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Cali FFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1288.02Corona Mad Cows20064
2260.54Corona Mad Cows20056
3253.5Las Vegas Degenerates20056
4252.69Anaheim BIG BALLERS200612
5252.28Long Beach Rams200413
6248.52Las Vegas Degenerates20053
7247.8N.LV Pocket Aces20043
8246.26Mission Dragons200614
9238.64Corona Mad Cows200612
10236.7Mississippi Lynchmob20053
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
181.5O.C Tomb Raiders200513
282.28O.C Tomb Raiders20058
396.56O.C Tomb Raiders20051
498.52Orange County Outlaws20053
5101.84O.C Tomb Raiders20056
6104.19La Habra Demons20065
7106.44O.C Tomb Raiders20053
8106.97Long Beach Rams20042
9108.42San Diego Reapers200412
10108.72O.C Tomb Raiders20059
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1115.2L.A Law20057O.C Tomb Raiders (115.2-111.3)
2130.28Hurley Midgets20047San Diego Reapers (130.28-111.06)
3131.44Orange County Outlaws20059San Diego Reapers (131.44-112.24)
4132.14Long Beach Rams200611La Habra Demons (132.14-117.16)
5137.65San Diego Reapers200611Anaheim BIG BALLERS (137.65-131.58)
6141.14Anaheim BIG BALLERS20052Orange County Outlaws (141.14-138.28)
7142.02Long Beach Rams20044Mississippi Lynchmob (142.02-126.26)
8142.08Mission Dragons20053O.C Tomb Raiders (142.08-106.44)
9146.08Anaheim BIG BALLERS20054O.C Tomb Raiders (146.08-127.78)
10146.92Hurley Midgets20044Anaheim BIG BALLERS (146.92-127.04)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1227.2Long Beach Rams20053Mississippi Lynchmob (227.2-236.7)
2220.53San Diego Reapers20064Corona Mad Cows (220.53-288.02)
3218.13Mississippi Lynchmob20056Corona Mad Cows (218.13-260.54)
4213.46Las Vegas Degenerates200413San Diego Reapers (213.46-219.1)
5212.22Las Vegas Degenerates200410Corona Mad Cows (212.22-218.2)
6208.12Las Vegas Degenerates200512Orangeview Warriors (208.12-221.08)
7207.68Aspen Assassins20062Corona Mad Cows (207.68-226.4)
8207.52Corona Mad Cows200615Las Vegas Degenerates (207.52-210.08)
9206.14Orangeview Warriors20048Las Vegas Degenerates (206.14-232.26)
10205.92Aspen Assassins200415N.LV Pocket Aces (205.92-207.18)
Most Combined Points
1508.55Corona Mad Cows vs San Diego Reapers (288.02-220.53)20064
2478.67Corona Mad Cows vs Mississippi Lynchmob (260.54-218.13)20056
3463.9Mississippi Lynchmob vs Long Beach Rams (236.7-227.2)20053
4443.32Long Beach Rams vs Globo Gym Purple Cobras (252.28-191.04)200413
5438.4Las Vegas Degenerates vs Orangeview Warriors (232.26-206.14)20048
6434.08Corona Mad Cows vs Aspen Assassins (226.4-207.68)20062
7432.56San Diego Reapers vs Las Vegas Degenerates (219.1-213.46)200413
8430.42Corona Mad Cows vs Las Vegas Degenerates (218.2-212.22)200410
9429.2Orangeview Warriors vs Las Vegas Degenerates (221.08-208.12)200512
10429.01Orange County Outlaws vs Anaheim BIG BALLERS (235.04-193.97)200412
Fewest Combined Points
1226.5L.A Law vs O.C Tomb Raiders (115.2-111.3)20057
2241.34Hurley Midgets vs San Diego Reapers (130.28-111.06)20047
3243.66Orangeview Warriors vs O.C Tomb Raiders (161.38-82.28)20058
4243.68Orange County Outlaws vs San Diego Reapers (131.44-112.24)20059
5248.52Mission Dragons vs O.C Tomb Raiders (142.08-106.44)20053
6249.3Long Beach Rams vs La Habra Demons (132.14-117.16)200611
7250.08Orange County Outlaws vs O.C Tomb Raiders (148.24-101.84)20056
8260.34Aspen Assassins vs O.C Tomb Raiders (151.62-108.72)20059
9262.39Las Vegas Degenerates vs La Habra Demons (158.2-104.19)20065
10266.34Mission Dragons vs Anaheim BIG BALLERS (148.74-117.6)20065
Victory Margin
1150Las Vegas Degenerates20053Orange County Outlaws (248.52-98.52)
2129.37Anaheim BIG BALLERS200612R.S.M. Bolts (252.69-123.32)
3119.36Las Vegas Degenerates200513O.C Tomb Raiders (200.86-81.5)
4114.04Globo Gym Purple Cobras20042Long Beach Rams (221.01-106.97)
5103.41Aspen Assassins200412San Diego Reapers (211.83-108.42)
6101.88Orangeview Warriors20051O.C Tomb Raiders (198.44-96.56)
7100.7Corona Mad Cows20057Orange County Outlaws (218.78-118.08)
896.69N.LV Pocket Aces200410Globo Gym Purple Cobras (222.29-125.6)
995.66Mission Dragons200614Aspen Assassins (246.26-150.6)
1094.29N.LV Pocket Aces20047Long Beach Rams (224.02-129.73)
Least Victory Margin
10.22Mississippi Lynchmob20058Orange County Outlaws (155.82-155.6)
20.41Anaheim BIG BALLERS200513L.A Law (171.61-171.2)
30.45Las Vegas Degenerates20042Anaheim BIG BALLERS (168.1-167.65)
40.46Globo Gym Purple Cobras20061Corona Mad Cows (164.72-164.26)
50.48Anaheim BIG BALLERS20043Orangeview Warriors (162.92-162.44)
60.98Las Vegas Degenerates20045Hurley Midgets (161.74-160.76)
71.02Orangeview Warriors200515Las Vegas Degenerates (180.86-179.84)
81.17Las Vegas Degenerates200415Mississippi Lynchmob (177.98-176.81)
91.26N.LV Pocket Aces200415Aspen Assassins (207.18-205.92)
101.65Aspen Assassins20056Long Beach Rams (166.83-165.18)

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