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Devy Dynasty Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1433.01Josh's Team20153
2417.42Disney's Treasured Guests201512
3406.28Hut Hut Hotties201513
4402.47Disney's Treasured Guests201515
5384.49Hut Hut Hotties201515
6374.18Josh's Team201513
7374.08Annie's Boobs20157
8365.86Annie's Boobs20151
9363.18Annie's Boobs20156
10360.78Hut Hut Hotties20159
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1175.4Shane Z's Team20155
2179.64Pink Monkey20155
3189.09Disney's Treasured Guests201511
4189.76Driving While Drafting201516
5199.87Pink Monkey201511
6203.55Pink Monkey20154
7206.21Pink Monkey201513
8209.15Shane Z's Team201512
9212.24Hut Hut Hotties20154
10218.24Shane Z's Team201511
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1199.87Pink Monkey201511Disney's Treasured Guests (199.87-189.09)
2220.77Driving While Drafting201511Shane Z's Team (220.77-218.24)
3227.57Disney's Treasured Guests20157Driving While Drafting (227.57-219.36)
4244.28Pink Monkey20152Annie's Boobs (244.28-235.02)
5251.03Pink Monkey201510Austin's Team (251.03-227.78)
6251.26Josh's Team20157Austin's Team (251.26-237.16)
7253.65Hut Hut Hotties20156Austin's Team (253.65-245.67)
8259.44Annie's Boobs201510Disney's Treasured Guests (259.44-244.22)
9262.49Annie's Boobs20154Disney's Treasured Guests (262.49-244.71)
10265.48Josh's Team20158Driving While Drafting (265.48-244.36)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1356.28Hut Hut Hotties20157Annie's Boobs (356.28-374.08)
2337.62Disney's Treasured Guests201513Hut Hut Hotties (337.62-406.28)
3331.8Josh's Team201512Annie's Boobs (331.8-348.09)
4321.86Disney's Treasured Guests20159Hut Hut Hotties (321.86-360.78)
5310.8Disney's Treasured Guests201516Hut Hut Hotties (310.8-324.48)
6310.31Josh's Team20156Annie's Boobs (310.31-363.18)
7307.72Austin's Team201513Josh's Team (307.72-374.18)
8301.26Austin's Team201512Hut Hut Hotties (301.26-313.12)
9299.03Shane Z's Team20153Annie's Boobs (299.03-322.58)
10288.22Driving While Drafting201514Disney's Treasured Guests (288.22-329.36)
Most Combined Points
1743.9Hut Hut Hotties vs Disney's Treasured Guests (406.28-337.62)201513
2730.36Annie's Boobs vs Hut Hut Hotties (374.08-356.28)20157
3705.17Josh's Team vs Disney's Treasured Guests (433.01-272.16)20153
4701.09Josh's Team vs Austin's Team (433.01-268.08)20153
5688.53Disney's Treasured Guests vs Annie's Boobs (402.47-286.06)201515
6682.64Hut Hut Hotties vs Disney's Treasured Guests (360.78-321.86)20159
7681.9Josh's Team vs Austin's Team (374.18-307.72)201513
8679.89Annie's Boobs vs Josh's Team (348.09-331.8)201512
9673.49Annie's Boobs vs Josh's Team (363.18-310.31)20156
10670.23Hut Hut Hotties vs Josh's Team (384.49-285.74)201515
Fewest Combined Points
1388.96Pink Monkey vs Disney's Treasured Guests (199.87-189.09)201511
2439.01Driving While Drafting vs Shane Z's Team (220.77-218.24)201511
3446.93Disney's Treasured Guests vs Driving While Drafting (227.57-219.36)20157
4478.81Pink Monkey vs Austin's Team (251.03-227.78)201510
5478.92Austin's Team vs Driving While Drafting (289.16-189.76)201516
6479.3Pink Monkey vs Annie's Boobs (244.28-235.02)20152
7488.42Josh's Team vs Austin's Team (251.26-237.16)20157
8492.35Austin's Team vs Pink Monkey (288.8-203.55)20154
9499.32Hut Hut Hotties vs Austin's Team (253.65-245.67)20156
10503.66Annie's Boobs vs Disney's Treasured Guests (259.44-244.22)201510
Victory Margin
1208.27Disney's Treasured Guests201512Shane Z's Team (417.42-209.15)
2200.07Hut Hut Hotties201513Pink Monkey (406.28-206.21)
3176.25Driving While Drafting20155Shane Z's Team (351.65-175.4)
4167.97Josh's Team201513Pink Monkey (374.18-206.21)
5164.93Josh's Team20153Austin's Team (433.01-268.08)
6160.85Josh's Team20153Disney's Treasured Guests (433.01-272.16)
7151Disney's Treasured Guests20155Pink Monkey (330.64-179.64)
8131.62Hut Hut Hotties20151Pink Monkey (352.72-221.1)
9127.58Disney's Treasured Guests20152Austin's Team (347.86-220.28)
10118.67Annie's Boobs20151Shane Z's Team (365.86-247.19)
Least Victory Margin
10.83Josh's Team201510Shane Z's Team (271.77-270.94)
22.53Driving While Drafting201511Shane Z's Team (220.77-218.24)
37.50Hut Hut Hotties20153Pink Monkey (288.02-280.52)
47.98Hut Hut Hotties20156Austin's Team (253.65-245.67)
58.21Disney's Treasured Guests20157Driving While Drafting (227.57-219.36)
69.26Pink Monkey20152Annie's Boobs (244.28-235.02)
710.78Pink Monkey201511Disney's Treasured Guests (199.87-189.09)
811.86Hut Hut Hotties201512Austin's Team (313.12-301.26)
913.68Hut Hut Hotties201516Disney's Treasured Guests (324.48-310.8)
1014.10Josh's Team20157Austin's Team (251.26-237.16)

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