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Ghost of 58 League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1174*Your Box Stinks20063
2169*Catching Lightning200711
3165.55*Polish Powerhouse 5820088
4164.8*Chieftan Horde200810
5160*Your Box Stinks20067
6158.1*Your Box Stinks200813
7151*Your Box Stinks20066
8 (tie)150*Your Box Stinks200710
 150*Chieftan Horde20068
 150*Three River Rats20071
 150*O'Shea's Merchant20068
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
127SuperMighty 58200515
233*Sophia's Cats20068
334*Three River Rats200510
537SuperMighty 5820056
647.8*Kilmainham Gaolers200810
748SuperMighty 5820059
849*Stanton City Nighthawks20075
9 (tie)50*Sophia's Cats200610
 50*Stanton City Nighthawks200615
 50*Stanton City Nighthawks200712
 50SuperMighty 5820054
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
160*Kilmainham Gaolers20067*Sophia's Cats (60-54)
262*Catching Lightning20075*Sophia's Cats (62-52)
364SuperMighty 5820057*Chieftan Horde (64-59)
468*Lunatics200513Adamczyk's Apothecaries (68-62)
571*Sophia's Cats20061*Stanton City Nighthawks (71-70)
674*Lunatics20061*Kilmainham Gaolers (74-55)
7 (tie)77*Catching Lightning20085*Sophia's Cats (77-63.35)
 77*Team Rottie20074*Kilmainham Gaolers (77-58)
 77*Sophia's Cats20052SuperMighty 58 (77-62)
 77Adamczyk's Apothecaries20065*Stanton City Nighthawks (77-62)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1144*Kilmainham Gaolers200711*Catching Lightning (144-169)
2139.4*Wipers20086*Team Rottie (139.4-145.1)
3133.05*Chieftan Horde200812*Catching Lightning (133.05-144.05)
4132.45*Polish Powerhouse 58200816*Chieftan Horde (132.45-138.5)
5131.1*Polish Powerhouse 58200811*Chieftan Horde (131.1-142.1)
6128.05*Chieftan Horde20082*Team Rottie (128.05-143)
7127.8*Stanton City Nighthawks200810*Chieftan Horde (127.8-164.8)
8125*Wipers20079*Stanton City Nighthawks (125-134)
9124.65*Polish Powerhouse 58200812*Stanton City Nighthawks (124.65-128.45)
10123.6*Your Box Stinks200810*Sophia's Cats (123.6-127.45)
Most Combined Points
1313*Catching Lightning vs *Kilmainham Gaolers (169-144)200711
2292.6*Chieftan Horde vs *Stanton City Nighthawks (164.8-127.8)200810
3284.5*Team Rottie vs *Wipers (145.1-139.4)20086
4277.1*Catching Lightning vs *Chieftan Horde (144.05-133.05)200812
5273.2*Chieftan Horde vs *Polish Powerhouse 58 (142.1-131.1)200811
6272*O'Shea's Merchant vs *Kilmainham Gaolers (149-123)20053
7271.05*Team Rottie vs *Chieftan Horde (143-128.05)20082
8 (tie)271*Your Box Stinks vs *Sophia's Cats (151-120)20066
 271*Three River Rats vs *Chieftan Horde (150-121)20071
10270.95*Chieftan Horde vs *Polish Powerhouse 58 (138.5-132.45)200816
Fewest Combined Points
1 (tie)114*Kilmainham Gaolers vs *Sophia's Cats (60-54)20067
 114*Catching Lightning vs *Sophia's Cats (62-52)20075
3123SuperMighty 58 vs *Chieftan Horde (64-59)20057
4127*Lunatics vs SuperMighty 58 (90-37)20056
5128*Team Rottie vs *Lunatics (92-36)20071
6129*Lunatics vs *Kilmainham Gaolers (74-55)20061
7 (tie)130*Lunatics vs Adamczyk's Apothecaries (68-62)200513
 130*Kilmainham Gaolers vs SuperMighty 58 (82-48)20059
9135*Team Rottie vs *Kilmainham Gaolers (77-58)20074
10136*Stanton City Nighthawks vs SuperMighty 58 (109-27)200515
Victory Margin
1117*Chieftan Horde20068*Sophia's Cats (150-33)
2107.75*Polish Powerhouse 5820088*Kilmainham Gaolers (165.55-57.8)
395*O'Shea's Merchant200610*Sophia's Cats (145-50)
489*O'Shea's Merchant200512*Lunatics (143-54)
586*Your Box Stinks20063*Three River Rats (174-88)
682*Stanton City Nighthawks200515SuperMighty 58 (109-27)
781*O'Shea's Merchant20054SuperMighty 58 (131-50)
876*Your Box Stinks200511*Catching Lightning (135-59)
9 (tie)70*O'Shea's Merchant20068*Three River Rats (150-80)
 70*Polish Powerhouse 58200510*Three River Rats (104-34)
Least Victory Margin
10.20*Kilmainham Gaolers200813*Lunatics (107.4-107.2)
2 (tie)1*Chieftan Horde200616*Your Box Stinks (114-113)
 1*Three River Rats20052*Catching Lightning (93-92)
 1*Catching Lightning20066*Stanton City Nighthawks (86-85)
 1*O'Shea's Merchant20065*Your Box Stinks (93-92)
 1*Lunatics20067*Polish Powerhouse 58 (95-94)
 1*Wipers200713*Polish Powerhouse 58 (107-106)
 1*Polish Powerhouse 5820062*Stanton City Nighthawks (104-103)
 1*Sophia's Cats20061*Stanton City Nighthawks (71-70)
 1*Sophia's Cats20056*Your Box Stinks (81-80)
 1Adamczyk's Apothecaries200510*Chieftan Horde (102-101)
 1SuperMighty 58200614Adamczyk's Apothecaries (116-115)

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