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Straight Cash Dynasty League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1312.35The Brandon Administration201810
2311.42Mr. Chip Douglas201813
3308.37The Pterodactyls20164
4304.18The Brandon Administration20184
5293.89Dababetes Type II20184
6293.01Lockett Up201610
7 (tie)291.99WYLD STALLYNS20198
 291.99Dababetes Type II20188
9289.35WYLD STALLYNS201814
10287.4Lockett Up20193
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1109.92NWO 4 Life201614
2113.99Mr. Chip Douglas201910
3119.54Lockett Up201710
4121.51The Brandon Administration201710
5127.13The Poop Swatches201912
6129.91The Brandon Administration201614
7131.69Mr. Chip Douglas201911
8134.15Cucamonga Cracker Killers20195
9135.4KHunt Kickers20196
10139.12Lockett Up201711
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1155.05Mr. Chip Douglas201912The Poop Swatches (155.05-127.13)
2161.01The Pterodactyls20171The Poop Swatches (161.01-159.53)
3163.97The Brandon Administration201712Lockett Up (163.97-143.8)
4165.57The Poop Swatches20197KHunt Kickers (165.57-149.55)
5167.78Mr. Chip Douglas20196WYLD STALLYNS (167.78-165.36)
6172.16Lockett Up20196KHunt Kickers (172.16-135.4)
7174.27Lockett Up201614The Brandon Administration (174.27-129.91)
8175.68KHunt Kickers20195Cucamonga Cracker Killers (175.68-134.15)
9 (tie)176.6WYLD STALLYNS201614NWO 4 Life (176.6-109.92)
 176.6Lockett Up201912KHunt Kickers (176.6-151.08)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1272.57The Brandon Administration201912NWO 4 Life (272.57-284.7)
2266.09The Pterodactyls20176Dababetes Type II (266.09-267.29)
3259.92NWO 4 Life201812WYLD STALLYNS (259.92-263.41)
4254.61The Pterodactyls201814The Brandon Administration (254.61-260.17)
5254.59WYLD STALLYNS20195NWO 4 Life (254.59-272.64)
6250.08Dababetes Type II20182WYLD STALLYNS (250.08-250.78)
7243.02Lockett Up20192Dababetes Type II (243.02-255.98)
8242.37Mr. Chip Douglas201715Dababetes Type II (242.37-246.19)
9239.83The Brandon Administration201816Lockett Up (239.83-281.03)
10239.78NWO 4 Life20185WYLD STALLYNS (239.78-246.61)
Victory Margin
1122.87WYLD STALLYNS201912Cucamonga Cracker Killers (280.23-157.36)
2113.66The Pterodactyls20164Mr. Chip Douglas (308.37-194.71)
3112.48NWO 4 Life20198KHunt Kickers (268.71-156.23)
4110.92The Pterodactyls20192Mr. Chip Douglas (275.5-164.58)
5106.16Mr. Chip Douglas201710Dababetes Type II (264.48-158.32)
6104.32NWO 4 Life201810The Poop Swatches (271.98-167.66)
7101.89Mr. Chip Douglas201813WYLD STALLYNS (311.42-209.53)
8100.52Cucamonga Cracker Killers201910Mr. Chip Douglas (214.51-113.99)
9100.28The Pterodactyls20161Mr. Chip Douglas (274.89-174.61)
10100.1NWO 4 Life201715The Pterodactyls (262.45-162.35)
Least Victory Margin
10.01The Poop Swatches201711WYLD STALLYNS (202.16-202.15)
20.37Dababetes Type II201912The Pterodactyls (222.01-221.64)
30.69The Brandon Administration20185Dababetes Type II (183.14-182.45)
40.70WYLD STALLYNS20182Dababetes Type II (250.78-250.08)
50.72The Pterodactyls20187The Brandon Administration (203.32-202.6)
60.92NWO 4 Life201816The Pterodactyls (218.26-217.34)
71.15Dababetes Type II201610Mr. Chip Douglas (217.46-216.31)
81.20Dababetes Type II20176The Pterodactyls (267.29-266.09)
91.39The Brandon Administration20163The Pterodactyls (234.15-232.76)
101.48The Pterodactyls20171The Poop Swatches (161.01-159.53)

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