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But A Twenty IS Change! FFL 2005 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2185.1Hyper Lynx20058
3168.8Thomas Jones Fan Club200410
5164.7Nordic Jedi20043
6164.6Hyper Lynx20054
7163.5Thomas Jones Fan Club20038
8161.9Mad Propz200515
9161.7Dixie Chickens20048
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
335.2Cliffs of Insanity200511
436Cliffs of Insanity20058
538.1Cliffs of Insanity20034
641.3Hyper Lynx200411
741.7Keyser Soze20045
842.8Team FAST20043
944.5Keyser Soze200511
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
149.8Cliffs of Insanity200515Dixie Chickens (49.8-45.3)
252.6Team FAST200514Keyser Soze (52.6-52.2)
362.5Hyper Lynx200516PIXIES (62.5-50.8)
464.9Rawkfist20044J-Max (64.9-28.9)
568.7Rawkfist200513Keyser Soze (68.7-63.3)
669.3Clansmen20052Rawkfist (69.3-65.7)
770.1Mad Propz20034Cliffs of Insanity (70.1-38.1)
8 (tie)70.7Hyper Lynx20033Mad Propz (70.7-69.4)
 70.7Team FAST20031PIXIES (70.7-50.1)
1071.5Dixie Chickens20058Nordic Jedi (71.5-65.8)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1133.8Keyser Soze200416PIXIES (133.8-134.4)
2127Thomas Jones Fan Club20053Nordic Jedi (127-132.4)
3124.4Cliffs of Insanity200313Clansmen (124.4-146.5)
4122.3Mad Propz200412Keyser Soze (122.3-144.1)
5122Thomas Jones Fan Club200516Nordic Jedi (122-136.1)
6119.2Hyper Lynx20052Thomas Jones Fan Club (119.2-122.2)
7113.3Nordic Jedi20045Clansmen (113.3-124.8)
8 (tie)113.2Dixie Chickens200413Nordic Jedi (113.2-153.5)
 113.2Team FAST200512Clansmen (113.2-120)
10112.6Dixie Chickens20046Mad Propz (112.6-113)
Most Combined Points
1295.5Hyper Lynx vs Keyser Soze (185.1-110.4)20058
2274.9Clansmen vs Rawkfist (192-82.9)20048
3270.9Clansmen vs Cliffs of Insanity (146.5-124.4)200313
4269.5Clansmen vs Thomas Jones Fan Club (158.2-111.3)20047
5268.2PIXIES vs Keyser Soze (134.4-133.8)200416
6266.7Nordic Jedi vs Dixie Chickens (153.5-113.2)200413
7266.4Keyser Soze vs Mad Propz (144.1-122.3)200412
8261.3Clansmen vs Team FAST (166-95.3)200410
9259.9Nordic Jedi vs J-Max (164.7-95.2)20043
10 (tie)259.4Hyper Lynx vs Mad Propz (164.6-94.8)20054
 259.4Nordic Jedi vs Thomas Jones Fan Club (132.4-127)20053
Fewest Combined Points
193.8Rawkfist vs J-Max (64.9-28.9)20044
295.1Cliffs of Insanity vs Dixie Chickens (49.8-45.3)200515
3104.8Team FAST vs Keyser Soze (52.6-52.2)200514
4108.1Nordic Jedi vs Cliffs of Insanity (72.9-35.2)200511
5108.2Mad Propz vs Cliffs of Insanity (70.1-38.1)20034
6113.3Hyper Lynx vs PIXIES (62.5-50.8)200516
7119.4Clansmen vs Keyser Soze (74.9-44.5)200511
8120.8Team FAST vs PIXIES (70.7-50.1)20031
9124.8Dixie Chickens vs Nordic Jedi (73.9-50.9)20032
10126.1J-Max vs Hyper Lynx (78-48.1)200314
Victory Margin
1149.2Thomas Jones Fan Club200410J-Max (168.8-19.6)
2109.1Clansmen20048Rawkfist (192-82.9)
3106Dixie Chickens20048Team FAST (161.7-55.7)
494.8Clansmen20058Cliffs of Insanity (130.8-36)
5 (tie)90.5Nordic Jedi20055Mad Propz (147.2-56.7)
 90.5Thomas Jones Fan Club20038Nordic Jedi (163.5-73)
781.4Mad Propz200515Team FAST (161.9-80.5)
881.3PIXIES20048J-Max (145.5-64.2)
981.1Thomas Jones Fan Club20048Mad Propz (134.3-53.2)
1076.4Rawkfist20053J-Max (147.6-71.2)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.40Mad Propz20046Dixie Chickens (113-112.6)
 0.40Cliffs of Insanity200516Mad Propz (102.4-102)
 0.40Team FAST200514Keyser Soze (52.6-52.2)
 0.40Rawkfist20059J-Max (75-74.6)
 0.40Thomas Jones Fan Club20036Rawkfist (111.2-110.8)
60.50Team FAST20039Thomas Jones Fan Club (78.1-77.6)
7 (tie)0.60Mad Propz20038Rawkfist (89.9-89.3)
 0.60Clansmen200515Thomas Jones Fan Club (92.1-91.5)
 0.60PIXIES200416Keyser Soze (134.4-133.8)
100.90Hyper Lynx200310Rawkfist (88.4-87.5)

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