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Superior Redraft 1 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1167.2*ALL FAULKED UP20048
3159.55Shanghai Raiders200511
4157.3Prozac Nation200311
5155.55*Good Shot For A Midget 5200510
6153.85Donovan McBum200413
7149.85*Pocket Aces20053
8149.6Donovan McBum20045
9148.45Team 4 Sale: contact commish20038
10144.05*Pocket Aces20035
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
143.45*One Year Wonder200512
244.15Prozac Nation20042
547.45TEAM FOR SALE - Contact Commish20036
648.25Prozac Nation200310
749.9Team 4 Sale: contact commish200310
952.65Prozac Nation20033
1052.95*THE PATRIOT20034
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
160.75*Pocket Aces20033*BOO'S BOYS (60.75-54.95)
265.95*Pocket Aces20036Really Really Really Mean Bears (65.95-64.6)
371.15*ALL FAULKED UP200510*Gridiron FatBellies (71.15-60.3)
472.2*BOO'S BOYS20038DaWgPoUnD (72.2-70.75)
572.55Donovan McBum20048Rebels (72.55-62)
674.15Really Really Really Mean Bears20038Donovan McBum (74.15-71.4)
774.45DaWgPoUnD20036TEAM FOR SALE - Contact Commish (74.45-47.45)
875.05Team 4 Sale: contact commish200312*THE PATRIOT (75.05-72.4)
975.85*Pocket Aces200410Drunken Bums (75.85-73.9)
10 (tie)76.2*Pocket Aces20038TEAM FOR SALE - Contact Commish (76.2-63.75)
 76.2Cream of the Crop20059*One Year Wonder (76.2-75.2)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1130.05*THE PATRIOT200413Donovan McBum (130.05-153.85)
2126.7*ALL FAULKED UP20053The Intimidators (126.7-127.55)
3126.15*Pocket Aces200512Shanghai Raiders (126.15-126.55)
4124.55Tekela KATs20038Shanghai Raiders (124.55-125.75)
5124.3*ALL FAULKED UP200410Donovan McBum (124.3-134.75)
6123.7*One Year Wonder20051Cream of the Crop (123.7-131.7)
7122.75Rebels20041Tekela KATs (122.75-125.6)
8121.85Shanghai Raiders20034*Pocket Aces (121.85-134.1)
9121.75*THE PATRIOT20042Shanghai Raiders (121.75-124.9)
10120.65*BOO'S BOYS20045Donovan McBum (120.65-149.6)
Most Combined Points
1283.9Donovan McBum vs *THE PATRIOT (153.85-130.05)200413
2270.25Donovan McBum vs *BOO'S BOYS (149.6-120.65)20045
3259.35DaWgPoUnD vs Shanghai Raiders (166.7-92.65)200513
4259.05Donovan McBum vs *ALL FAULKED UP (134.75-124.3)200410
5255.95*Pocket Aces vs Shanghai Raiders (134.1-121.85)20034
6255.4Cream of the Crop vs *One Year Wonder (131.7-123.7)20051
7254.75*ALL FAULKED UP vs *THE PATRIOT (167.2-87.55)20048
8254.25The Intimidators vs *ALL FAULKED UP (127.55-126.7)20053
9252.7Shanghai Raiders vs *Pocket Aces (126.55-126.15)200512
10252.1Donovan McBum vs Shanghai Raiders (137.3-114.8)20043
Fewest Combined Points
1115.7*Pocket Aces vs *BOO'S BOYS (60.75-54.95)20033
2121.9DaWgPoUnD vs TEAM FOR SALE - Contact Commish (74.45-47.45)20036
3126.6*BOO'S BOYS vs Prozac Nation (82.45-44.15)20042
4130.55*Pocket Aces vs Really Really Really Mean Bears (65.95-64.6)20036
5131.45*ALL FAULKED UP vs *Gridiron FatBellies (71.15-60.3)200510
6132.35The Intimidators vs DaWgPoUnD (80-52.35)20056
7133.8TEAM FOR SALE - Contact Commish vs Prozac Nation (85.55-48.25)200310
8134.55Donovan McBum vs Rebels (72.55-62)20048
9138.5Tekela KATs vs *Marino_Was_#1 (92.3-46.2)20034
10139.95*Pocket Aces vs TEAM FOR SALE - Contact Commish (76.2-63.75)20038
Victory Margin
198.45*ALL FAULKED UP200512*One Year Wonder (141.9-43.45)
290.8Shanghai Raiders200511*ALL FAULKED UP (159.55-68.75)
386.9*Pocket Aces200310Team 4 Sale: contact commish (136.8-49.9)
483.5Drunken Bums20043Rebels (130.35-46.85)
582.85*THE PATRIOT20031TEAM FOR SALE - Contact Commish (141.85-59)
681.45Prozac Nation200315Team 4 Sale: contact commish (135.6-54.15)
780.2*Pocket Aces20035*Marino_Was_#1 (144.05-63.85)
879.65*ALL FAULKED UP20048*THE PATRIOT (167.2-87.55)
975.05Donovan McBum200310*Marino_Was_#1 (138.2-63.15)
1074.05DaWgPoUnD200513Shanghai Raiders (166.7-92.65)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Tekela KATs200411Drunken Bums (77.55-77.45)
20.15Donovan McBum200411Prozac Nation (87.55-87.4)
30.40Shanghai Raiders200512*Pocket Aces (126.55-126.15)
40.65DaWgPoUnD20059*Pocket Aces (81.55-80.9)
5 (tie)0.75*BOO'S BOYS20056*THE PATRIOT (86.95-86.2)
 0.75The Intimidators200412Donovan McBum (112.6-111.85)
70.85The Intimidators20053*ALL FAULKED UP (127.55-126.7)
80.95Team 4 Sale: contact commish20033Really Really Really Mean Bears (80.1-79.15)
91Cream of the Crop20059*One Year Wonder (76.2-75.2)
10 (tie)1.20Shanghai Raiders20038Tekela KATs (125.75-124.55)
 1.20Drunken Bums20042*ALL FAULKED UP (97-95.8)

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