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North Shore Keepers Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1244The Warriors20079
3187Solid gold dancers20084
4185What Would Belichick Do?20067
5 (tie)179House of Pain200915
 179The winners20067
7177House of Pain20069
8 (tie)176The Mystery Machine201011
10 (tie)1732bagger20064
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
126Big Tuna's Nightmare20086
230Solid gold dancers20067
3 (tie)39Fallen Heros200611
 39Big Tuna's Nightmare200811
5 (tie)402bagger200610
 40The DreadLockes200812
741The DreadLockes200613
845The Mystery Machine20064
946After further review...20109
10 (tie)484th and schlong20086
 48Hornitos Hombres20094
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
151Solid gold dancers20061After further review... (51-50)
266Fallen Heros20078The DreadLockes (66-65)
367The DreadLockes200710What Would Belichick Do? (67-65)
4 (tie)72Solid gold dancers20092What Would Belichick Do? (72-61)
 724th and schlong200810House of Pain (72-68)
673House of Pain20061The DreadLockes (73-70)
7752bagger20073The Mystery Machine (75-65)
876The DreadLockes2006102bagger (76-40)
9 (tie)77House of Pain20077The Mystery Machine (77-67)
 77House of Pain20078Solid gold dancers (77-75)
 77The Mystery Machine200910Geezers (77-70)
 77What Would Belichick Do?20075The winners (77-51)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1153House of Pain201011The Mystery Machine (153-176)
21504th and schlong20102The Warriors (150-156)
3 (tie)145The Warriors20072The winners (145-159)
 145After further review...2010104th and schlong (145-165)
5 (tie)144Make Me A Sandwich200812After further review... (144-156)
 144After further review...20073Make Me A Sandwich (144-146)
7 (tie)143Solid gold dancers200816After further review... (143-146)
 143Boston Tea Baggers 20102The Warriors (143-156)
9139Hornitos Hombres200910Make Me A Sandwich (139-155)
10137Hornitos Hombres20105Solid gold dancers (137-148)
Most Combined Points
1341The Warriors vs The Mystery Machine (244-97)20079
2329The Mystery Machine vs House of Pain (176-153)201011
33104th and schlong vs After further review... (165-145)201010
4 (tie)306The Warriors vs 4th and schlong (156-150)20102
 306House of Pain vs After further review... (179-127)200915
6304The winners vs The Warriors (159-145)20072
7300After further review... vs Make Me A Sandwich (156-144)200812
8299The Warriors vs Boston Tea Baggers (156-143)20102
9 (tie)294Make Me A Sandwich vs Hornitos Hombres (155-139)200910
 294Solid gold dancers vs The DreadLockes (187-107)20084
 294The Warriors vs Boston Tea Baggers (162-132)20092
Fewest Combined Points
1101Solid gold dancers vs After further review... (51-50)20061
2104The DreadLockes vs Big Tuna's Nightmare (78-26)20086
3116The DreadLockes vs 2bagger (76-40)200610
4128What Would Belichick Do? vs The winners (77-51)20075
5131Fallen Heros vs The DreadLockes (66-65)20078
6132The DreadLockes vs What Would Belichick Do? (67-65)200710
7133Solid gold dancers vs What Would Belichick Do? (72-61)20092
8136The Mystery Machine vs What Would Belichick Do? (80-56)20108
9 (tie)1382bagger vs Solid gold dancers (78-60)20075
 138Make Me A Sandwich vs The DreadLockes (97-41)200613
Victory Margin
1155What Would Belichick Do?20067Solid gold dancers (185-30)
2147The Warriors20079The Mystery Machine (244-97)
3112Geezers20096Solid gold dancers (176-64)
4105After further review...20085Big Tuna's Nightmare (155-50)
5 (tie)104The Warriors200812The DreadLockes (144-40)
 104Geezers200614What Would Belichick Do? (197-93)
7103The Warriors20109What Would Belichick Do? (156-53)
893The DreadLockes20082Make Me A Sandwich (159-66)
992Hornitos Hombres200912The Mystery Machine (148-56)
10914th and schlong201013Make Me A Sandwich (157-66)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Make Me A Sandwich20104The Mystery Machine (104-103)
 1Make Me A Sandwich200611Geezers (111-110)
 1The Mystery Machine201012Hornitos Hombres (78-77)
 1The Mystery Machine20096The Warriors (108-107)
 1Solid gold dancers20061After further review... (51-50)
 1Solid gold dancers200911The DreadLockes (81-80)
 1Solid gold dancers20091After further review... (91-90)
 1Fallen Heros20078The DreadLockes (66-65)
 1The DreadLockes20081After further review... (106-105)
 1Hornitos Hombres20107House of Pain (82-81)

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