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FF Junkies Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1199.5Saigon Coffee Cartel20118
3193Iowa Sideboobs20096
4180.8Bad News Bills201010
5180.3Saigon Coffee Cartel201114
6179.7Bruins GLM201112
7178.2Rampage Rehab201113
8176.7The Borg20113
9176.3Rampage Rehab20117
10176Iowa Sideboobs20084
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
131Saigon Coffee Cartel20088
340Pee Wee20089
444.5Pee Wee20102
549.9Pee Wee20108
8 (tie)55Saigon Coffee Cartel20081
 55Pee Wee201013
 55Team Boyd20094
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
164Da'Kodiaks20097The Borg (64-63)
271.3Team Bambi20108Pee Wee (71.3-49.9)
372.6Saigon Coffee Cartel20106Team Boyd (72.6-64.5)
479Iowa Sideboobs20093Bruins GLM (79-56)
579.5Pee Wee201012Da'Kodiaks (79.5-69)
680CBoys'8820085Iowa Sideboobs (80-74)
781Clause Nation200810Saigon Coffee Cartel (81-72)
882Saigon Coffee Cartel20086Iowa Sideboobs (82-64)
983Da'Kodiaks20088Clause Nation (83-81)
1084.1Bad News Bills20105Team Boyd (84.1-79.7)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1172.6CBoys'88201011Show Me Your TDs (172.6-174.8)
2169.2The Red Dogs201114Saigon Coffee Cartel (169.2-180.3)
3154The Borg200814Bad News Bills (154-170)
4151.2Da'Kodiaks20103Show Me Your TDs (151.2-151.7)
5 (tie)150Iowa Sideboobs20088Bad News Bills (150-151)
 150Iowa Sideboobs200912Show Me Your TDs (150-171)
7146.5Devildogs201116Rampage Rehab (146.5-161.3)
8144.7Saigon Coffee Cartel201115Devildogs (144.7-164.9)
9141Bad News Bills200913Clause Nation (141-146)
10138CBoys'88200813Bad News Bills (138-157)
Most Combined Points
1349.5Saigon Coffee Cartel vs The Red Dogs (180.3-169.2)201114
2347.4Show Me Your TDs vs CBoys'88 (174.8-172.6)201011
3324Bad News Bills vs The Borg (170-154)200814
4321Show Me Your TDs vs Iowa Sideboobs (171-150)200912
5319Iowa Sideboobs vs Saigon Coffee Cartel (193-126)20096
6312.5The Borg vs Bad News Bills (176.7-135.8)20113
7311.1Bruins GLM vs The Red Dogs (179.7-131.4)201112
8309.6Devildogs vs Saigon Coffee Cartel (164.9-144.7)201115
9308Bad News Bills vs CBoys'88 (173-135)20097
10307.8Rampage Rehab vs Devildogs (161.3-146.5)201116
Fewest Combined Points
1121.2Team Bambi vs Pee Wee (71.3-49.9)20108
2127Da'Kodiaks vs The Borg (64-63)20097
3135Iowa Sideboobs vs Bruins GLM (79-56)20093
4137.1Saigon Coffee Cartel vs Team Boyd (72.6-64.5)20106
5141.3Bad News Bills vs Rockers (87.9-53.4)20117
6145Team Boyd vs Iowa Sideboobs (89-56)20089
7145.5Saigon Coffee Cartel vs Rockers (110.4-35.1)20119
8145.8Da'Kodiaks vs Rockers (89.9-55.9)201110
9146Saigon Coffee Cartel vs Iowa Sideboobs (82-64)20086
10148.5Pee Wee vs Da'Kodiaks (79.5-69)201012
Victory Margin
1132.1Devildogs201012Team Bambi (194-61.9)
2122Iowa Sideboobs20084Da'Kodiaks (176-54)
3114.5Devildogs201012Pee Wee (194-79.5)
4108.6CBoys'88201011Team Bambi (172.6-64)
5106Pee Wee20088Saigon Coffee Cartel (137-31)
6103.9Show Me Your TDs201011The Borg (174.8-70.9)
7100Bad News Bills20102Pee Wee (144.5-44.5)
898.3Saigon Coffee Cartel20118Bad News Bills (199.5-101.2)
992Devildogs20099Pee Wee (164-72)
1088Bad News Bills201010Team Bambi (180.8-92.8)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Team Boyd20107Bad News Bills (104.3-104.2)
20.30Bruins GLM20112Da'Kodiaks (113.4-113.1)
30.50Show Me Your TDs20103Da'Kodiaks (151.7-151.2)
40.70Saigon Coffee Cartel201012CBoys'88 (138.3-137.6)
5 (tie)1Bad News Bills20088Iowa Sideboobs (151-150)
 1Da'Kodiaks20097The Borg (64-63)
 1The Borg20107Da'Kodiaks (137.5-136.5)
 1CBoys'8820088Team Clause (133-132)
 1Saigon Coffee Cartel20095Show Me Your TDs (131-130)
 1Pee Wee20081Bruins GLM (110-109)
 1Clause Nation20092CBoys'88 (102-101)
 1Team Clause200812Iowa Sideboobs (95-94)

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