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Topdog II Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1266Clifton Rockets200914
2262Ole Miss Mannings201010
3241Clifton Rockets20098
4 (tie)239Edinburg Nightmare200912
 239Wisconsin Badgers201011
6238Dairyland Dragons20105
7 (tie)236Dairyland Dragons20099
 236Ole Miss Mannings20103
9229Edinburg Nightmare20095
10227Dairyland Dragons20102
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
183Dalton Screamers200913
284NM Scorpions20098
386MoKan Tiger Hawks20086
4 (tie)87Arizona Outlaws200813
 87MoKan Tiger Hawks20081
688River City Gators20084
790Ole Miss Mannings20089
8 (tie)92Southern Glory20098
 92Southern Glory20108
1096MoKan Tiger Hawks200810
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1108Ole Miss Mannings20086MoKan Tiger Hawks (108-86)
2112Ole Miss Mannings20093Southern Glory (112-107)
3118River City Gators20085Kansas Undertakers (118-113)
4119Southern Glory20092NM Scorpions (119-106)
5120River City Gators201014Dairyland Dragons (120-105)
6121Southern Glory200813NM Scorpions (121-121) TB
7 (tie)122Merrimack Valley Tigers20097Arizona Outlaws (122-118)
 122Pecan Grove Hurricanes20083Edinburg Nightmare (122-109)
9124MoKan Tiger Hawks200910Dalton Screamers (124-117)
10 (tie)125Arizona Outlaws200913Dalton Screamers (125-83)
 125Pinhoti Prowlers20102Eastford Fun Bags (125-104)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1206Empire Dark Knights200813Oregon Ducks (206-213)
2205Wisconsin Badgers200912Pinhoti Prowlers (205-205) TB
3202Eastford Fun Bags201011Wisconsin Badgers (202-239)
4197Pinhoti Prowlers200911Clifton Rockets (197-217)
5 (tie)190Wisconsin Badgers201013Clifton Rockets (190-210)
 190Fresno Heat20107Edinburg Nightmare (190-215)
7189Farmville Bear Cubs201011Wisconsin Badgers (189-239)
8 (tie)187Oregon Ducks200816Edinburg Nightmare (187-219)
 187Merrimack Valley Tigers200915Clifton Rockets (187-226)
10186Arizona Outlaws20099Farmville Bear Cubs (186-196)
Most Combined Points
1 (tie)441Ole Miss Mannings vs Dairyland Dragons (262-179)201010
 441Wisconsin Badgers vs Eastford Fun Bags (239-202)201011
3428Wisconsin Badgers vs Farmville Bear Cubs (239-189)201011
4419Oregon Ducks vs Empire Dark Knights (213-206)200813
5414Clifton Rockets vs Pinhoti Prowlers (217-197)200911
6413Clifton Rockets vs Merrimack Valley Tigers (226-187)200915
7410Wisconsin Badgers vs Pinhoti Prowlers (205-205)200912
8407Dairyland Dragons vs Wisconsin Badgers (238-169)20105
9406Edinburg Nightmare vs Oregon Ducks (219-187)200816
10405Edinburg Nightmare vs Fresno Heat (215-190)20107
Fewest Combined Points
1194Ole Miss Mannings vs MoKan Tiger Hawks (108-86)20086
2208Arizona Outlaws vs Dalton Screamers (125-83)200913
3219Ole Miss Mannings vs Southern Glory (112-107)20093
4 (tie)225Southern Glory vs NM Scorpions (119-106)20092
 225River City Gators vs Dairyland Dragons (120-105)201014
6227Arizona Outlaws vs Ole Miss Mannings (137-90)20089
7 (tie)229NM Scorpions vs Eastford Fun Bags (132-97)200810
 229Pinhoti Prowlers vs Eastford Fun Bags (125-104)20102
9 (tie)231River City Gators vs Kansas Undertakers (118-113)20085
 231Pecan Grove Hurricanes vs Edinburg Nightmare (122-109)20083
Victory Margin
1155Clifton Rockets200914River City Gators (266-111)
2123Dairyland Dragons20099MoKan Tiger Hawks (236-113)
3114Merrimack Valley Tigers20096Carteret Ramblers (221-107)
4103Edinburg Nightmare200913MoKan Tiger Hawks (215-112)
5102Eastford Fun Bags200813Arizona Outlaws (189-87)
6100Edinburg Nightmare20092MoKan Tiger Hawks (210-110)
799Clifton Rockets20098Rochester Eagles (241-142)
898Pinhoti Prowlers200810MoKan Tiger Hawks (194-96)
996Oregon Ducks20086Arizona Outlaws (203-107)
1095Edinburg Nightmare200912River City Gators (239-144)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Oregon Ducks20089Edinburg Nightmare (172-171)
 1Merrimack Valley Tigers200811Empire Dark Knights (138-137)
 1Edinburg Nightmare20103Farmville Bear Cubs (174-173)
 1River City Gators20107Ole Miss Mannings (150-149)
 1Kansas Undertakers20083NM Scorpions (170-169)
6 (tie)2Carteret Ramblers200813Dairyland Dragons (143-141)
 2Merrimack Valley Tigers200913Pinhoti Prowlers (175-173)
 2Pecan Grove Hurricanes20086Southern Glory (158-156)
 2MoKan Tiger Hawks20083Merrimack Valley Tigers (148-146)
 2MoKan Tiger Hawks20083River City Gators (148-146)
 2Fresno Heat20108Carteret Ramblers (180-178)

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