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Ghost of 18 League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1190The Last Straw200012
2177Ukraine Train (Team Available)200110
3172The Tacoma Thunderbolts20069
4169Rooneys Bulldogs20079
5 (tie)168MUSCLEHEDZ 1820027
 168Arizona Niblicks200512
7165Rooneys Bulldogs200511
8164Rooneys Bulldogs20076
9162Arizona Niblicks200413
10161ONYA CHIN20054
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
131Vermont Catamounts III200210
235EFS | Team 18-2200013
438BLACK MAMBA 18200210
539BLACK MAMBA 1820078
640Vermont Catamounts III20029
7 (tie)42Jumbohawks20044
 42Bayfront Bandits200311
943Dallas Cowboys19998
1044The Tacoma Thunderbolts20075
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
154Diesel Grunts20033Bayfront Bandits (54-51)
261Berclair Baddogs19994The Last Straw (61-57)
3 (tie)64Arizona Niblicks20016ONYA CHIN (64-63)
 64Bloom County Rams20036The Tacoma Thunderbolts (64-61)
 64Dallas Cowboys199910Virginia Sharks (64-62)
665THE MEEKER STREAKERS20061The No Names (65-51)
766Ferocious Facecloths20013Vermont Catamounts III (66-57)
8 (tie)67Vermont Catamounts III20012Dead Parrot Sketch (67-49)
 67Touchdown Kings19993Bloom County Rams (67-65)
10 (tie)69BLACK MAMBA 1820028Vermont Catamounts III (69-61)
 69Arizona Niblicks200513Dead Parrot Sketch (69-66)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1145EFS | Team 18-1200010Bayfront Bandits (145-152)
2137ONYA CHIN200116Longshot (137-139)
3136Dead Parrot Sketch200511Rooneys Bulldogs (136-165)
4135Dead Parrot Sketch20053Arizona Niblicks (135-148)
5131Diesel Grunts200011Longshot (131-135)
6130Diesel Grunts200015The Last Straw (130-144)
7129.45*D&B Maniacs20082THE MEEKER STREAKERS (129.45-158)
8129Diesel Grunts200315Arizona Niblicks (129-151)
9128.6The No Names20084THE MEEKER STREAKERS (128.6-129.85)
10 (tie)128Bayfront Bandits20028ONYA CHIN (128-129)
 128Diesel Grunts200211Longshot (128-142)
Most Combined Points
1301Rooneys Bulldogs vs Dead Parrot Sketch (165-136)200511
2297Bayfront Bandits vs EFS | Team 18-1 (152-145)200010
3287.45THE MEEKER STREAKERS vs *D&B Maniacs (158-129.45)20082
4283Arizona Niblicks vs Dead Parrot Sketch (148-135)20053
5280Arizona Niblicks vs Diesel Grunts (151-129)200315
6276Longshot vs ONYA CHIN (139-137)200116
7275MUSCLEHEDZ 18 vs ONYA CHIN (168-107)20027
8274The Last Straw vs Diesel Grunts (144-130)200015
9273The Last Straw vs Diesel Grunts (158-115)20007
10271Rooneys Bulldogs vs BLACK MAMBA 18 (164-107)20076
Fewest Combined Points
1105Diesel Grunts vs Bayfront Bandits (54-51)20033
2114Touchdown Kings vs Dallas Cowboys (71-43)19998
3 (tie)116THE MEEKER STREAKERS vs The No Names (65-51)20061
 116Vermont Catamounts III vs Dead Parrot Sketch (67-49)20012
5118Berclair Baddogs vs The Last Straw (61-57)19994
6119ROYS BOYS vs The Tacoma Thunderbolts (75-44)20075
7122Diesel Grunts vs Gravediggas (74-48)19996
8 (tie)123Ferocious Facecloths vs Vermont Catamounts III (66-57)20013
 123EFS | Team 18-4 vs EFS | Team 18-3 (73-50)200012
10124MUSCLEHEDZ 18 vs Bolts From The North (77-47)20076
Victory Margin
1139The Last Straw200012Arizona Niblicks (190-51)
2113Ukraine Train (Team Available)200110Vermont Catamounts III (177-64)
3112MUSCLEHEDZ 18200210Vermont Catamounts III (143-31)
4102Arizona Niblicks20024BLACK MAMBA 18 (147-45)
591ONYA CHIN20054Jumbohawks (161-70)
6 (tie)89Arizona Niblicks20037THE MEEKER STREAKERS (126-37)
 89Arizona Niblicks20041The Tacoma Thunderbolts (141-52)
8 (tie)87The Tacoma Thunderbolts20069ROYS BOYS (172-85)
 87Bayfront Bandits20005Arizona Niblicks (158-71)
1086MUSCLEHEDZ 18200615Hammerhead Sharks (155-69)
Least Victory Margin
10.05The Tacoma Thunderbolts20088Jumbohawks (111.6-111.55)
20.80MUSCLEHEDZ 1820085THE MEEKER STREAKERS (86.15-85.35)
3 (tie)1Hammerhead Sharks20054Bolts From The North (81-80)
 1Hammerhead Sharks20048Ferocious Facecloths (101-100)
 1MUSCLEHEDZ 1820049BLACK MAMBA 18 (104-103)
 1Arizona Niblicks20016ONYA CHIN (64-63)
 1Dead Parrot Sketch20069Hammerhead Sharks (89-88)
 1Dead Parrot Sketch200410ONYA CHIN (110-109)
 1ONYA CHIN20028Bayfront Bandits (129-128)
 1Ferocious Facecloths20038Hammerhead Sharks (102-101)
 1Berclair Baddogs19993Diesel Grunts (93-92)
 1*BeamerBallerz200715Rooneys Bulldogs (92-91)
 1*BeamerBallerz200714The No Names (111-110)

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