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League of Dynasty Gods Single Game Records

Most Combined Points
1333.5The White Lotus vs Vendetta (179.4-154.1)20215
2300.9The White Lotus vs Wannabe Valkyrie (168.5-132.4)20214
3296.5The Steel Robs vs X-Force (161.4-135.1)20211
4287.4Still Got 6 vs Ruthless Posse (151.4-136)20211
5286Ruthless Posse vs Bills Mafia (154.7-131.3)202116
6285.6Taco Corp vs Thor's Whores (153-132.6)20215
7285Bills Mafia vs Still Got 6 (160-125)202114
8284.4Taco Corp vs Thor's Whores (167.9-116.5)20212
9282.9Wolf of Fantasy vs Taco Corp (180.3-102.6)20214
10279.5X-Force vs Thor's Whores (140.1-139.4)202114
11278.5X-Force vs Wolf of Fantasy (151.7-126.8)20215
12278.2Thor's Whores vs The White Lotus (163.9-114.3)20216
13275.8Bills Mafia vs The Wolfpack (162.6-113.2)20215
14270.4Ruthless Posse vs Wannabe Valkyrie (140.6-129.8)20215
15269.4Thor's Whores vs The Wolfpack (152.3-117.1)20211
16269.2Ruthless Posse vs The White Lotus (169.8-99.4)20217
17266Thor's Whores vs The White Lotus (136.9-129.1)202116
18264.2Bills Mafia vs The White Lotus (135.8-128.4)202117
19263.7The White Lotus vs Taco Corp (154.8-108.9)20213
20260.6Vendetta vs Ruthless Posse (131.7-128.9)20213
21259.9Wannabe Valkyrie vs Wolf of Fantasy (131.6-128.3)20212
22257.7The Wolfpack vs Wannabe Valkyrie (169.4-88.3)202117
23255.8Thor's Whores vs Wannabe Valkyrie (131.8-124)20213
24253.3X-Force vs The White Lotus (131.1-122.2)202113
25251.7Still Got 6 vs Thor's Whores (142.1-109.6)202112
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1154.1Vendetta20215The White Lotus (154.1-179.4)
2139.4Thor's Whores202114X-Force (139.4-140.1)
3136Ruthless Posse20211Still Got 6 (136-151.4)
4135.1X-Force20211The Steel Robs (135.1-161.4)
5132.6Thor's Whores20215Taco Corp (132.6-153)
6132.4Wannabe Valkyrie20214The White Lotus (132.4-168.5)
7131.3Bills Mafia202116Ruthless Posse (131.3-154.7)
8129.8Wannabe Valkyrie20215Ruthless Posse (129.8-140.6)
9129.1The White Lotus202116Thor's Whores (129.1-136.9)
10128.9Ruthless Posse20213Vendetta (128.9-131.7)
11128.4The White Lotus202117Bills Mafia (128.4-135.8)
12128.3Wolf of Fantasy20212Wannabe Valkyrie (128.3-131.6)
13126.8Wolf of Fantasy20215X-Force (126.8-151.7)
14125Still Got 6202114Bills Mafia (125-160)
15124Wannabe Valkyrie20213Thor's Whores (124-131.8)
16123.3X-Force20216Taco Corp (123.3-124.4)
17122.2The White Lotus202113X-Force (122.2-131.1)
18120.5X-Force202115Taco Corp (120.5-122.4)
19 (tie)117.8Ruthless Posse20216Wolf of Fantasy (117.8-127.4)
 117.8Bills Mafia20216Wannabe Valkyrie (117.8-132.1)
21117.5Bills Mafia20217Thor's Whores (117.5-118.5)
22117.1The Wolfpack20211Thor's Whores (117.1-152.3)
23116.5Thor's Whores20212Taco Corp (116.5-167.9)
24116.3The Steel Robs20216The Wolfpack (116.3-117.9)
25116.1Still Got 6202111Wolf of Fantasy (116.1-123.9)
Most Points Scored - Single Game
1180.3Wolf of Fantasy20214
2179.4The White Lotus20215
3169.8Ruthless Posse20217
4169.4The Wolfpack202117
5168.5The White Lotus20214
6167.9Taco Corp20212
7163.9Thor's Whores20216
8162.6Bills Mafia20215
9161.4The Steel Robs20211
10161.1Thor's Whores202113
11160Bills Mafia202114
12156.8Ruthless Posse202117
13155.5The White Lotus20219
14154.8The White Lotus20213
15154.7Ruthless Posse202116
17153Taco Corp20215
18 (tie)152.3Wannabe Valkyrie20217
 152.3Thor's Whores20211
20 (tie)151.7X-Force20215
 151.7Bills Mafia20211
22151.4Still Got 620211
23143.5Wolf of Fantasy202113
24142.1Still Got 6202112
25141.9The White Lotus202114
Fewest Combined Points
1146.2X-Force vs Vendetta (80.4-65.8)202112
2152.4Taco Corp vs Wannabe Valkyrie (82.9-69.5)202112
3160.7Taco Corp vs Vendetta (87.3-73.4)202110
4163.9Vendetta vs The Steel Robs (100.1-63.8)202114
5176.5Wannabe Valkyrie vs Still Got 6 (101.3-75.2)20219
6178.2Vendetta vs Still Got 6 (92.2-86)202115
7180.3Still Got 6 vs Vendetta (108.4-71.9)20216
8181.6Taco Corp vs The Steel Robs (110.1-71.5)202111
9 (tie)183.5The Steel Robs vs The Wolfpack (92.8-90.7)202115
 183.5Bills Mafia vs X-Force (95.2-88.3)20219
11184.2Wannabe Valkyrie vs Bills Mafia (94.7-89.5)202115
12186.2The White Lotus vs Still Got 6 (110.7-75.5)202110
13189.5Wolf of Fantasy vs The Wolfpack (108.8-80.7)20219
14 (tie)190Thor's Whores vs The White Lotus (97.5-92.5)202115
 190Still Got 6 vs The Steel Robs (103.6-86.4)20215
16190.5The Wolfpack vs Vendetta (98.2-92.3)202113
17193Still Got 6 vs Bills Mafia (96.6-96.4)20214
18194.4Wolf of Fantasy vs Thor's Whores (118.9-75.5)20218
19199.5Vendetta vs Wolf of Fantasy (126.1-73.4)202117
20199.9Ruthless Posse vs Wolf of Fantasy (102.1-97.8)202115
21201.7Wannabe Valkyrie vs X-Force (110.3-91.4)20218
22203.5Still Got 6 vs X-Force (114.7-88.8)202117
23206The Wolfpack vs Taco Corp (105.1-100.9)20217
24207.7Ruthless Posse vs X-Force (109.2-98.5)202110
25208.6Ruthless Posse vs Taco Corp (107.4-101.2)20219
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
180.4X-Force202112Vendetta (80.4-65.8)
282.9Taco Corp202112Wannabe Valkyrie (82.9-69.5)
387.3Taco Corp202110Vendetta (87.3-73.4)
492.2Vendetta202115Still Got 6 (92.2-86)
592.8The Steel Robs202115The Wolfpack (92.8-90.7)
694.7Wannabe Valkyrie202115Bills Mafia (94.7-89.5)
795.2Bills Mafia20219X-Force (95.2-88.3)
896.6Still Got 620214Bills Mafia (96.6-96.4)
997.5Thor's Whores202115The White Lotus (97.5-92.5)
1098.2The Wolfpack202113Vendetta (98.2-92.3)
11100.1Vendetta202114The Steel Robs (100.1-63.8)
12101.3Wannabe Valkyrie20219Still Got 6 (101.3-75.2)
13102.1Ruthless Posse202115Wolf of Fantasy (102.1-97.8)
14103.6Still Got 620215The Steel Robs (103.6-86.4)
15105.1The Wolfpack20217Taco Corp (105.1-100.9)
16107.4Ruthless Posse20219Taco Corp (107.4-101.2)
17108.4Still Got 620216Vendetta (108.4-71.9)
18108.8Wolf of Fantasy20219The Wolfpack (108.8-80.7)
19109.2Ruthless Posse202110X-Force (109.2-98.5)
20110.1Taco Corp202111The Steel Robs (110.1-71.5)
21110.3Wannabe Valkyrie20218X-Force (110.3-91.4)
22110.7The White Lotus202110Still Got 6 (110.7-75.5)
23 (tie)113.8X-Force20213Wolf of Fantasy (113.8-107.7)
 113.8Still Got 620218Taco Corp (113.8-112.4)
 113.8Vendetta202111Wannabe Valkyrie (113.8-104.1)
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
163.8The Steel Robs202114
366.7Wannabe Valkyrie202113
469.5Wannabe Valkyrie202112
5 (tie)71.3The Steel Robs20218
 71.3The Steel Robs20219
771.5The Steel Robs202111
9 (tie)73.4Wolf of Fantasy202117
1175.2Still Got 620219
12 (tie)75.5Thor's Whores20218
 75.5Still Got 6202110
1477.8Taco Corp20211
1579.2The Wolfpack202112
16 (tie)80.4X-Force202112
 80.4Wannabe Valkyrie202114
1880.7The Wolfpack20219
1982.9Taco Corp202112
2084.4The Steel Robs20217
2186Still Got 6202115
2286.4The Steel Robs20215
2387.3Taco Corp202110
24 (tie)88.3X-Force20219
 88.3Wannabe Valkyrie202117
Victory Margin
194.4Thor's Whores202113Wannabe Valkyrie (161.1-66.7)
284.2The White Lotus20219The Steel Robs (155.5-71.3)
381.1The Wolfpack202117Wannabe Valkyrie (169.4-88.3)
477.7Wolf of Fantasy20214Taco Corp (180.3-102.6)
570.4Ruthless Posse20217The White Lotus (169.8-99.4)
668.4Ruthless Posse20218The Steel Robs (139.7-71.3)
767.9Wannabe Valkyrie20217The Steel Robs (152.3-84.4)
867Ruthless Posse202117Thor's Whores (156.8-89.8)
963.9Wannabe Valkyrie20211Taco Corp (141.7-77.8)
1061.5The White Lotus202114Wannabe Valkyrie (141.9-80.4)
1161Bills Mafia202112The Wolfpack (140.2-79.2)
1255.5Bills Mafia20211Vendetta (151.7-96.2)
1352.7Vendetta202117Wolf of Fantasy (126.1-73.4)
1451.4Taco Corp20212Thor's Whores (167.9-116.5)
1549.6Thor's Whores20216The White Lotus (163.9-114.3)
1649.4Bills Mafia20215The Wolfpack (162.6-113.2)
1746.1Ruthless Posse20214The Wolfpack (136.2-90.1)
1845.9The White Lotus20213Taco Corp (154.8-108.9)
1945Wolf of Fantasy202113The Steel Robs (143.5-98.5)
2043.4Wolf of Fantasy20218Thor's Whores (118.9-75.5)
2140.7Ruthless Posse202113Still Got 6 (131.9-91.2)
2240.4The Steel Robs20214Vendetta (139.5-99.1)
2338.6Taco Corp202111The Steel Robs (110.1-71.5)
2438.1Thor's Whores202110The Steel Robs (129.8-91.7)
2537.4Ruthless Posse202112The Steel Robs (135.1-97.7)
Least Victory Margin
10.20Still Got 620214Bills Mafia (96.6-96.4)
20.70X-Force202114Thor's Whores (140.1-139.4)
31Thor's Whores20217Bills Mafia (118.5-117.5)
41.10Taco Corp20216X-Force (124.4-123.3)
51.40Still Got 620218Taco Corp (113.8-112.4)
61.60The Wolfpack20216The Steel Robs (117.9-116.3)
71.80The Wolfpack202114Ruthless Posse (115.2-113.4)
81.90Taco Corp202115X-Force (122.4-120.5)
92.10The Steel Robs202115The Wolfpack (92.8-90.7)
102.80Vendetta20213Ruthless Posse (131.7-128.9)
113.30Wannabe Valkyrie20212Wolf of Fantasy (131.6-128.3)
124.20The Wolfpack20217Taco Corp (105.1-100.9)
134.30Ruthless Posse202115Wolf of Fantasy (102.1-97.8)
145Thor's Whores202115The White Lotus (97.5-92.5)
155.20Wannabe Valkyrie202115Bills Mafia (94.7-89.5)
165.90The Wolfpack202113Vendetta (98.2-92.3)
176.10X-Force20213Wolf of Fantasy (113.8-107.7)
18 (tie)6.20Ruthless Posse20219Taco Corp (107.4-101.2)
 6.20Vendetta202115Still Got 6 (92.2-86)
206.50Vendetta20217Wolf of Fantasy (119.5-113)
21 (tie)6.90Taco Corp202114Wolf of Fantasy (121.1-114.2)
 6.90Bills Mafia20219X-Force (95.2-88.3)
237.40Bills Mafia202117The White Lotus (135.8-128.4)
24 (tie)7.80Wolf of Fantasy202111Still Got 6 (123.9-116.1)
 7.80Thor's Whores20213Wannabe Valkyrie (131.8-124)
 7.80Thor's Whores202116The White Lotus (136.9-129.1)

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