10107.36Mean Machine20224Classic City Contenders (107.36-83.76)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1142.61L. Riley Auto Parts 20224The Big Bearbowskis (142.61-153.62)
2140.33L. Riley Auto Parts 20225Hingle McCringleberry (140.33-145.87)
3138.25L. Riley Auto Parts 20228Chicagos Finest (138.25-166.43)
4135.98Drunken SwampDonkeys20224Don’t get beat by a girl ! (135.98-141.1)
5134.96Mean Machine202214Polk High (134.96-136.85)
6134.9Hingle McCringleberry202214Insane Asylum (134.9-152.06)
7133.79Chicagos Finest 202215L. Riley Auto Parts (133.79-174.6)
8130.55The Big Bearbowskis202210Wilbo Swaggins (130.55-138.18)
9130.5Drunken SwampDonkeys20221Insane Asylum (130.5-142.57)
10129.95The Big Bearbowskis20223Don’t get beat by a girl ! (129.95-131.79)
Most Combined Points
1308.39L. Riley Auto Parts vs Chicagos Finest (174.6-133.79)202215
2304.68Chicagos Finest vs L. Riley Auto Parts (166.43-138.25)20228
3300.86Insane Asylum vs Chicagos Finest (178.81-122.05)20222
4298.53Hingle McCringleberry vs Mean Machine (201.03-97.5)20228
5296.23The Big Bearbowskis vs L. Riley Auto Parts (153.62-142.61)20224
6292.98The Big Bearbowskis vs Classic City Contenders (176.92-116.06)202212
7286.96Insane Asylum vs Hingle McCringleberry (152.06-134.9)202214
8286.2Hingle McCringleberry vs L. Riley Auto Parts (145.87-140.33)20225
9282.74Run-D.C.M. vs Wilbo Swaggins (156.89-125.85)20228
10281.1The Big Bearbowskis vs Classic City Contenders (162.08-119.02)20221
Fewest Combined Points
1133.95Drunken SwampDonkeys vs Wilbo Swaggins (74.85-59.1)20226
2148.58Polk High vs Drunken SwampDonkeys (85.41-63.17)20227
3157.37The Big Bearbowskis vs Mean Machine (112.54-44.83)20227
4165.94Don’t get beat by a girl ! vs Polk High (88.65-77.29)20229
5175.61Mean Machine vs Polk High (102.01-73.6)20223
6182.27Run-D.C.M. vs Drunken SwampDonkeys (127.45-54.82)20229
7185.74Run-D.C.M. vs Mean Machine (93.44-92.3)202210
8191.12Mean Machine vs Classic City Contenders (107.36-83.76)20224
9193.85Polk High vs Wilbo Swaggins (120.6-73.25)202212
10194.5Hingle McCringleberry vs The Big Bearbowskis (104.4-90.1)20229
Victory Margin
1120.67L. Riley Auto Parts 202212Mean Machine (185.81-65.14)
2103.53Hingle McCringleberry20228Mean Machine (201.03-97.5)
376.83The Big Bearbowskis20225Insane Asylum (164.41-87.58)
475.32Hingle McCringleberry20227Classic City Contenders (158.32-83)
572.63Run-D.C.M.20229Drunken SwampDonkeys (127.45-54.82)
667.71The Big Bearbowskis20227Mean Machine (112.54-44.83)
763.66L. Riley Auto Parts 202216Hingle McCringleberry (148.86-85.2)
863.36Don’t get beat by a girl !202213Classic City Contenders (142.45-79.09)
962.8Chicagos Finest 20226Don’t get beat by a girl ! (144.22-81.42)
1062.73Insane Asylum 20226Mean Machine (141.95-79.22)
Least Victory Margin
11.14Run-D.C.M.202210Mean Machine (93.44-92.3)
21.15L. Riley Auto Parts 20223Wilbo Swaggins (123.1-121.95)
31.48Run-D.C.M.202213The Big Bearbowskis (115.05-113.57)
41.84Don’t get beat by a girl !20223The Big Bearbowskis (131.79-129.95)
51.89Polk High202214Mean Machine (136.85-134.96)
62.26Don’t get beat by a girl !202212Run-D.C.M. (112.2-109.94)
72.47Insane Asylum 20223Hingle McCringleberry (110.65-108.18)
85.10Hingle McCringleberry20222Drunken SwampDonkeys (124.96-119.86)
95.12Don’t get beat by a girl !20224Drunken SwampDonkeys (141.1-135.98)
105.54Hingle McCringleberry20225L. Riley Auto Parts (145.87-140.33)

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