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All American Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1173Hoosier Mama's200611
2162South Newfane Rams200813
3153Robo's Manglers200613
4151Vermont Rednex200610
5150New Bedford Bulldogs20069
6 (tie)147BOSTON BADASSES20064
 147Hoosier Mama's20068
8145.7The Rookie of the Year20079
10143Robo's Manglers200615
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0The Rookie of the Year20077
 0Green Knights200613
430Illio Pirates200710
539.5Green Knights20076
644.4Mario's Texan's20076
746Hinsdale Cowboys20087
10 (tie)49.5Vermont Rednex200715
 49.5Green Knights20087
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
160.6Green Knights200710Illio Pirates (60.6-30)
267.4BOSTON BADASSES20075The Rookie of the Year (67.4-65)
371Illio Pirates20079Robo's Manglers (71-67)
472Vermont Rednex200613Darkside (72-63)
575.2Demolition20075Midnightriders (75.2-72)
676.3New Bedford Bulldogs200715Green Knights (76.3-73.5)
776.8Hinsdale Cowboys20088Robo's Manglers (76.8-61.7)
877.4Green Knights20073Mario's Texan's (77.4-76.9)
977.5Hinsdale Cowboys200712Midnightriders (77.5-74)
1078.4New Bedford Bulldogs20073Midnightriders (78.4-75.5)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1145Darkside20064BOSTON BADASSES (145-147)
2127Mario's Texan's20067Hinsdale Cowboys (127-128)
3126Hinsdale Cowboys20073BOSTON BADASSES (126-139.6)
4124Mario's Texan's20066Midnightriders (124-131)
5123The Rookie of the Year200612Illio Pirates (123-125)
6122Vermont Rednex200612Robo's Manglers (122-126)
7 (tie)120BOSTON BADASSES20062Robo's Manglers (120-125)
 120BOSTON BADASSES200610Vermont Rednex (120-151)
9117Hoosier Mama's200615Demolition (117-126)
10116Demolition200610Hinsdale Cowboys (116-142)
Most Combined Points
1292BOSTON BADASSES vs Darkside (147-145)20064
2271Vermont Rednex vs BOSTON BADASSES (151-120)200610
3265.6BOSTON BADASSES vs Hinsdale Cowboys (139.6-126)20073
4258Hinsdale Cowboys vs Demolition (142-116)200610
5 (tie)255Hinsdale Cowboys vs Mario's Texan's (128-127)20067
 255Midnightriders vs Mario's Texan's (131-124)20066
7254.4South Newfane Rams vs BOSTON BADASSES (162-92.4)200813
8254Hoosier Mama's vs Darkside (173-81)200611
9 (tie)248Illio Pirates vs The Rookie of the Year (125-123)200612
 248Robo's Manglers vs Vermont Rednex (126-122)200612
 248Hoosier Mama's vs Vermont Rednex (147-101)20068
Fewest Combined Points
188Mario's Texan's vs BOSTON BADASSES (88-0)200613
290.6Green Knights vs Illio Pirates (60.6-30)200710
393Robo's Manglers vs The Rookie of the Year (93-0)20077
4104The Rookie of the Year vs Green Knights (104-0)200613
5126.5Demolition vs Green Knights (87-39.5)20076
6130Vermont Rednex vs Hinsdale Cowboys (84-46)20087
7132.4BOSTON BADASSES vs The Rookie of the Year (67.4-65)20075
8134.4Darkside vs BOSTON BADASSES (87.4-47)20074
9135Vermont Rednex vs Darkside (72-63)200613
10135.6Green Knights vs Robo's Manglers (81-54.6)20078
Victory Margin
1104The Rookie of the Year200613Green Knights (104-0)
293Robo's Manglers20077The Rookie of the Year (93-0)
392Hoosier Mama's200611Darkside (173-81)
490.3Midnightriders20076Mario's Texan's (134.7-44.4)
588Mario's Texan's200613BOSTON BADASSES (88-0)
669.6South Newfane Rams200813BOSTON BADASSES (162-92.4)
767Robo's Manglers200613Midnightriders (153-86)
866.9BOSTON BADASSES20087Green Knights (116.4-49.5)
963South Newfane Rams20066New Bedford Bulldogs (132-69)
1059.2The Rookie of the Year20079Hoosier Mama's (145.7-86.5)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.10Hinsdale Cowboys20083Illio Pirates (93.6-93.5)
 0.10Illio Pirates20077South Newfane Rams (88.1-88)
30.40Demolition20089Robo's Manglers (86-85.6)
40.50Green Knights20073Mario's Texan's (77.4-76.9)
5 (tie)0.60New Bedford Bulldogs20074Mario's Texan's (87.1-86.5)
 0.60South Newfane Rams200810Mario's Texan's (87.1-86.5)
 0.60South Newfane Rams20086Midnightriders (101.8-101.2)
 0.60Mario's Texan's20089Illio Pirates (96.5-95.9)
90.70BOSTON BADASSES200713Mario's Texan's (85-84.3)
10 (tie)1New Bedford Bulldogs200612Darkside (89-88)
 1Hinsdale Cowboys20067Mario's Texan's (128-127)

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