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No Name Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
2 (tie)287Mullet Hunters201413
 287Zero Fucks Given201411
4286.5Sin City Violators201516
5282Brain Tanks20193
6278.5Mullet Hunters20168
7278Sin City Violators201811
8 (tie)275Mullet Hunters20148
 275Sin City Violators20163
10274.5The Waiver Wires20157
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
2 (tie)31SoulCrushers20028
 31LochNess Monsters20097
434Pepsi Clear20058
941Beauty n' the Beast20033
10 (tie)42Heathenous Vipers of Sin200714
 42Pigskin Yankees20067
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
150Barbarians20048Assassins (50-44)
252Warriors20033RoughNecks (52-49)
357Barbarians20033Assassins (57-54)
458RoughNecks20048Warriors (58-45)
559Sin City Violators20039Barbarians (59-56)
661Bakery Bandits200310Assassins (61-38)
7 (tie)62Sin City Violators200311RoughNecks (62-44)
 62Pepsi Clear20049Barbarians (62-55)
 62Jugheads20086Pepsi Clear (62-61)
10 (tie)63Beauty n' the Beast20034Heathenous Vipers of Sin (63-56)
 63Bakery Bandits20033Beauty n' the Beast (63-41)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1257Sin City Violators20157The Waiver Wires (257-274.5)
2 (tie)245Armageddons20131The Waiver Wires (245-250.5)
 245Refrigerator Fincham201812Gaza Strip Mortar Manics (245-248.5)
4241.5The Waiver Wires201715Sin City Violators (241.5-266.5)
5236.5Armageddons201915Dia de los Broncos (236.5-241.5)
6235.5Jugheads20182The Waiver Wires (235.5-240.5)
7232.5Sin City Violators201410I Love Witten, No Romo (232.5-264)
8231Jugheads201912Michael's Team (231-246.5)
9229.5Mullet Hunters20181Sin City Violators (229.5-241.5)
10228.5I Love Witten, No Romo201812Brain Tanks (228.5-233)
Most Combined Points
1531.5The Waiver Wires vs Sin City Violators (274.5-257)20157
2518Armageddons vs Poker Playing Jedi (315-203)20191
3508Sin City Violators vs The Waiver Wires (266.5-241.5)201715
4496.5I Love Witten, No Romo vs Sin City Violators (264-232.5)201410
5495.5The Waiver Wires vs Armageddons (250.5-245)20131
6493.5Gaza Strip Mortar Manics vs Refrigerator Fincham (248.5-245)201812
7486Jugheads vs Sin City Violators (265.5-220.5)201513
8482Mullet Hunters vs Jugheads (287-195)201413
9480Mullet Hunters vs Sin City Violators (257.5-222.5)201515
10478Dia de los Broncos vs Armageddons (241.5-236.5)201915
Fewest Combined Points
192RoughNecks vs Oz-Man (46-46)20035
294Barbarians vs Assassins (50-44)20048
399Bakery Bandits vs Assassins (61-38)200310
4101Warriors vs RoughNecks (52-49)20033
5103RoughNecks vs Warriors (58-45)20048
6104Bakery Bandits vs Beauty n' the Beast (63-41)20033
7 (tie)106Sin City Violators vs RoughNecks (62-44)200311
 106The Woodlands Winos vs LochNess Monsters (75-31)20097
9107Destroyers vs Warriors (64-43)20027
10108Assassins vs SoulCrushers (64-44)20029
Biggest Blowouts
1148Zero Fucks Given201411Gaza Strip Mortar Manics (287-139)
2135Sin City Violators20021Destroyers (135-0)
3125Sin City Violators20163The Waiver Wires (275-150)
4123.5Jugheads20191Dia de los Broncos (266-142.5)
5122.5I Love Witten, No Romo20194Dia de los Broncos (254-131.5)
6120Sin City Violators20096Show Me Your TD's (168-48)
7119Gaza Strip Mortar Manics20188The Waiver Wires (238-119)
8 (tie)113Sin City Violators20163McF&#k's Show (275-162)
 113Oz-Man20067Da Newbies (177-64)
10112.5Brain Tanks20193Refrigerator Fincham (282-169.5)
Smallest Margin of Victory
1 (tie)0.50Mullet Hunters20154Armageddons (192-191.5)
 0.50I Love Witten, No Romo20143Mullet Hunters (175-174.5)
 0.50I Love Witten, No Romo20199Poker Playing Jedi (197-196.5)
4 (tie)1Mullet Hunters200214Bakery Bandits (77-76)
 1Mullet Hunters20105Show Me Your TD's (99-98)
 1Mullet Hunters201010The Mad Cows (124-123)
 1The Mad Cows20091Armageddons (78-77)
 1The Mad Cows200813Philly Phyre (80-79)
 1Sin City Violators20022Mullet Hunters (98-97)
 1Sin City Violators201213The Mad Cows (109-108)
 1Sin City Violators200711The Woodlands Winos (122-121)
 1Armageddons200315Oz-Man (87-86)
 1Armageddons200911Jugheads (103-102)
 1Pepsi Clear20046Assassins (96-95)
 1Bakery Bandits20039Heathenous Vipers of Sin (71-70)
 1Jugheads20086Pepsi Clear (62-61)
 1Jugheads20083Philly Phyre (84-83)
 1Jugheads20065Pigskin Yankees (88-87)
 1Prison City Pounders20072Armageddons (136-135)
 1Prison City Pounders20131BenJarvus Green-Ellis Attorneys at Law (187-186)
 1Philly Phyre20081Armageddons (105-104)
 1I Love Witten, No Romo201511Dia de los Broncos (180.5-179.5)
 1BenJarvus Green-Ellis Attorneys at Law20122Heathenous Vipers of Sin (136-135)
 1BenJarvus Green-Ellis Attorneys at Law20138McF&#k's Show (209-208)
 1The Waiver Wires20147Armageddons (167.5-166.5)
 1The Assassins200610Sin City Violators (87-86)
 1Gaza Strip Mortar Manics20181Brain Tanks (210.5-209.5)

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