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TUFF "The Ultimate Fantasy Football" Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2228Vicks Pits20092
3220Big Daddy Balls Deep20082
5218Greatest Show on Turf201010
6216SoCal Ballers200912
7 (tie)213Platinum Playmakers201011
 213SoCal Ballers200914
 213Ultimate Domination20081
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)44Royal Pain20084
 44Darwin's Theory200715
345Wake of Devastation200715
451Wake of Devastation20077
552Hey Bay-Bay20071
655Wake of Devastation20074
756Wake of Devastation200712
8 (tie)57Boy Toys200710
 57Darwin's Theory200711
1058Wake of Devastation20075
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
145Wake of Devastation200715Darwin's Theory (45-44)
2 (tie)78Boy Toys20078North State Ramblers (78-70)
 78North State Ramblers20073Wake of Devastation (78-68)
479Darwin's Theory200710Boy Toys (79-57)
583Bens Bannana Rattlers200716Wake of Devastation (83-62)
6 (tie)89Death by Dragons200714Wake of Devastation (89-81)
 89Bens Bannana Rattlers200714Hey Bay-Bay (89-69)
 89Hey Bay-Bay200715North State Ramblers (89-63)
991Boy Toys20104ThinkHorns (91-88)
10 (tie)95Rolling Thunder20078Hey Bay-Bay (95-75)
 95Boy Toys200914Darwins Theory (95-85)
 95JUNKYARD DAWGS200915Darwins Theory (95-72)
 95Greatest Show on Turf200914Darwins Theory (95-85)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1211SoCal Ballers20092Vicks Pits (211-228)
2203Rolling Thunder20082Hooters (203-205)
3192Ultimate Domination20082Big Daddy Balls Deep (192-220)
4191Ultimate Domination200914SoCal Ballers (191-213)
5190Vicks Pits201012Shenanigans (190-210)
6187Darwins Theory20096Lost Lambs (187-188)
7182Death by Dragons20096ThinkHorns (182-191)
8175Prime Time200812Death by Dragons (175-182)
9171Lost Lambs200913The Motorboaters (171-188)
10170Lost Lambs20097SoCal Ballers (170-190)
Most Combined Points
1439Vicks Pits vs SoCal Ballers (228-211)20092
2412Big Daddy Balls Deep vs Ultimate Domination (220-192)20082
3408Hooters vs Rolling Thunder (205-203)20082
4404SoCal Ballers vs Ultimate Domination (213-191)200914
5400Shenanigans vs Vicks Pits (210-190)201012
6375Lost Lambs vs Darwins Theory (188-187)20096
7374Ultimate Domination vs Rolling Thunder (206-168)200810
8373ThinkHorns vs Death by Dragons (191-182)20096
9 (tie)369SoCal Ballers vs ThinkHorns (213-156)200914
 369Shenanigans vs FromundaCheese (210-159)201012
Fewest Combined Points
189Wake of Devastation vs Darwin's Theory (45-44)200715
2136Darwin's Theory vs Boy Toys (79-57)200710
3145Bens Bannana Rattlers vs Wake of Devastation (83-62)200716
4146North State Ramblers vs Wake of Devastation (78-68)20073
5148Boy Toys vs North State Ramblers (78-70)20078
6152Hey Bay-Bay vs North State Ramblers (89-63)200715
7153Hey Bay-Bay vs Wake of Devastation (98-55)20074
8155Vicks Pits vs Hey Bay-Bay (103-52)20071
9158Bens Bannana Rattlers vs Hey Bay-Bay (89-69)200714
10162Darwin's Theory vs Wake of Devastation (100-62)200716
Victory Margin
1 (tie)122FromundaCheese20109Platinum Playmakers (212-90)
 122Greatest Show on Turf201010Death by Dragons (218-96)
3118Hooters20095Platinum Playmakers (239-121)
4 (tie)114Rolling Thunder200715Darwin's Theory (158-44)
 114JUNKYARD DAWGS201014Death by Dragons (199-85)
6113EMINENT DESTRUCTION200712Wake of Devastation (169-56)
7112Darwin's Theory20084Royal Pain (156-44)
8 (tie)108Ultimate Domination20095Shenanigans (193-85)
 108EMINENT DESTRUCTION200711Darwin's Theory (165-57)
10105Rolling Thunder200714Bens Bannana Rattlers (194-89)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Lost Lambs20096Darwins Theory (188-187)
 1Rolling Thunder200910Vicks Pits (131-130)
 1Death by Dragons20074Boy Toys (114-113)
 1Vicks Pits20104SoCal Ballers (127-126)
 1Vicks Pits20099Lost Lambs (144-143)
 1Greatest Show on Turf200814EMINENT DESTRUCTION (131-130)
 1Big Daddy Balls Deep200812Poker Mike (119-118)
 1Big Daddy Balls Deep20089Greatest Show on Turf (123-122)
 1Big Daddy Balls Deep20091SoCal Ballers (123-122)
 1ThinkHorns200813Darwin's Theory (148-147)
 1ThinkHorns200916Platinum Playmakers (162-161)
 1SoCal Ballers20098Rolling Thunder (158-157)
 1Shenanigans20093Big Daddy Balls Deep (138-137)
 1Bago Blackshirts20103Vicks Pits (147-146)
 1Bago Blackshirts201011The Motorboaters (168-167)
 1Wake of Devastation200715Darwin's Theory (45-44)

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