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ACE FFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
185The Jammers200711
2 (tie)81Assassins200612
 81El Captain Funkaho's Squad of Winners20056
479Knight Hawks20066
578El Captain Funkaho's Squad of Winners200414
6 (tie)76 Sweetwater Tavern200410
 76Knight Hawks200413
875 Sweetwater Tavern200413
973Run DMC200113
1072Party Animals200714
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)3Stuffed Chickens200711
 3Boyce Humpers200117
3 (tie)5Party Animals20036
 5Knight Hawks20052
 5Threepeats Dynasty20065
 5Run DMC200114
 5Ric Flair's Junior Achievers20044
9 (tie)6Party Animals20075
 6Party Animals20078
 6Stuffed Chickens20077
 6The Bluegills200110
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
111Threepeats Dynasty20036Party Animals (11-5)
214The Bronx Bullies200111TNT (14-10)
316TD Crusader20044Ric Flair's Junior Achievers (16-5)
4 (tie)17Damage,Inc.20029The Jammers (17-10)
 17Damage,Inc.20033TNT (17-14)
 17Stuffed Chickens20051Knight Hawks (17-9)
7 (tie)19Party Animals200314Top Dawgs (19-17)
 19Damage,Inc.20039Top Dawgs (19-14)
 19TD Crusader20061The Jammers (19-15)
 19McBulds20035The Jammers (19-17)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
162The Jammers200413Knight Hawks (62-76)
258The Jammers200213The Bronx Bullies (58-61)
355TNT20041The Jammers (55-70)
453McBulds200416Knight Hawks (53-56)
5 (tie)52The Jammers20024Threepeats Dynasty (52-57)
 52Damage,Inc.200416 Sweetwater Tavern (52-53)
 52Knight Hawks200313Damage,Inc. (52-56)
 52Knight Hawks20076Party Animals (52-66)
 52Brash Monkey20049 Sweetwater Tavern (52-56)
 52Ric Flair's Junior Achievers20048TNT (52-66)
Most Combined Points
1138Knight Hawks vs The Jammers (76-62)200413
2125The Jammers vs TNT (70-55)20041
3123El Captain Funkaho's Squad of Winners vs Damage,Inc. (81-42)20056
4122The Jammers vs Threepeats Dynasty (85-37)200711
5119The Bronx Bullies vs The Jammers (61-58)200213
6 (tie)118TNT vs Ric Flair's Junior Achievers (66-52)20048
 118Party Animals vs Knight Hawks (66-52)20076
8 (tie)114Knight Hawks vs Sweetwater Tavern (68-46)200314
 114Evil Monkeys vs Knight Hawks (64-50)20079
10 (tie)113TD Crusader vs The Jammers (69-44)20034
 113McBulds vs The Jammers (63-50)20053
Fewest Combined Points
116Threepeats Dynasty vs Party Animals (11-5)20036
221TD Crusader vs Ric Flair's Junior Achievers (16-5)20044
322The Jammers vs Knight Hawks (11-11)20075
424The Bronx Bullies vs TNT (14-10)200111
525Damage,Inc. vs Assassins (20-5)200710
6 (tie)26The Bronx Bullies vs Threepeats Dynasty (13-13)20061
 26Stuffed Chickens vs Knight Hawks (17-9)20051
8 (tie)27Damage,Inc. vs The Jammers (17-10)20029
 27Mullet Madness vs Party Animals (21-6)20078
1029Make It Rain vs Stuffed Chickens (26-3)200711
Victory Margin
163Assassins200612The Jammers (81-18)
258 Sweetwater Tavern200413TD Crusader (75-17)
356Threepeats Dynasty200216The Jammers (69-13)
4 (tie)53 Sweetwater Tavern200410Damage,Inc. (76-23)
 53The Bronx Bullies20032Top Dawgs (69-16)
 53El Captain Funkaho's Squad of Winners200414Brash Monkey (78-25)
7 (tie)50Stuffed Chickens20067The Bronx Bullies (67-17)
 50Knight Hawks20066The Bronx Bullies (79-29)
 50McBulds200412Ric Flair's Junior Achievers (70-20)
10 (tie)49 Sweetwater Tavern20046TNT (71-22)
 49The Bronx Bullies20038Threepeats Dynasty (69-20)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Party Animals20018The Bluegills (23-22)
 1Party Animals20044El Captain Funkaho's Squad of Winners (25-24)
 1Party Animals20019Boyce Humpers (26-25)
 1Party Animals20015 Sweetwater Tavern (38-37)
 1The Jammers20049El Captain Funkaho's Squad of Winners (29-28)
 1The Jammers200311 Sweetwater Tavern (38-37)
 1Damage,Inc.20044 Sweetwater Tavern (29-28)
 1Damage,Inc.20042Party Animals (36-35)
 1Damage,Inc.20024 Sweetwater Tavern (38-37)
 1TD Crusader20028The Bronx Bullies (26-25)
 1TD Crusader20067Threepeats Dynasty (29-28)
 1TD Crusader200611The Bronx Bullies (32-31)
 1Knight Hawks200310Threepeats Dynasty (31-30)
 1Threepeats Dynasty200512TD Crusader (34-33)
 1Threepeats Dynasty20037 Sweetwater Tavern (46-45)
 1TNT200311The Bronx Bullies (22-21)
 1TNT20022Party Animals (32-31)
 1Lost Boys20016 Sweetwater Tavern (29-28)
 1The Bluegills20017The Jammers (39-38)
 1McBulds200311Knight Hawks (24-23)
 1McBulds20027Party Animals (36-35)
 1McBulds200413El Captain Funkaho's Squad of Winners (43-42)
 1Brash Monkey20057McBulds (26-25)

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