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Michigan League 15 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1180*Endzone Campers 320079
2178*Sonic Barbarians200711
4158.3*Petoskey Stones200812
5157*Sonic Barbarians20075
6154*Sonic Barbarians20087
7153.95*Careless Navigators II20084
8153Red Headed Midgit Bitches20071
9151.25*Endzone Campers 320082
10149.6*The Stink II20084
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
145Donovan McBumm20067
352*Georgia Bandits20073
452.7Donovan McBumm200810
6 (tie)56Donovan McBumm20068
 56*Georgia Bandits200711
856.45The Willies20086
957Red Headed Midgit Bitches20078
1057.35*Georgia Bandits20082
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
162*Hail To The Redskins20078Red Headed Midgit Bitches (62-57)
266Intimidators 820065$Jacob$ (66-63)
370.55*The Stink II20081*Georgia Bandits (70.55-62.8)
474.35$Jacob$200814Red Headed Midgit Bitches (74.35-59.3)
575Intimidators 8200615*Hail To The Redskins (75-61)
676LIL GIRLS TEAM20074Red Headed Midgit Bitches (76-73)
778VINCERO20075*Georgia Bandits (78-62)
879*Hail To The Redskins20079*Georgia Bandits (79-77)
979.15*Careless Navigators II20087*Georgia Bandits (79.15-68.55)
1079.3*Georgia Bandits200812LIL GIRLS TEAM (79.3-66.35)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1149.6*The Stink II20084*Careless Navigators II (149.6-153.95)
2132VINCERO20073The Willies (132-142)
3131.8Red Headed Midgit Bitches20084*Endzone Campers 3 (131.8-134.9)
4 (tie)130Donovan McBumm20072The Willies (130-147)
 130Intimidators 8200616*Sonic Barbarians (130-131)
6129LIL GIRLS TEAM200713*Endzone Campers 3 (129-131)
7123*Endzone Campers 3200711*Petoskey Stones (123-127)
8120$Jacob$20069*Careless Navigators II (120-136)
9119.65VINCERO200810*Sonic Barbarians (119.65-137.65)
10119.6The Willies20087*Sonic Barbarians (119.6-154)
Most Combined Points
1303.55*Careless Navigators II vs *The Stink II (153.95-149.6)20084
2288*Endzone Campers 3 vs Red Headed Midgit Bitches (180-108)20079
3279.6VINCERO vs *Petoskey Stones (163.2-116.4)20082
4277The Willies vs Donovan McBumm (147-130)20072
5274The Willies vs VINCERO (142-132)20073
6273.6*Sonic Barbarians vs The Willies (154-119.6)20087
7266.7*Endzone Campers 3 vs Red Headed Midgit Bitches (134.9-131.8)20084
8263.7*Careless Navigators II vs *Petoskey Stones (144.2-119.5)200810
9 (tie)261*Careless Navigators II vs Donovan McBumm (144-117)200614
 261*Sonic Barbarians vs Intimidators 8 (131-130)200616
Fewest Combined Points
1119*Hail To The Redskins vs Red Headed Midgit Bitches (62-57)20078
2129Intimidators 8 vs $Jacob$ (66-63)20065
3133.35*The Stink II vs *Georgia Bandits (70.55-62.8)20081
4133.65$Jacob$ vs Red Headed Midgit Bitches (74.35-59.3)200814
5136Intimidators 8 vs *Hail To The Redskins (75-61)200615
6139Intimidators 8 vs Donovan McBumm (94-45)20067
7140VINCERO vs *Georgia Bandits (78-62)20075
8145.65*Georgia Bandits vs LIL GIRLS TEAM (79.3-66.35)200812
9146.05*Petoskey Stones vs $Jacob$ (92-54.05)20087
10147*Endzone Campers 3 vs The Willies (81-66)20065
Victory Margin
196*Sonic Barbarians200711VINCERO (178-82)
284$Jacob$20068Donovan McBumm (140-56)
376.5*Endzone Campers 320082$Jacob$ (151.25-74.75)
475.25*Endzone Campers 3200810The Willies (134.3-59.05)
574.3*Petoskey Stones200813$Jacob$ (134.35-60.05)
674Red Headed Midgit Bitches200711*Georgia Bandits (130-56)
772*Endzone Campers 320079Red Headed Midgit Bitches (180-108)
871*Sonic Barbarians20075*Endzone Campers 3 (157-86)
969VINCERO20077Donovan McBumm (144-75)
1068.4LIL GIRLS TEAM200810Donovan McBumm (121.1-52.7)
Least Victory Margin
10.20*Careless Navigators II200812*The Stink II (116.55-116.35)
20.25*Careless Navigators II200814LIL GIRLS TEAM (90.4-90.15)
30.95*Sonic Barbarians20089*Petoskey Stones (103.35-102.4)
4 (tie)1*Careless Navigators II20067*Hail To The Redskins (112-111)
 1The Willies20078*Sonic Barbarians (108-107)
 1Red Headed Midgit Bitches200613VINCERO (93-92)
 1*Sonic Barbarians20066Donovan McBumm (93-92)
 1*Sonic Barbarians200713*Hail To The Redskins (93-92)
 1*Sonic Barbarians200616Intimidators 8 (131-130)
101.60LIL GIRLS TEAM20085*Petoskey Stones (101.3-99.7)

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