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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1172.9*Modell Sucks!20072
2163.55*Kamerion Krazies20054
3162.85*Modell Sucks!200610
4161.5*Modell Sucks!20078
5160.95*Modell Sucks!200612
6159.3*Kamerion Krazies20066
7157.9*Top Dawg20055
8157.5*Asia Gray's Ginsu200816
9155.7*Kelly's Heroes20082
10154.7*Kamerion Krazies20052
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
136.2*Winslow Bites The Dust!20065
240.8*I Love Marty Ball!!!!!!20082
341.5*Boneyard Scurvy20064
442.55*The "Turkey" Plant200712
543.5*Cleveland Ravriots20055
745.85*Boneyard Scurvy20078
846.2*Modell Swallows20078
947.2*Kelly's Heroes200612
1048.4*Modell Sucks!200510
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
161.95*Cleveland Ravriots20064*Boneyard Scurvy (61.95-41.5)
262.45*PUSSYDOGS20078*Modell Swallows (62.45-46.2)
362.75*I Love Marty Ball!!!!!!20075*Modell Swallows (62.75-62)
469.75*MADD DAWG!200610*NoMistakesByTheLake (69.75-56.8)
570.5*I Love Marty Ball!!!!!!20089*Top Dawg (70.5-56.05)
670.95*I Love Marty Ball!!!!!!20078*Boneyard Scurvy (70.95-45.85)
771.55*Juggernaughts20087*Oregon DaWgPoUnD (71.55-64.85)
873.95*Top Dawg20075*The "Turkey" Plant (73.95-54.9)
976.75*Winslow Bites The Dust!200512*Boneyard Scurvy (76.75-75.95)
1077.45*I Love Marty Ball!!!!!!20081*Top Dawg (77.45-76.6)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1127.6*Winslow Bites The Dust!200514*Top Dawg (127.6-128.55)
2126.9*The "Turkey" Plant20073*I Love Marty Ball!!!!!! (126.9-129.6)
3126.65*Kamerion Krazies20081*Modell Sucks! (126.65-126.75)
4123.3*Asia Gray's Ginsu20083*Juggernaughts (123.3-131.5)
5123.15*Juggernaughts200811*Modell Sucks! (123.15-131.55)
6122.75*Modell Sucks!20053*Kelly's Heroes (122.75-129.35)
7122.45*MADD DAWG!20069*Modell Sucks! (122.45-131.5)
8121.95*Oregon DaWgPoUnD200810*Kelly's Heroes (121.95-127.25)
9 (tie)120.75*The "Turkey" Plant20063*MADD DAWG! (120.75-125.15)
 120.75*Juggernaughts20057*Kelly's Heroes (120.75-139.05)
 120.75*Winslow Bites The Dust!20055*Kamerion Krazies (120.75-124.15)
Most Combined Points
1282.4*Modell Sucks! vs *Juggernaughts (162.85-119.55)200610
2266.5*Kamerion Krazies vs *Oregon DaWgPoUnD (163.55-102.95)20054
3265.8*Modell Sucks! vs *PUSSYDOGS (172.9-92.9)20072
4264.65*Modell Sucks! vs *Kamerion Krazies (144.65-120)20068
5262.75*Asia Gray's Ginsu vs *Kelly's Heroes (157.5-105.25)200816
6259.9*Kamerion Krazies vs *MADD DAWG! (159.3-100.6)20066
7259.8*Kelly's Heroes vs *Juggernaughts (139.05-120.75)20057
8259.75*Top Dawg vs *Modell Sucks! (151.55-108.2)20087
9259.6*Modell Sucks! vs *Oregon DaWgPoUnD (160.95-98.65)200612
10258*Top Dawg vs *Romeo's Revival (157.9-100.1)20055
Fewest Combined Points
1103.45*Cleveland Ravriots vs *Boneyard Scurvy (61.95-41.5)20064
2108.65*PUSSYDOGS vs *Modell Swallows (62.45-46.2)20078
3116.8*I Love Marty Ball!!!!!! vs *Boneyard Scurvy (70.95-45.85)20078
4124.75*I Love Marty Ball!!!!!! vs *Modell Swallows (62.75-62)20075
5 (tie)126.55*MADD DAWG! vs *NoMistakesByTheLake (69.75-56.8)200610
 126.55*I Love Marty Ball!!!!!! vs *Top Dawg (70.5-56.05)20089
7128.85*Top Dawg vs *The "Turkey" Plant (73.95-54.9)20075
8134.5*Cleveland Ravriots vs *Winslow Bites The Dust! (98.3-36.2)20065
9134.7*Boneyard Scurvy vs *Kelly's Heroes (77.85-56.85)20065
10135.5*Kelly's Heroes vs *PUSSYDOGS (91.6-43.9)200811
Victory Margin
1114.9*Kelly's Heroes20082*I Love Marty Ball!!!!!! (155.7-40.8)
287.95*Kamerion Krazies200610*Winslow Bites The Dust! (151.75-63.8)
380*Modell Sucks!20072*PUSSYDOGS (172.9-92.9)
479.15*Kamerion Krazies20053*Boneyard Scurvy (151.35-72.2)
577.65*Juggernaughts200810*Romeo's Revival (137.6-59.95)
676.8*Kamerion Krazies20063*Boneyard Scurvy (139.6-62.8)
775.6*Kamerion Krazies200612*Kelly's Heroes (122.8-47.2)
871.6*Modell Sucks!20078*The "Turkey" Plant (161.5-89.9)
970.75*Top Dawg200712*Oregon DaWgPoUnD (140.7-69.95)
1067.4*I Love Marty Ball!!!!!!20072*Cleveland Ravriots (149.65-82.25)
Least Victory Margin
10.10*Modell Sucks!20081*Kamerion Krazies (126.75-126.65)
20.30*Winslow Bites The Dust!20054*Boneyard Scurvy (110.4-110.1)
30.50*Modell Sucks!20061*MADD DAWG! (116.85-116.35)
40.55*Boneyard Scurvy20077*Kelly's Heroes (91.65-91.1)
50.75*I Love Marty Ball!!!!!!20075*Modell Swallows (62.75-62)
6 (tie)0.80*Cleveland Ravriots200710*Modell Sucks! (82.5-81.7)
 0.80*Winslow Bites The Dust!200512*Boneyard Scurvy (76.75-75.95)
8 (tie)0.85*I Love Marty Ball!!!!!!20081*Top Dawg (77.45-76.6)
 0.85*PUSSYDOGS200814*The "Turkey" Plant (95.15-94.3)
100.95*Top Dawg200514*Winslow Bites The Dust! (128.55-127.6)

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