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Thee Sharktank Fantasy League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
283.75Slippery Beavers201013
377Mean Machine20107
572.5Where's Dave? 20102
6 (tie)72.25Fighting Aardvarks20103
 72.25Cleveland Crackheads201011
872Pittsburgh Power20105
971.5Slippery Beavers20105
10 (tie)71.25Rock Herders20101
 71.25New Mexico Nomads201010
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Cleveland Crackheads20107
 0Where's Dave? 201011
330.75The Longest Yard20104
431.25Fighting Aardvarks20104
532The Longest Yard20107
633Slippery Beavers201016
734Mean Machine201012
835The Longest Yard20109
1036.25Cleveland Crackheads201013
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
140.75EyeoftheHawk20104The Longest Yard (40.75-30.75)
241Where's Dave? 201012Mean Machine (41-34)
342.75Where's Dave? 201010Cleveland Crackheads (42.75-40.5)
444The Longest Yard20105Cleveland Crackheads (44-37.25)
545.5Mean Machine20108Fighting Aardvarks (45.5-37)
646.25Where's Dave? 20107New Mexico Nomads (46.25-38.25)
746.5Pittsburgh Power201012New Mexico Nomads (46.5-41.25)
847.25The Longest Yard20108Pittsburgh Power (47.25-42)
947.75Mean Machine20102Cleveland Crackheads (47.75-43.25)
1048Mean Machine20106Rock Herders (48-44.25)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
166Where's Dave? 20103Fighting Aardvarks (66-72.25)
265.75Cleveland Crackheads20101Rock Herders (65.75-71.25)
364.75Rock Herders201011Fighting Aardvarks (64.75-65.75)
464.5Fighting Aardvarks201010New Mexico Nomads (64.5-71.25)
564Where's Dave? 20105Mean Machine (64-69.25)
663.75Slippery Beavers20109New Mexico Nomads (63.75-68.5)
762Rock Herders201010The Longest Yard (62-68.25)
860.75Mean Machine20103New Mexico Nomads (60.75-67)
958.5Where's Dave? 201015Mean Machine (58.5-60.25)
1057.75Fighting Aardvarks201012The Longest Yard (57.75-60)
Most Combined Points
1143.75EyeoftheHawk vs Slippery Beavers (89.75-54)201015
2138.25Fighting Aardvarks vs Where's Dave? (72.25-66)20103
3137Rock Herders vs Cleveland Crackheads (71.25-65.75)20101
4135.75New Mexico Nomads vs Fighting Aardvarks (71.25-64.5)201010
5133.25Mean Machine vs Where's Dave? (69.25-64)20105
6132.25New Mexico Nomads vs Slippery Beavers (68.5-63.75)20109
7130.5Fighting Aardvarks vs Rock Herders (65.75-64.75)201011
8130.25The Longest Yard vs Rock Herders (68.25-62)201010
9127.75New Mexico Nomads vs Mean Machine (67-60.75)20103
10121.5Where's Dave? vs Rock Herders (72.5-49)20102
Fewest Combined Points
162.75Fighting Aardvarks vs Cleveland Crackheads (62.75-0)20107
264.5The Longest Yard vs Where's Dave? (64.5-0)201011
371.5EyeoftheHawk vs The Longest Yard (40.75-30.75)20104
475Where's Dave? vs Mean Machine (41-34)201012
581Pittsburgh Power vs Fighting Aardvarks (49.75-31.25)20104
681.25The Longest Yard vs Cleveland Crackheads (44-37.25)20105
782.5Mean Machine vs Fighting Aardvarks (45.5-37)20108
883.25Where's Dave? vs Cleveland Crackheads (42.75-40.5)201010
984.5Where's Dave? vs New Mexico Nomads (46.25-38.25)20107
1087.5Where's Dave? vs Slippery Beavers (54.5-33)201016
Victory Margin
164.5The Longest Yard201011Where's Dave? (64.5-0)
262.75Fighting Aardvarks20107Cleveland Crackheads (62.75-0)
347.5Slippery Beavers201013Cleveland Crackheads (83.75-36.25)
445Mean Machine20107The Longest Yard (77-32)
539.75EyeoftheHawk20109The Longest Yard (74.75-35)
636Pittsburgh Power20105EyeoftheHawk (72-36)
735.75EyeoftheHawk201015Slippery Beavers (89.75-54)
829.75Cleveland Crackheads201011New Mexico Nomads (72.25-42.5)
925.25Slippery Beavers20105Rock Herders (71.5-46.25)
1023.5Where's Dave? 20102Rock Herders (72.5-49)
Least Victory Margin
11Fighting Aardvarks201011Rock Herders (65.75-64.75)
2 (tie)1.75Mean Machine201015Where's Dave? (60.25-58.5)
 1.75EyeoftheHawk20108New Mexico Nomads (55.25-53.5)
 1.75Pittsburgh Power20107Rock Herders (56.75-55)
5 (tie)2.25New Mexico Nomads20105Fighting Aardvarks (55.5-53.25)
 2.25Where's Dave? 201010Cleveland Crackheads (42.75-40.5)
 2.25The Longest Yard201012Fighting Aardvarks (60-57.75)
82.50EyeoftheHawk201016Mean Machine (57-54.5)
92.75Mean Machine201011EyeoftheHawk (58.75-56)
103.75Mean Machine20106Rock Herders (48-44.25)

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