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GLFFL - Jim Brown League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1286.1*Disco Stugots200512
2285.85*Playmakers 220045
3282.45*Mutt Cutts200410
4273.8NorthOaks Rats20056
5271.75*Disco Stugots200614
6260.15*KATs Ace in the Hole Gang20043
7255.8*Prozac Nation200512
8255.2*Beverley Beavers20047
9253.75*Playmakers 2200511
10251.65*Disco Stugots20063
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1107.9Jim Brown #120059
2113.35*Beverley Beavers20033
3116.1Donovan McFluke20033
4117.1*Redneck lives20063
5118.05*Playmakers 220069
6120.25*Redneck lives200411
7120.95*Beverley Beavers20046
8122.05*Redneck lives200510
9122.25*ALL FAULKED' UP200513
10124.45*KATs Ace in the Hole Gang20031
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1135.15*Redneck lives20033Donovan McFluke (135.15-116.1)
2149.1*Beverley Beavers200612*Redneck lives (149.1-132.15)
3150.25NorthOaks Rats200311*ALL FAULKED' UP (150.25-124.8)
4150.4*Bull Mastives20065Vermont Catamounts (150.4-149.25)
5156.65*Dark Knights200511Jim Brown #1 (156.65-149.6)
6156.9*Redneck lives20034*Mutt Cutts (156.9-152.8)
7157.4NorthOaks Rats20061*Redneck lives (157.4-153.35)
8157.55NorthOaks Rats20039*Beverley Beavers (157.55-150.3)
9159.4*Prozac Nation20068*Redneck lives (159.4-139.25)
10159.5*Hell Aint A Bad Place To Be20042NorthOaks Rats (159.5-145.85)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1242NorthOaks Rats200614*Disco Stugots (242-271.75)
2239.95*KATs Ace in the Hole Gang200516NorthOaks Rats (239.95-240.7)
3231.8NorthOaks Rats200313*Playmakers 2 (231.8-245.2)
4225.8*KATs Ace in the Hole Gang20048*Prozac Nation (225.8-238.15)
5224.45*Prozac Nation200510*Hell Aint A Bad Place To Be (224.45-237.45)
6223.25*Playmakers 220038Vermont Catamounts (223.25-224.75)
7219.65*Disco Stugots200611NorthOaks Rats (219.65-236.6)
8218.8*Beverley Beavers20069*Bull Mastives (218.8-246)
9217.55Vermont Catamounts20035*Beverley Beavers (217.55-219.55)
10217.15*KATs Ace in the Hole Gang200413*Dark Knights (217.15-247.05)
Most Combined Points
1513.75*Disco Stugots vs NorthOaks Rats (271.75-242)200614
2484.25*Mutt Cutts vs *Playmakers 2 (282.45-201.8)200410
3480.65NorthOaks Rats vs *KATs Ace in the Hole Gang (240.7-239.95)200516
4477*Playmakers 2 vs NorthOaks Rats (245.2-231.8)200313
5470.9NorthOaks Rats vs *Beverley Beavers (273.8-197.1)20056
6466.1NorthOaks Rats vs *Prozac Nation (249.95-216.15)200515
7 (tie)464.8*Bull Mastives vs *Beverley Beavers (246-218.8)20069
 464.8*Prozac Nation vs *Beverley Beavers (255.8-209)200512
9464.35*Playmakers 2 vs NorthOaks Rats (285.85-178.5)20045
10464.2*Dark Knights vs *KATs Ace in the Hole Gang (247.05-217.15)200413
Fewest Combined Points
1251.25*Redneck lives vs Donovan McFluke (135.15-116.1)20033
2269.5*Mutt Cutts vs Jim Brown #1 (161.6-107.9)20059
3275.05NorthOaks Rats vs *ALL FAULKED' UP (150.25-124.8)200311
4275.4*ALL FAULKED' UP vs *Beverley Beavers (162.05-113.35)20033
5281.25*Beverley Beavers vs *Redneck lives (149.1-132.15)200612
6296.5*ALL FAULKED' UP vs *Hell Aint A Bad Place To Be (164.85-131.65)20056
7298.65*Prozac Nation vs *Redneck lives (159.4-139.25)20068
8299.65*Bull Mastives vs Vermont Catamounts (150.4-149.25)20065
9300.25*Playmakers 2 vs Donovan McFluke (166.8-133.45)20031
10303.85*ALL FAULKED' UP vs *Redneck lives (174-129.85)200313
Victory Margin
1149.35*Disco Stugots200512*Playmakers 2 (286.1-136.75)
2134.55*Disco Stugots20063*Redneck lives (251.65-117.1)
3127.3*Disco Stugots200513*ALL FAULKED' UP (249.55-122.25)
4107.35*Playmakers 220045NorthOaks Rats (285.85-178.5)
5101.6NorthOaks Rats20046*Beverley Beavers (222.55-120.95)
6101.3*Prozac Nation20041Jim Brown #1 (240.15-138.85)
7100.4*Beverley Beavers200412*Redneck lives (241.8-141.4)
899.75NorthOaks Rats200610*ALL FAULKED' UP (233.5-133.75)
992.35*Prozac Nation20035*Playmakers 2 (236.55-144.2)
1092.3*Playmakers 2200510*Redneck lives (214.35-122.05)
Least Victory Margin
10.20*Redneck lives20051*Hell Aint A Bad Place To Be (191.5-191.3)
20.40NorthOaks Rats200510*Mutt Cutts (182.85-182.45)
30.75NorthOaks Rats200516*KATs Ace in the Hole Gang (240.7-239.95)
40.80Jim Brown #120038Donovan McFluke (177.95-177.15)
51*Playmakers 2200513NorthOaks Rats (210.8-209.8)
61.10*Hell Aint A Bad Place To Be200513Jim Brown #1 (195.2-194.1)
71.15*Bull Mastives20065Vermont Catamounts (150.4-149.25)
81.20*ALL FAULKED' UP200411*Hell Aint A Bad Place To Be (170.55-169.35)
91.50Vermont Catamounts20038*Playmakers 2 (224.75-223.25)
101.65*Hell Aint A Bad Place To Be200311Donovan McFluke (170.25-168.6)

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