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Pewter Power Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2270.2House of Pain20072
4258House of Pain20076
5257Golgatha Gladiators20043
6251Dirty Dogs200413
7246Bring the Wood20045
8243Kosar's Klan200412
9241.2Killer Bytes200711
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
154House of Pain20065
364Hambone Freaks200310
467House of Pain20061
672House of Pain20069
773House of Pain20066
874House of Pain200613
975Mind Benders20034
10 (tie)76House of Pain20064
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
198DeezNuttz20067Hitmen (98-89)
2105.6DeezNuttz200715Dirty Dogs (105.6-89.5)
3 (tie)107Habana Cane Cutters20059Funk (107-101)
 107DeezNuttz20068House of Pain (107-94)
5 (tie)116Habana Cane Cutters20056Killer Bytes (116-98)
 116Sunday Smackdown20053Hitmen (116-99)
 116Less Filling Taste Great200310Hambone Freaks (116-64)
8 (tie)118Hitmen20061Dirty Dogs (118-105)
 118St.Pete Pimp Daddys20036Hammers (118-79)
10118.8Funk20074Sunday Smackdown (118.8-97.2)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1220Killer Bytes20043Sunday Smackdown (220-229)
2215Golgatha Gladiators200410Killer Bytes (215-233)
3212Kosar's Klan200413House of Pain (212-236)
4211Funk200414Golgatha Gladiators (211-240)
5209BIG BUCS200413Funk (209-228)
6208BIG BUCS200410Sunday Smackdown (208-209)
7202.7Bring the Wood20072House of Pain (202.7-270.2)
8 (tie)200Sunday Smackdown200415Funk (200-275)
 200BIG BUCS200412Kosar's Klan (200-243)
10197Hitmen20032Killer Bytes (197-209)
Most Combined Points
1475Funk vs Sunday Smackdown (275-200)200415
2472.9House of Pain vs Bring the Wood (270.2-202.7)20072
3451Golgatha Gladiators vs Funk (240-211)200414
4449Sunday Smackdown vs Killer Bytes (229-220)20043
5 (tie)448Killer Bytes vs Golgatha Gladiators (233-215)200410
 448House of Pain vs Kosar's Klan (236-212)200413
7443Kosar's Klan vs BIG BUCS (243-200)200412
8 (tie)437Funk vs BIG BUCS (228-209)200413
 437Golgatha Gladiators vs BIG BUCS (257-180)20043
10431.9Killer Bytes vs House of Pain (241.2-190.7)200711
Fewest Combined Points
1180Less Filling Taste Great vs Hambone Freaks (116-64)200310
2184Sunday Smackdown vs House of Pain (130-54)20065
3187DeezNuttz vs Hitmen (98-89)20067
4195.1DeezNuttz vs Dirty Dogs (105.6-89.5)200715
5 (tie)197Dirty Dogs vs House of Pain (123-74)200613
 197St.Pete Pimp Daddys vs Hammers (118-79)20036
7201DeezNuttz vs House of Pain (107-94)20068
8203SwampMasters vs House of Pain (131-72)20069
9208Habana Cane Cutters vs Funk (107-101)20059
10 (tie)214Dirty Dogs vs House of Pain (141-73)20066
 214Habana Cane Cutters vs Killer Bytes (116-98)20056
Victory Margin
1159WallBangers20067Bring the Wood (259-100)
2133.8House of Pain20076Funk (258-124.2)
3121.4Bring the Wood20078Rayge (184-62.6)
4119YardBreakers20038Less Filling Taste Great (231-112)
5114.7Sunday Smackdown20079Rayge (228.8-114.1)
6109Habana Cane Cutters20058Dirty Dogs (207-98)
7107.1Dirty Dogs20077Killer Bytes (234.2-127.1)
8105Funk200313Less Filling Taste Great (235-130)
9104DeezNuttz200512Hitmen (207-103)
10103St.Pete Pimp Daddys20037Sunday Smackdown (224-121)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Bring the Wood200312Funk (161-160)
 1Bring the Wood200413Killer Bytes (172-171)
 1Killer Bytes200611Bring the Wood (147-146)
 1Dirty Dogs20049Bring the Wood (139-138)
 1Hitmen20055Golgatha Gladiators (138-137)
 1Hitmen20037Big Bucs (154-153)
 1DeezNuttz20051Golgatha Gladiators (158-157)
 1Sunday Smackdown200510Habana Cane Cutters (127-126)
 1Sunday Smackdown200410BIG BUCS (209-208)
 1SwampMasters20066Sunday Smackdown (176-175)

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