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Refugees of 51 League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1207*NFL ALL STARS200413
2201*Dirty Dawgs20045
3 (tie)171*NFL ALL STARS200410
 171Harleysville Giants200615
5163*NFL ALL STARS20053
6 (tie)159*Dirty Dawgs200412
 159Fat Bastards20032
8158.45*Aberdeen Ales200812
10157Fat Bastards20048
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
138Wrecking Crew20043
241*JMF Vikings V20078
344*Dirty Dawgs200510
546Wrecking Crew200411
6 (tie)47*Mudcats20058
 47*Baron's Storm20044
 47Gruden's Garbage200313
949Wrecking Crew20052
1051.95*WEASELS 5120088
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
160Fat Bastards20059Goodfellas (60-52)
265*All Americans200411Wrecking Crew (65-46)
368*Cutters200310Wannabe's (68-64)
4 (tie)71Wrecking Crew20044*Baron's Storm (71-47)
 71The OJ Did Its20047*Mudcats (71-61)
 71Gang Green20033*Cutters (71-70)
7 (tie)72*WEASELS 5120073*Smoking Skull (72-52)
 72Just Win Baby20036Wannabe's (72-70)
9 (tie)74*Jungle Dragons200712*All Americans (74-72)
 74*Dirty Dawgs20036Gruden's Garbage (74-71)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1146Fat Bastards200410*NFL ALL STARS (146-171)
2140*Dirty Dawgs200415*Cutters (140-158)
3129Goodfellas200412*Dirty Dawgs (129-159)
4124Fat Bastards20043Wolverines (124-133)
5121Wolverines20064*NFL ALL STARS (121-129)
6120.3*Smoking Skull20082*Cutters (120.3-153.4)
7120*Cutters200411*Dirty Dawgs (120-128)
8119.25*WEASELS 5120084*Aberdeen Ales (119.25-133.6)
9118*Baron's Storm200712*Smoking Skull (118-126)
10117.6*NFL ALL STARS20084*JMF Vikings V (117.6-124.8)
Most Combined Points
1317*NFL ALL STARS vs Fat Bastards (171-146)200410
2298*Cutters vs *Dirty Dawgs (158-140)200415
3288*Dirty Dawgs vs Goodfellas (159-129)200412
4 (tie)279*NFL ALL STARS vs *Baron's Storm (207-72)200413
 279*Dirty Dawgs vs The OJ Did Its (201-78)20045
6273.7*Cutters vs *Smoking Skull (153.4-120.3)20082
7272Harleysville Giants vs Wrecking Crew (171-101)200615
8263Fat Bastards vs Goodfellas (154-109)200314
9260Fat Bastards vs *Baron's Storm (157-103)20048
10 (tie)259*Cutters vs *Dirty Dawgs (142-117)200511
 259*NFL ALL STARS vs Fat Bastards (150-109)200610
Fewest Combined Points
1111*All Americans vs Wrecking Crew (65-46)200411
2112Fat Bastards vs Goodfellas (60-52)20059
3118Wrecking Crew vs *Baron's Storm (71-47)20044
4124*WEASELS 51 vs *Smoking Skull (72-52)20073
5127Wannabe's vs Goodfellas (82-45)20037
6130*Mudcats vs Wrecking Crew (77-53)200410
7 (tie)132The OJ Did Its vs *Mudcats (71-61)20047
 132*Cutters vs Wannabe's (68-64)200310
9134The OJ Did Its vs Gruden's Garbage (87-47)200313
10137*Baron's Storm vs *Dirty Dawgs (93-44)200510
Victory Margin
1135*NFL ALL STARS200413*Baron's Storm (207-72)
2123*Dirty Dawgs20045The OJ Did Its (201-78)
3106*Dirty Dawgs20043Wrecking Crew (144-38)
493Fat Bastards20032Wrecking Crew (159-66)
587.55*Aberdeen Ales200812*WEASELS 51 (158.45-70.9)
687*NFL ALL STARS20053Harleysville Giants (163-76)
784*WEASELS 5120058Wrecking Crew (148-64)
883.35*Cutters200812*Mudcats (141.25-57.9)
980*Mudcats20078*JMF Vikings V (121-41)
1076Fat Bastards20052Wrecking Crew (125-49)
Least Victory Margin
10.35*Smoking Skull20088*All Americans (104.3-103.95)
20.45*Smoking Skull20081*JMF Vikings V (104.75-104.3)
3 (tie)1*Aberdeen Ales200711*NFL ALL STARS (109-108)
 1*Jungle Dragons20078*Cutters (88-87)
 1*All Americans20053*WEASELS 51 (114-113)
 1*Baron's Storm200714*Aberdeen Ales (102-101)
 1Harleysville Giants20052*Baron's Storm (81-80)
 1Wrecking Crew200511*All Americans (105-104)
 1Wolverines200510*WEASELS 51 (104-103)
 1Gruden's Garbage20035Fat Bastards (82-81)
 1Gang Green20033*Cutters (71-70)
 1Gang Green200312Wrecking Crew (93-92)

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