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Ontario League 2 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1157.35*The Brown Dog200515
2153.45*FastFish TAG200413
3152.85*Tabby`s Crew200611
4151*Oregon Grinders II20067
5146*FastFish TAG20048
6145.75Dark Knights200412
7143.55*Addicted KATs20045
8141.25*Killer Racoons20064
9139.85*Oregon Grinders II20048
10139.4*Killer Racoons20068
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
146.05*Flawless Victory20049
248.7*BrownsROCK O2200611
349.2*BrownsROCK O220053
449.6*Highway to Hell20059
550.8Dark Knights200510
754.5*The Brown Dog20055
854.9*The Brown Dog20064
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
160.1*Hawks200611*BrownsROCK O2 (60.1-48.7)
264.85*Highway to Hell20049*Flawless Victory (64.85-46.05)
369.6*Hawks20063*Killer Racoons (69.6-65.65)
473.5*Highway to Hell20053*BrownsROCK O2 (73.5-49.2)
573.7*Oregon Grinders II20059*Highway to Hell (73.7-49.6)
674.05*Excalibur200613*BrownsROCK O2 (74.05-70.2)
775.05*Hawks20064*Tabby`s Crew (75.05-68.05)
877.65*BrownsROCK O2200610*The Brown Dog (77.65-66.1)
977.95*Addicted KATs200515*Excalibur (77.95-65.1)
1078.2*Addicted KATs200613*The Brown Dog (78.2-75)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1126.95*FastFish TAG20068*Killer Racoons (126.95-139.4)
2126.9*Highway to Hell200512Dark Knights (126.9-135.4)
3124.2*FastFish TAG200611*Tabby`s Crew (124.2-152.85)
4122.3*Excalibur200412Dark Knights (122.3-145.75)
5118.15*Addicted KATs20049*The Brown Dog (118.15-126.05)
6117.45*FastFish TAG200616*Killer Racoons (117.45-117.9)
7117.1*Oregon Grinders II20043*Highway to Hell (117.1-129.4)
8116.85Dark Knights20048*Oregon Grinders II (116.85-139.85)
9114.7*Addicted KATs200413Dark Knights (114.7-129.45)
10113.45*Oregon Grinders II200610*Tabby`s Crew (113.45-113.5)
Most Combined Points
1277.05*Tabby`s Crew vs *FastFish TAG (152.85-124.2)200611
2268.05Dark Knights vs *Excalibur (145.75-122.3)200412
3266.35*Killer Racoons vs *FastFish TAG (139.4-126.95)20068
4262.3Dark Knights vs *Highway to Hell (135.4-126.9)200512
5256.7*Oregon Grinders II vs Dark Knights (139.85-116.85)20048
6249.9*The Brown Dog vs *Oregon Grinders II (157.35-92.55)200515
7246.75*Oregon Grinders II vs *Zero Tolerance (137.45-109.3)20053
8246.5*Highway to Hell vs *Oregon Grinders II (129.4-117.1)20043
9244.85*Addicted KATs vs *Tabby`s Crew (135.6-109.25)20066
10244.2*The Brown Dog vs *Addicted KATs (126.05-118.15)20049
Fewest Combined Points
1108.8*Hawks vs *BrownsROCK O2 (60.1-48.7)200611
2110.9*Highway to Hell vs *Flawless Victory (64.85-46.05)20049
3122.7*Highway to Hell vs *BrownsROCK O2 (73.5-49.2)20053
4123.3*Oregon Grinders II vs *Highway to Hell (73.7-49.6)20059
5135.25*Hawks vs *Killer Racoons (69.6-65.65)20063
6140.05*Highway to Hell vs *The Brown Dog (85.55-54.5)20055
7141.4*Highway to Hell vs *FastFish TAG (81.9-59.5)20052
8142.15*REDNECK vs *BrownsROCK O2 (80.7-61.45)20051
9143.05*Addicted KATs vs *Excalibur (77.95-65.1)200515
10143.1*Hawks vs *Tabby`s Crew (75.05-68.05)20064
Victory Margin
183.9*Oregon Grinders II20064*The Brown Dog (138.8-54.9)
278.4*Oregon Grinders II20067*FastFish TAG (151-72.6)
371.8*FastFish TAG20048*BrownsROCK O2 (146-74.2)
470.75*Addicted KATs20045*Flawless Victory (143.55-72.8)
564.95*FastFish TAG20058*Highway to Hell (121.35-56.4)
664.8*The Brown Dog200515*Oregon Grinders II (157.35-92.55)
764.05*FastFish TAG200413*Excalibur (153.45-89.4)
863.1*Oregon Grinders II20045*FastFish TAG (139.2-76.1)
960.4*Addicted KATs20057*REDNECK (119.4-59)
1058*FastFish TAG200614*Oregon Grinders II (135.25-77.25)
Least Victory Margin
10.05*Tabby`s Crew200610*Oregon Grinders II (113.5-113.45)
20.25*Oregon Grinders II20066*Killer Racoons (112.15-111.9)
3 (tie)0.30*Excalibur200514Dark Knights (98.55-98.25)
 0.30*Highway to Hell200513*Addicted KATs (87.1-86.8)
50.45*Killer Racoons200616*FastFish TAG (117.9-117.45)
60.60*REDNECK200613*FastFish TAG (92.65-92.05)
71.70*FastFish TAG20046*Excalibur (96.4-94.7)
82.25Dark Knights20042*FastFish TAG (78.65-76.4)
92.65*Highway to Hell20057*Excalibur (92.5-89.85)
102.75*Addicted KATs20067*Killer Racoons (84.45-81.7)

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