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All in the Family Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1241The Jokas20073
3205Gadgets Gurus20076
4198The Jokas20072
5 (tie)195Gadgets Gurus20077
 195Goundo Jets200713
7 (tie)193Angry Penguins200712
 193Goundo Jets200613
9191Gadgets Gurus200711
10190The Jokas200612
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Gadgets Gurus200616
 0Strong Island200616
410Attitude Adjusters200616
518Brawny's Bulldogs200616
8 (tie)52Colons20065
1055Sunday Punchers200613
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
10Angry Penguins200616The Jokas (0-0) TB
210Attitude Adjusters200616Gadgets Gurus (10-0)
318Brawny's Bulldogs200616Strong Island (18-0)
473The Pope's Special Forces200713Colons (73-65)
580The Jokas20074Derailed (80-71)
681Masons200811The Jokas (81-79)
7 (tie)86Sunday Punchers200611Gadgets Gurus (86-80)
 86Colons20066Quakers (86-0)
 86Billy the Goat20064Attitude Adjusters (86-56)
 86Billy the Goat20064Brawny's Bulldogs (86-70)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1167Quakers200713Sunday Punchers (167-169)
2164Gadgets Gurus200714The Pope's Special Forces (164-169)
3158Goundo Jets200813The Pope's Special Forces (158-159)
4154Derailed20066Masons (154-163)
5 (tie)153Sunday Punchers200813Angry Penguins (153-185)
 153The Jokas200716Sunday Punchers (153-173)
7 (tie)150Attitude Adjusters20076Gadgets Gurus (150-205)
 150The Jokas200810Derailed (150-175)
9 (tie)148The Pope's Special Forces200711Gadgets Gurus (148-191)
 148Masons20072Attitude Adjusters (148-155)
Most Combined Points
1382The Jokas vs Attitude Adjusters (241-141)20073
2355Gadgets Gurus vs Attitude Adjusters (205-150)20076
3342The Jokas vs Quakers (241-101)20073
4339Gadgets Gurus vs The Pope's Special Forces (191-148)200711
5 (tie)338Angry Penguins vs Goundo Jets (193-145)200712
 338Angry Penguins vs Sunday Punchers (185-153)200813
7336Sunday Punchers vs Quakers (169-167)200713
8333The Pope's Special Forces vs Gadgets Gurus (169-164)200714
9332Masons vs Sunday Punchers (208-124)20071
10326Sunday Punchers vs The Jokas (173-153)200716
Fewest Combined Points
110Attitude Adjusters vs Gadgets Gurus (10-0)200616
218Brawny's Bulldogs vs Strong Island (18-0)200616
386Colons vs Quakers (86-0)20066
4138The Pope's Special Forces vs Colons (73-65)200713
5142Billy the Goat vs Attitude Adjusters (86-56)20064
6 (tie)151The Jokas vs Derailed (80-71)20074
 151Attitude Adjusters vs Derailed (88-63)20077
8152Strong Island vs Sunday Punchers (97-55)200613
9 (tie)156Sunday Punchers vs Gadgets Gurus (98-58)20065
 156Billy the Goat vs Brawny's Bulldogs (86-70)20064
Victory Margin
1140The Jokas20073Quakers (241-101)
2113The Jokas200612Quakers (190-77)
3108Angry Penguins20081Brawny's Bulldogs (187-79)
4106Derailed200712Colons (141-35)
5 (tie)100The Jokas200812The Warriors (185-85)
 100Goundo Jets200713Derailed (195-95)
 100The Jokas20073Attitude Adjusters (241-141)
898Colons20068The Jokas (165-67)
995Gadgets Gurus20077Goundo Jets (195-100)
10 (tie)93Gadgets Gurus20077Colons (195-102)
 93Quakers20063Goundo Jets (167-74)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1The Pope's Special Forces200813Goundo Jets (159-158)
 1Sunday Punchers200710Gadgets Gurus (102-101)
 1Goundo Jets20078The Pope's Special Forces (123-122)
 1Billy the Goat20067Goundo Jets (104-103)
 1The Jokas200712The Pope's Special Forces (138-137)
6 (tie)2Angry Penguins20061The Jokas (131-129)
 2Sunday Punchers200713Quakers (169-167)
 2Quakers20077Angry Penguins (133-131)
 2Goundo Jets200814Gadgets Gurus (95-93)
 2Masons200811The Jokas (81-79)
 2Masons20084Goundo Jets (136-134)
 2Brawny's Bulldogs200816Derailed (123-121)
 2Brawny's Bulldogs200815Angry Penguins (124-122)
 2Billy the Goat200613Colons (105-103)

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