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Fantasy Premier League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1246.66Fightin' Crows201414
2240.19Fightin' Crows20153
4211.03Fightin' Crows20164
5210.19Master of Karate20215
6204.89Baltic Thunder201515
7204.69Master of Karate20193
8199Baltic Thunder200711
9197Texas State Armadillos20102
10195.99Texas State Armadillos20195
12193Maloof Brothers20068
14191.99Baltic Thunder201512
15191.76Master of Karate201811
17190.15Fightin' Crows201915
18190.12Master of Karate201410
20187.59Pumpkin Hookers201113
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
127Pumpkin Hookers200810
230Master of Karate200910
333Victor E's20095
436The No-Randy Ratio200517
5 (tie)39Master of Karate200613
 39For Sale20057
739.66Victor E's201213
941Master of Karate201017
10 (tie)42Master of Karate200513
 42Master of Karate20108
13 (tie)45Master of Karate20076
 45For Sale200510
16 (tie)47Firemen20065
 47Maloof Brothers200917
1847.36Texas State Armadillos20136
1947.53Operation Phoenix20194
2047.69Maloof Brothers201411
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
162Fightin' Crows20052Firemen (62-57)
2 (tie)67Firemen20089Operation Phoenix (67-63)
 67Texas State Armadillos20087Baltic Thunder (67-65)
468For Sale200513The No-Randy Ratio (68-62)
5 (tie)69Firemen20054For Sale (69-66)
 69Fightin' Crows20094Operation Phoenix (69-62)
7 (tie)71Fightin' Crows20055The No-Randy Ratio (71-56)
 71Fightin' Crows20084Firemen (71-59)
 71mVPs20075Fightin' Crows (71-70)
 71For Sale20068Pumpkin Hookers (71-70)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1181.45Victor E's20193Master of Karate (181.45-204.69)
2171.76Texas State Armadillos20163Master of Karate (171.76-178.76)
3168.49Fightin' Crows201315Maloof Brothers (168.49-173.79)
4164.19Texas State Armadillos201812Fightin' Crows (164.19-169.32)
5162.92Fightin' Crows20184Firemen (162.92-163.42)
6162.23Master of Karate20185Victor E's (162.23-164.69)
7161.55Firemen20153Fightin' Crows (161.55-240.19)
8159Baltic Thunder20071Operation Phoenix (159-161)
9157.92Fightin' Crows201814Maloof Brothers (157.92-181.25)
10157.62Texas State Armadillos20182Master of Karate (157.62-162.25)
Most Combined Points
1401.74Fightin' Crows vs Firemen (240.19-161.55)20153
2394.85Fightin' Crows vs Renegades (246.66-148.19)201414
3386.14Master of Karate vs Victor E's (204.69-181.45)20193
4350.52Master of Karate vs Texas State Armadillos (178.76-171.76)20163
5342.28Maloof Brothers vs Fightin' Crows (173.79-168.49)201315
6341.61Texas State Armadillos vs Baltic Thunder (195.99-145.62)20195
7341.11Fightin' Crows vs Maloof Brothers (190.15-150.96)201915
8339.17Maloof Brothers vs Fightin' Crows (181.25-157.92)201814
9333.75Prometheus vs Renegades (190.63-143.12)201413
10333.51Fightin' Crows vs Texas State Armadillos (169.32-164.19)201812
Fewest Combined Points
1 (tie)119Fightin' Crows vs Firemen (62-57)20052
 119Operation Phoenix vs For Sale (74-45)200510
3120The No-Randy Ratio vs Firemen (73-47)20065
4122Operation Phoenix vs Master of Karate (80-42)200513
5125Victor E's vs Pumpkin Hookers (98-27)200810
6127Fightin' Crows vs The No-Randy Ratio (71-56)20055
7127.86Renegades vs Fightin' Crows (72.23-55.63)20117
8128Pumpkin Hookers vs For Sale (89-39)20057
9 (tie)130Fightin' Crows vs Firemen (71-59)20084
 130Firemen vs Operation Phoenix (67-63)20089
 130For Sale vs The No-Randy Ratio (68-62)200513
Victory Margin
1123.24Fightin' Crows201413Maloof Brothers (178.03-54.79)
2119.6Firemen20156Maloof Brothers (177.59-57.99)
3117Prometheus200914Renegades (195-78)
4113.27mVPs20153Maloof Brothers (192.06-78.79)
5113Baltic Thunder200711mVPs (199-86)
6108.11Pumpkin Hookers20163Operation Phoenix (171.63-63.52)
7105.59Victor E's201811Pumpkin Hookers (185.85-80.26)
8105.43mVPs20215Operation Phoenix (176.69-71.26)
9105.13Master of Karate201811Fightin' Crows (191.76-86.63)
10103.83mVPs20146Operation Phoenix (178.42-74.59)
Least Victory Margin
10.07mVPs202014Prometheus (138.93-138.86)
20.16Operation Phoenix20209Firemen (85.59-85.43)
30.19Victor E's20147Maloof Brothers (71.79-71.6)
40.29Victor E's20176Master of Karate (96.22-95.93)
50.34Texas State Armadillos20162Maloof Brothers (116.16-115.82)
60.42mVPs20184Operation Phoenix (142.65-142.23)
70.44Master of Karate201610Pumpkin Hookers (100.29-99.85)
80.50Firemen20184Fightin' Crows (163.42-162.92)
90.54mVPs20132Victor E's (111.56-111.02)
10 (tie)0.57Texas State Armadillos201113Firemen (108.36-107.79)
 0.57Operation Phoenix20218Fightin' Crows (84.13-83.56)

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