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Hard Knocks University Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1389.6Miami Hurricanes20233
2377.5North Carolina State Wolfpack20227
3372.55North Carolina State Wolfpack202212
4367.9Colorado Buffaloes20225
5365.45Louisville Cardinals20224
6359.95North Carolina State Wolfpack20231
7359.65Louisville Cardinals20225
8358.5North Carolina Tar Heels20222
9358.2Stanford Cardinal20233
10355.95Hawaii Warriors202213
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
151.73Oregon State Beavers20222
288.21Oregon State Beavers20223
3110.9Air Force Falcons20226
4112.1Oregon State Beavers20226
5118.95Oregon State Beavers202213
6123.85Oregon State Beavers20229
7125 Virginia Tech Hokies20229
8127.45Utah Utes20229
9130.2Notre Dame Fighting Irish20225
10131.11Oregon State Beavers202210
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1178.85Boston College Eagles20229Wake Forest Demon Deacons (178.85-147.05)
2184.55Virginia Cavaliers20223Oregon State Beavers (184.55-88.21)
3185.78Oregon Ducks202213Oregon State Beavers (185.78-118.95)
4188.15Fresno State Bulldogs 20226Air Force Falcons (188.15-110.9)
5195.15Wake Forest Demon Deacons20224Oregon State Beavers (195.15-152.1)
6200.1Clemson Tigers20227Boston College Eagles (200.1-178.4)
7201.25Syracuse Orange202211Notre Dame Fighting Irish (201.25-195.2)
8202.6Clemson Tigers202213Syracuse Orange (202.6-197.5)
9202.7Wake Forest Demon Deacons202210Clemson Tigers (202.7-197.3)
10203.3Washington State Cougars 202212Oregon State Beavers (203.3-187.16)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1318.25 Virginia Tech Hokies20228Virginia Cavaliers (318.25-321.85)
2315.9Arizona Wildcats20223North Carolina Tar Heels (315.9-317.1)
3314.9Louisville Cardinals202215Boise State Broncos (314.9-317.3)
4314.85Navy Midshipmen 20232Mississippi State Bulldogs (314.85-332.7)
5312.92Hawaii Warriors20233Miami Hurricanes (312.92-389.6)
6312.35UCLA Bruins20223Navy Midshipmen (312.35-315.55)
7311.6Louisville Cardinals20221Air Force Falcons (311.6-337.8)
8311.3Boise State Broncos20221North Carolina Tar Heels (311.3-335)
9307.55Colorado Buffaloes202215Hawaii Warriors (307.55-339.4)
10305.8Oklahoma Sooners20232Boise State Broncos (305.8-311.5)
Most Combined Points
1702.52Miami Hurricanes vs Hawaii Warriors (389.6-312.92)20233
2659.83Stanford Cardinal vs Tennessee Volunteers (358.2-301.63)20233
3649.4Air Force Falcons vs Louisville Cardinals (337.8-311.6)20221
4647.55Mississippi State Bulldogs vs Navy Midshipmen (332.7-314.85)20232
5646.95Hawaii Warriors vs Colorado Buffaloes (339.4-307.55)202215
6646.3North Carolina Tar Heels vs Boise State Broncos (335-311.3)20221
7643.6North Carolina State Wolfpack vs Vanderbilt Commodores (359.95-283.65)20231
8640.1Virginia Cavaliers vs Virginia Tech Hokies (321.85-318.25)20228
9637.06North Carolina State Wolfpack vs Arkansas Razorbacks (337.96-299.1)20233
10633North Carolina Tar Heels vs Arizona Wildcats (317.1-315.9)20223
Fewest Combined Points
1272.76Virginia Cavaliers vs Oregon State Beavers (184.55-88.21)20223
2299.05Fresno State Bulldogs vs Air Force Falcons (188.15-110.9)20226
3304.73Oregon Ducks vs Oregon State Beavers (185.78-118.95)202213
4320.67 Virginia Tech Hokies vs Oregon State Beavers (268.94-51.73)20222
5325.9Boston College Eagles vs Wake Forest Demon Deacons (178.85-147.05)20229
6332.85Washington Huskies vs Oregon State Beavers (209-123.85)20229
7347.25Wake Forest Demon Deacons vs Oregon State Beavers (195.15-152.1)20224
8350.35Miami Hurricanes vs Virginia Tech Hokies (225.35-125)20229
9370.85Virginia Cavaliers vs Navy Midshipmen (210.55-160.3)20227
10377.7Washington State Cougars vs Stanford Cardinal (217.6-160.1)202211
Victory Margin
1221.25Colorado Buffaloes20226Oregon State Beavers (333.35-112.1)
2217.21 Virginia Tech Hokies20222Oregon State Beavers (268.94-51.73)
3211.35Arizona State Sun Devils20229Utah Utes (338.8-127.45)
4200.78Boise State Broncos20225Air Force Falcons (343.65-142.87)
5192.15North Carolina State Wolfpack20227Notre Dame Fighting Irish (377.5-185.35)
6179.33Hawaii Warriors202213Air Force Falcons (355.95-176.62)
7156.95USC Trojans202213Arizona Wildcats (305.45-148.5)
8153.65Navy Midshipmen 20225Notre Dame Fighting Irish (283.85-130.2)
9153.49Boise State Broncos202210Oregon State Beavers (284.6-131.11)
10146.7Louisville Cardinals20225Virginia Cavaliers (359.65-212.95)
Least Victory Margin
10.30Louisville Cardinals20227Wake Forest Demon Deacons (252-251.7)
20.55North Carolina State Wolfpack20221Utah Utes (267.15-266.6)
30.65Air Force Falcons20222Miami Hurricanes (241.95-241.3)
40.70North Carolina Tar Heels20225North Carolina State Wolfpack (256.75-256.05)
50.96Wake Forest Demon Deacons202211Florida State Seminoles (243-242.04)
6 (tie)1.20Wake Forest Demon Deacons20222Oregon Ducks (268.15-266.95)
 1.20North Carolina Tar Heels20223Arizona Wildcats (317.1-315.9)
81.22North Carolina Tar Heels20226Wake Forest Demon Deacons (294.67-293.45)
91.25Notre Dame Fighting Irish20231Boise State Broncos (210.95-209.7)
101.80South Carolina Gamecocks 20233Boise State Broncos (244.3-242.5)

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